Horse Racing Picks

Horse Racing Picks for free, today’s best advice & predictions from the OLBG horse racing tipsters. See which bets they recommend and learn why. Today’s horse racing picks from all countries and courses are listed on this page. Racing predictions at OLBG are available from 9 countries and over 150 courses.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

How to Find Today's Best Racing Picks

On this page, we provide today's best horse racing picks from racing taking place in the US today but you can use the drop-down menu to find racing picks from around the world.

Horse Racing Picks By Country 

At OLBG we provide racing predictions from 9 countries and over 150 courses.  If you want the best racing wagers from specific countries then click through to the dedicated page. 

US Racing Picks

We cover all of the major racetracks so if you want to check out today's best picks on US racing, we have them all in one place for you on our US Horse Racing Picks page.

Canadian Horse Racing Picks

Canada boasts some racecourses of its own which are often grouped with US courses. We don't do that! Canadian racing picks have their own dedicated page here: Canadian Horse Racing Picks.

UK Horse Racing Picks

The UK has arguably the highest quality horse racing in the World. Many of our US users love a wager on UK racing so you can filter out picks from the rest of the World should you wish and see a page just with UK Horse Racing Picks.

Irish Racing Picks

We know there are plenty of Irish racing enthusiasts in the US and they will argue the above point, especially when it comes to national hunt racing.

Prize money at Punchestown is now so good that some top stables will keep their horses for that meeting rather than send them over to the UK for the Aintree grand national meeting.

If you just want to see today's picks from Ireland then go to our page dedicated to Irish Horse Racing Picks.

Australian Horse Racing Picks

If you are an early bird then you might be able to catch some of the Australian horse racing. Head over to our dedicated Australian Horse Racing Picks page.

French Racing Selections 

French racing has some really high-quality races, particularly on the flat and for younger national hunt horses. In the UK, they see many top horses from French racing being bought up by top yards for a career in the UK.

Our handicappers are on the lookout for these as they study French racing and provide you with daily French Horse Racing Picks.

Hong Kong Racing Predictions 

Well-known UK jockeys can often spend time in Hong Kong. The prize money is huge. The big meetings are very popular across the globe, the early birds in the US can find our Hong Kong Racing Predictions on the dedicated page.

UAE/Dubai Racing Predictions

We know about the huge sums of money spent on racehorses in the Middle East. The prize money they compete for there can be staggering.

The top meetings are very popular throughout the World but so too are the regular meetings with some of our users, we have a dedicated UAE Racing Picks page.

Horse Racing Picks By Wager Type

Some of our users like to place certain wagers on racing. For example, some may like the place and show wagering whilst others may only wager on the most popular Naps. We have dedicated pages for each of these types of horse racing wagers. 

The Nap of The Day Racing Picks

A handicapper's best wager of the day can be designated as their NAP. This is one of the most popular pages of the site with some users liking to wager on a handicapper's wager of the day or follow the most popular wagers today from the OLBG handicappers' best wagers. See today's Nap of the Day Picks.

Today's Best Each Way Racing Picks

Most horse racing picks are win picks, so recommend a wager on the horse to win the race. If however, a handicapper thinks that a horse is a good wager to either win or place then they will recommend an each-way wager.

Many of our users like each-way wagers as they are more likely to get a return. Some people like to wager at longer odds and are happy to get a return if their horse comes close to winning.

If that is how you like to wager then you can look at our dedicated page for today's best each-way racing picks.

Picks on the Next Horse Races

If you are following all today's racing, perhaps on the racing channels on TV, you may want to see a page that updates with the picks for the next races coming up only.

For your convenience, we have built such a page so you can simply see the best wagers on the next horse races.

About Horse Racing Picks at OLBG

Today’s horse racing hot picks are judged from the most popular horses amongst our expert handicappers. Our easy star guide allows you to compare popular racing picks with their odds to help you put a strategy together to get the best odds, on the best pick for each race.

Here you can see the horse racing hot picks today (most popular amongst all handicappers). You can compare popular picks with their odds (see the star rating for value bet indicators). Also, you can drill down into each race to see what the hot racing handicappers (recently profitable) are tipping and read why. The most popular horse racing picks for today from the OLBG team of expert racing handicappers are shown above.

OLBG is a community of knowledgeable sports bettors. Perhaps partly due to our 8-year sponsorship of the OLBG Road to Cheltenham horse races, we have built up a particularly strong group of expert horse racing handicappers. Our best horse racing tipsters are consistently profitable as can be seen by the Monthly Profit Trend figures by their picks. You can also see their 6 months level stakes profit (based on horse racing picks only) and their 6-month strike rate (also based on horse racing picks only).

Where we have extra information on our tipsters such as this month's strike rate, this month's profitability, or a tipster with a number of days in profit in a row, we also share this information. Tomorrow's horse racing picks will be online from after the last race today. Our tipsters add their picks any time from the final declaration stage right through to shortly before the race start time.

When the Breeders' Cup comes around, the biggest two days in the US racing calendar be sure to head over to our Best Online Sportsbook for the Breeders' Cup article to get the most out of the two days.

How do I add my Horse Racing Picks to OLBG?

Every month, more than $1000 in cash prizes are available from our main horse racing handicapping competition as well as $200 for the horse racing naps picks competition. You can join OLBG for free and take part in the racing competitions.

You will need to be good to win these cash prizes as we have some excellent and consistently profitable horse racing tipsters at OLBG. But don't be put off as there are currently prizes right down to 134th place!

To win some of the larger prizes we do ask members to add reasoning for their picks. Many of our users find that this really helps their own betting, taking the time to write down why they are making and/or suggesting a bet. It is really useful for horse racing pick followers to understand why a bet is being recommended.

However, if you prefer not to provide this information you can still add your picks and win smaller prizes. We used to provide free bets as prizes but have recently replaced these with cash prizes as well.

How can I find the best picks on today's horse racing?

There are many different ways to use the horse racing picks at OLBG. Some people like to follow the most popular picks and look at the number and % of tipsters going for a specific selection. We call these HOT TIPS.

Make sure you look out for the most popular racing picks each day. We share these with you on our social media pages if you find that easier. Some go a step further and compare the % of people tipping a horse with its odds. To help with this we provide a confidence rating.

Some of our followers look for when the % of racing tipsters tipping a horse exceeds the % chances according to the horse's odds. For example, if 70% of picks are on a horse which is EVEN money (50%) chance, some believe that may indicate a good value horse racing bet. 

Others drill down into the picks and look for highly profitable tipsters with consistently profitable months and good level stakes profit. We call our tipsters with a 6-month profit and consistently profitable record HOT TIPSTERS. You can see these hot tipsters in their own section on the app or on the pages on the site. We have some really good hot horse racing tipsters. 

Others like to see a really well-reasoned argument for backing a racing pick which is why we provide comments from many of our expert tipsters. Our site is very well moderated by an in-house team as well as volunteer members. Pick comments can be rated and after a while, we get to know the tipsters who really research the picks that they make. This really validates the time and effort that many of our top horse racing tipsters put in. Not only does this save you a lot of time as you can research the best bets for you, but it also helps you to understand how the best racing tipsters find their bets.

Reading these comments regularly will give you great insight into their selection strategy. Some of our users who follow the racing picks on the site look for a combination of all of these.

Which are the best horse racing picks from the top handicappers?

Our best horse racing handicappers page will show you the most profitable racing tipsters over the last 12 months according to their Level Stakes Profit. With their profitable months, you can gauge consistently good tipping, their current month's profit, and the strike rate over the last 12 months.

If you like the stats, click the link in the final column to see their picks today. Our best horse racing handicappers also add reasoning with their picks so you can use that content to see why the picks are being recommended and get insight into the tipster's strategy. Best is subjective but we provide you with lots of information to decide.

Can I discuss today's best horse racing bets with others?

OLBG has a very active horse racing picks forum, full of highly knowledgeable racing handicappers. This is the place to discuss today's horse racing picks as well as in-depth topics around the subject of horse racing handicapping.

The forum is focused on helping each other to improve our betting on horse racing, finding more winners, and becoming great horse racing handicappers. Please come and join us, we would love to hear from you and will make you welcome. 

How do I spot a winning horse myself?

While there’s no formula to finding winners, there are things to look out for that point to horses with the most potential.

The key to finding a winning horse is analyzing the most important factors in horse racing, such as the going and distance, handicaps, signposts, breeding, market movement, and outcome of previous races.

Out of this list, going is generally considered to be the most important factor in determining the outcome of a race.

When you do find a horse you want to wager on then make sure you are using the best bookie, head over to our Best Bettings Sites in the USA to find one.

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