Politics Betting: Keir Starmer 6/4 Favourite to be Prime Minister after the next General Election!

Sir Keir Starmer is now the clear front runner to be PM
Sir Keir Starmer is now the clear front runner to be PM
  • Keir Starmer is 6/4 Favourite of being the Next Prime Minister after the next General Election according to bookies.
  • Rishi Sunak now into second favourite with bookmakers
  • Boris Johnson out to third favourite with odds getting shorter on him not even being PM by the next election
  • Liz Truss is in prime position on the outside at 6/1 and would court favour for Tory Party Leadership

A really interesting betting market on who would be the next prime minister after the Next General Election.

We have seen betting on the Next Prime Minister and Next Conservative Party leader, but this market has the added element of taking into consideration the Next General Election, whenever that might be if not as per the schedule in 2025.

The interesting part of this betting market found on smarkets is that Labour Leader Kier Starmer is not only the favourite in the betting, but the bookmakers have made him a clear favourite with double the probability of either Boris Johnson or Rishi Sunak

Prime Minister After Next Election Betting

Odds Probability
Keir Starmer 6/4 40.0%
Rishi Sunak 4/1 20.0%
Boris Johnson
9/2 18.18%
Liz Truss 6/1 14.29%

There would seem to be confidence in Keir Starmer being the PM after the next General Election with Bookmakers giving him a 40% chance and making him clear 6/4 favourite in the betting.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert - OLBG.com

Solid in Charge of Labour

Betting sites have betting odds available as to whether Labour leader Keir Starmer will face a leadership challenge before the next General Election.

The 71% confidence that there would be no challenge feeds directly into the shortness of his price in becoming the next PM aat the Next GE

A Labour candidate requires the nomination of at least 20% of Labour MP's to make a challenge for the leadership post and at the time of writing bookmakers think it is unlikely to happen offering odds of just 2/5 (That's a £100 bet to win just £40) that no challenge is initiated

Odds Probability
Yes 7/4 36.36%
No 2/5 71.43%

Bookmakers consider Keir Starmer to be one of the most Solid Labour Leaders in years is the betting on a leadership challenge is accurate.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert - OLBG.com

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