What Will Happen Next Year According to Betting Sites? Predictions for Politics, TV and Sport

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We take a look at bookmakers odds for a wide range of possible events in 2023

What Will Happen Next Year According to Betting Sites? Predictions for Politics, TV and Sport
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2023 Betting According to Bookmakers Odds

  • The range of bets available for all manner of events in 2023 are available with some attractive odds in places.
  • Bookmakers price up specials markets and novelty bets ahead of the end of the year, with speculative events for 2023
  • An individual analysis of 2023 betting markets can be found in the OLBG News Section.

Betting Odds for 2023

The specials markets are always a fun place to look for a novelty bet, often placed on TV shows, politics or the weather. Around the end of the year, bookmakers like to provide betting odds on what will happen in the next 12 months, specifically, in this case, betting on possible things to happen in 2023. 

Betting odds for 2023 can come in many different forms, as we can see from the list below, where we have odds compiled as theoretical probability as assessed by a Senior Trader and odds compiler with 24 years industry experience currently working with Smarkets betting exchange.

Take a look at this list of odds, and keep reading further down for more in-depth analysis of the betting markets on offer for 2023 events.


UK Parliament, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

After a tumultuous 2022 in UK politics, we can expect lots more betting action, although the odds on the UK seeing three different Prime Ministers will be very high indeed and the Next Prime Minister betting markets might be quiet. Or Will they?

Don't forget, Scottish Referendum betting, and Unified Ireland options, as well as political betting options across the pond as we get another year closer to another President of the United States.

Odds Event
5/1 UK General Election
3/1 Rishi Sunak to be replaced as PM
10/1 Nicola Sturgeon to be replaced as FM
33/1 Boris Johnson to become PM
10/1 Keir Starmer to become PM
4/5 Boris Johnson to quit as an MP
5/1 Any sitting MP to appear on IAC
10/1 Irish Border Poll
33/1 Scottish Independence Referendum


Every single day of 2023 will have one sporting event or another ready to offer odds and take bets. After arguably a superb World Cup in Qatar, there are odds on Jude Bellingham's Next Club, perhaps moving to a Premier League club. Lewis Hamilton to retire, and where will Christiano end up?

Odds Event
10/1 UK player to win either Mens or Womens Wimbledon
2/1 Gareth Southgate to be knighted
Evs Glazers to sell Man Utd
3/1 Klopp to be sacked/resign at Liverpool
4/6 Jude Bellingham to join any EPL club
3/1 Christiano Ronaldo to announce career end
16/1 Rory McIlroy to join LIV golf circuit
2/1 Lewis Hamilton to retire from F1
3/1 Tyson Fury to fight Anthony Joshua
Cristiano Ronaldo Next Club Betting Odds

Cristiano Ronaldo Next Club Betting Odds


Copyright: EBU

Eurovision betting is always a significant event on the calendar, and many people will have collected after backing Ukraine in 2022. We have a full calendar of TV, Film and Music awards and more nice events we constantly cover on OLBG, like the Turner Prize, Booker Prize, Time Person of the Year, and course the must-have Stirling prize betting.

Odds Event
16/1 UK to win Eurovision
3/1 Ukraine to win Eurovision
3/1 Oasis reform
1/2 New James Bond actor to be announced
4/1 Avatar: The Way of Water to win most Oscars
50/1 Tom Cruise to win Leading Actor Oscar

News and Current Affairs

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un all feature in some political betting markets for 2023, if you think any of those individuals are predictable. Or what about the weather, we had a super summer in 2022 in the UK, but what will be the record temperature in 2023?

Odds Event
3/1 Putin to be replaced as President of Russia
2/1 Putin & Zelensky to meet in person
6/4 All Russian troops to have withdrawn from Ukraine
5/2 Russian troops to enter Kiev
8/1 China to invade Taiwan
5/1 Russia to invade any other country
7/1 Ukrainian troops to enter Crimea
10/1 Any EU country to hold a referendum on leaving
10/1 Kim Jong-un to be replaced as N.Korea President

The Economy

JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

There is a lot of talk and has been much betting on what Elon Musk will do next throughout 2022, including predicting he will buy Twitter. The oddsmakers are now providing odds on  Inflation rates, cryptocurrency values, fuel prices and TikTok stars among other things.

Odds Event
3/1 Twitter to go down for 24 hours or more
Evs Musk to be replaced as Twitter CEO
2/1 Zuckerberg to be replaced as Meta CEO
5/2 Petrol to hit £2/litre
5/1 UK Interest Rates to hit 5%
Evs UK Inflation rate to be lower than 5% at any point
11/10 UK House Prices to fall by over 10%
3/1 BTC price to drop below £1,000
6/1 BTC price to rise above £50,000
10/1 TikTok to be banned in either US or UK

The Royal Family

The Harry and Meghan Netflix Docuseries has hit the screen and there is a ton of speculation as to what the fallout might be, and of course, for the first time in our betting lives, we will be soon handing over notes and coins [does anyone go to bookmakers anymore?] with a new Kings Head on. How long will King Charles last is one betting market to consider.

Odds Event
10/1 Harry & Meghan to relocate to UK
5/1 Harry & Meghan to split
20/1 King Charles to abdicate
100/1 Meghan Markle to run for US 2024 election
2/1 Meghan and Harry to be stripped of royal titles
Royal Family Betting Odds: We take a look at past odds given by bookmakers around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle including 14/1 that they REJOIN the Royal Family!

Royal Family Betting Odds: We take a look at past odds given by bookmakers around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle including 14/1 that they REJOIN the Royal Family!


The options for betting on specials and novelty events are quite literally out of this world in 2023, and you can get in the spirit of things by betting on NASA to confirm alien life, The earth to be hit by an asteroid [of a certain size], or, and let's pray, a New Pandemic to break out globally - Can you Imagine!

Odds Event Odds Probability
9/1 NASA to confirm alien life detected 900  
100/1 Earth to be hit by an asteroid 100000  
4/1 New pandemic to break out 400  

Next James Bond

Will We Discover Who Will Be The Next James Bond in 2023?

The best betting sites at the time of writing have Aaron Taylor Johnson as the short-priced favourite to be driving the Aston Martin and fitted for the Tom Ford suit. 

He is just ahead of the recently deposed Superman Henry Cavill who will not be returning as the comic hero.

This may meanthat the Jersey-born Cavill is available to be another kind of cinematic hero. 

Sam Taylor - JohnsonImage: shutterstock

The odds indicate that the bookies know something and that the next British secret agent is not a secret to them.

Henry Cavill

Next James Bond Bookmaker Odds - December 2022
Aaron - Taylor Johnson 4/7
Henry Cavill 13/2
Rege -Jean Page 10/1
James Norton 10/1
Chiwetel Ejifor 10/1

Eurovision Song Contest Winner

The UK To Win Eurovision 2023?

Sam Ryder did the country proud last year with his 2nd place Eurovision finish. 

Before the song was even known you could have backed Spaceman at Eurovision odds of 40/1

In 2023 Eurovision is coming home with the contest being held in Liverpool, will this home advantage lead to our first victory since 1997 and Love Shine A Light by  Katrina And The Waves.

Eurovision Winner Betting Odds
Ukraine 2/1
Sweden 8/1
Italy 8/1
UK 6/1

© Martin Fjellanger, Eurovision Norway, EuroVisionary

Eurovision Song Contest Betting: Predictions, Tips and Insights for the 2024 Show in Sweden

Eurovision Song Contest Betting: Predictions, Tips and Insights for the 2024 Show in Sweden

Referendum on the Monarchy

One of the leading betting exchanges has a market on whether we will have a monarchy referendum, (before 2024).

With the death of the Queen and the release of the controversial Harry and Meghan series on Netflix, the focus has turned to the role of the monarchy in a modern multicultural democracy. 

Whilst we have a Conservative government it is unlikely, but a new government may start considering whether the Royal Family should be funded by the taxpayer. 

Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Your Favourite Soap Operas

A regular new year betting market is celebrities, sports stars and public figures to appear as themselves in our favourite soap operas.  

There have been plenty of soap guest appearances over the years, including Status Quo, Honor Blackman, Joan Collins, Peter Kay, and even Prince Charles. 

Some in the betting market look unlikely but most of us could not have foreseen former Health Secretary Matt Hancock appearing on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. 

Eastenders Appearance

East Enders Betting Odds
Mo Farah 7/2
Anton Du Beke 4/1
Lord Sugar 10/1
Tommy Fury 18/1
Harry or Meghan 20/1
Tyson Fury 20/1
Boris Johnson 20/1
Nigel Farage 50/1
Sir Keir Starmer 50/1
RishiSunak 66/1
The King 100/1
After a mixed reception to their Netflix documentary would an appearance on Eastenders or Coronation Street be a good PR exercise for Harry and Meghan?

Coronation Street Appearance
Coronation Street Betting Odds
Manchester City Player 11/8
Manchester United Player 6/4
Andy Burnham 3/1
Sir Alex Ferguson 9/1
Any Member of Take That 5/1
Harry or Meghan 10/1
Pep Guardiola 14/1
Boris Johnson 20/1
Noel Gallagher 20/1
The King 20/1
Elon Musk 50/1
Sir Keir Stamer 50/1
Rishi Sunak 66/1

Who Will Appear In Strictly Come Dancing

The bookmakers have created a betting market on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. 

They have speculated on who will be taking to the dance floor in Autumn 2023. 

Throughout next year this list will be added to. 

Strictly 2023 To be a Contestant Odds Known For
Laura Tobin 6/4 Weather Forecaster
Peter Crouch 6/4 Ex Footballer
Jodie Whittaker 2/1 Killing Eve
Jill Scott 5/2 Queen of the Jungle
Sandro Farmhouse 3/1 Bake Off Runner Up
Martin Lewis 7/2 Money Saving Expert

A Repeat Of The Euros For The England Women's Football Team

Can The Lionesses Win The World Cup in 2023?

What a year it would be were the Lionesses to come home with the World Cup in August. 

Sarina Wiegman's England team are likely to be one of the favourites for the tournament after their Euro 2022 triumph. 

Editorial credit: Mikolaj Barbanell / Shutterstock.com

Australia and New Zealand are hosting the 2023 World Cup and both those countries will be hard to beat on home soil. 

The USA are likely to be the favourites seeing they are the number 1 ranked women's football team in the world.

2022 Ranking Team
2 Germany
3 Sweden
4 England
5 France
6 Canada
7 Spain
8 Netherlands
9 Brazil

Cristiano Ronaldo To Announce His Retirement

The GOAT has had a tumultuous 2022 with him becoming persona non grata at Manchester United and being a part of Portugal’s capitulation against Morocco in the Quarter Finals of the Qatar World Cup.

For both club and country, he became more of a bit player and was no longer the first name on the team sheet.

To a player who has been at the top of the footballing world for so many years it must be hard to take.

Cristiano will be 38 in February 2023 an age when the majority of players have retired and maybe moved on to taking their coaching badges or forging other career interests.

It seems that a club will come calling for Ronaldo and he may feel he has one last playing hurrah left in him, but it would not be a surprise to many if Ronaldo retires this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo To Join Arsenal

With Arsenal going great guns in the race for the EPL title the injury to Brazilian Gabriel Jesus at the World Cup has left Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta short of striking options. 

Many Gooners think Eddie Nketiah cannot bang in enough goals whilst Jesus is missing and that a goalscorer is urgently needed. 

Over his career, the Portuguese superstar has scored 18 times against Arsenal sides and has been a real nuisance to their defence, at the setting of his wonderful career could he help Arsenal win their first title in 20 years? 

The odds of 16/1 for Ronaldo to join the North London club look generous.  

Jude Bellingham To Sign For An EPL Club

The England star fresh from a personally successful World Cup in Qatar has shortened to 4/6 to sign for any EPL club.

Jude Bellingham Next Club Betting Odds: Manchester City now the 3/1 FAVOURITES to sign Bellingham after the England youngster continues to impress at the World Cup!

Jude Bellingham Next Club Betting Odds: Manchester City now the 3/1 FAVOURITES to sign Bellingham after the England youngster continues to impress at the World Cup!

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and both Manchester clubs are reported to be in the hunt for the 20-year-old. 

He is currently bossing the midfield for German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, but the 2023 January transfer window (1st -31st) could see him moving to the EPL. 

If not in January then there is always the 2023 summer window. 

Bellingham Club After January Transfer Window Odds
Liverpool 4/1
Man City 7/1
Man Utd 9/1
Liverpool 11/1
Chelsea 16/1
Arsenal 16/1

Kylian Mbappe To Join Newcastle United

In the January transfer window of 2022 Newcastle United spent more money on players than any other club in Europe.

They were able to do this because they had been bought by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

This influx of cash enabled them to sign 22-year-old Alexander Isak from Atletico Madrid for 70 million pounds and 24-year-old Bruno Guimaraes from Lyon for 42 million.

As a club they are probably only one of just 10 clubs that could afford the salary and wages of the current best player in the world Kyllian Mbappe.

The French International is just 24 years old and still has time to improve (frighteningly) and he would surely want to play in the EPL at some time during his career.

He has been at PSG since 2018 and every season there is talk that when he does move he will smash the world transfer record (currently held by Neymar). 

As hard as it is to envisage if Newcastle challenge or even win the EPL this season (they are currently 3rd) or in the next campaign then it may not seem so outlandish that Mbappe becomes a Magpie.

Will Newcastle United make him an offer he couldn’t refuse?

Lionel Messi to win Ballon d'Or

As opposed to where Cristiano Ronaldo will move the odds on the next winner of the Ballon D’or are very much shorter. Lionel Messi guiding Argentina to World Cup glory means in all truth that Messi is a shoo-in for the award. If the magician does win it will be his eighth Ballon D’or. It will be hard for anyone in the future to ever top his record. 

7 (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019, 2021).

5 (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017).          

1 (2007).  

Ballon d'Or Betting Odds and History Of Winners

Ballon d'Or Betting Odds and History Of Winners

The Glazers to sell Manchester United

The news that the Glazers wanted to sell Manchester United surprised both the footballing world and the financial markets. The 5th richest club in the world (Deloitte Football Money Rankings) would be incredibly attractive to a host of deep-pocketed suitors. 

The Glazers having led the 800 million takeovers in 2005 could see a huge return on their investment, the mooted sale figure of Manchester United is between 3.75bn and 5.0bn. 

There is also the possibility that a partial selling of shares was the aim of the announcement and that the family were looking for an input of capital but to keep overall control. 

Avram and Joel Glazer said in a recent statement "As we seek to continue building on the club's success the board has authorised a thorough evaluation of strategic alternatives". 

That statement doesn't seem that selling is the main priority and an early candidate for purchase and Britain's richest man Jim Slater claimed he had met the Glazers and they did not wish to sell.  

Whatever happens, the loyal Manchester United fans will probably be the last to find out.  

Old Trafford


Jurgen Klopp To be Sacked/Resign

When Liverpool started the 2022/23 campaign poorly talked turned to Jurgen Klopp leaving Anfield. 

Many Liverpool fans thought even considering this was sacrilege, but his position at the club has never looked shakier than it does as we go into the second half of the season.  

The Reds are 15 points behind leaders Arsenal and are in danger of missing out on the Champions League places unless their form starts to improve.

Maybe of more significance is the news that the Fenway Group the owners of Liverpool are willing to sell the club. There has been plenty of interest from potential buyers so it does seem change is coming to Liverpool. 

New custodians always want to make an impression on the fans and show that they can bring success, If there were to be a takeover of the club they or Klopp may feel that a change would be in the best interest of all.

Next Liverpool Manager Betting Odds

Next Liverpool Manager Betting Odds

Gareth Southgate to be knighted

The England football manager came out of the recent World Cup with his reputation enhanced despite England only reaching the quarter-finals. 

The Football Association whose job is to appoint the England manager were fully behind in keeping him in the role and was delighted when he agreed to stay on and lead the Euro 2024 campaign.

Previous England managers Alf Ramsey and Bobby Robson were knighted and although his footballing achievements may not yet rank with those names, his lifting of the nation's spirits in big footballing tournaments could lead to him becoming Sir Gareth Southgate.

Gareth SouthgateImage: Shutterstock/Dokshin Vlad

Far East Glory In The Snooker

The success of players from the Far East where the game of Snooker is incredibly popular has alerted the bookmakers. 

James Wattana, Ding Jung Hui and Marco Fu blazed the trail to the UK green baize, with the success of Ding being the real catalyst in China.  

They have released odds of 6/1 that a Chinese player will win the World Championship in 2023.

Snooker World Championship Winners since 2000

Year Winner Runner Up Frame Score Margin
2022 Ronnie O'Sullivan (ENG) Judd Trump (ENG) 18–13 5
2021 Mark Selby (ENG) Shaun Murphy (ENG) 18–15 3
2020 Ronnie O'Sullivan (ENG) Kyren Wilson (ENG) 18–8 10
2019 Judd Trump (ENG) John Higgins (SCO) 18–9 9
2018 Mark Williams (WAL) John Higgins (SCO) 18–16 2
2017 Mark Selby (ENG) John Higgins (SCO) 18–15 3
2016 Mark Selby (ENG) Ding Junhui (CHN) 18–14 4
2015 Stuart Bingham (ENG) Shaun Murphy (ENG) 18–15 3
2014 Mark Selby (ENG) Ronnie O'Sullivan (ENG) 18–14 4
The average margin of victory in the Snooker World Championship Final since 2000 has been 4.91 frames.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

Formula 1 Victories

Max Verstappen

Current World Champion Max Verstappen is on offer at odds of 11/1 that he wins 16 + races in 2023.

The 25-year-old Belgian won 10 races on his way to the F1 Championships in 2021 and 15 races in 2022. 

16 + will be a stretch but it depends on how his rivals perform and whether they can be competitive. 

Image: shutterstock

Lewis Hamilton

Last season former World Champion Lewis Hamilton missed out on points in 3 of the 22 races - EmilIa Romagna, Belgium and Abu Dhabi.

The bookies have him at 20/1 he picks up points in ALL the 2023 races. 

He can also be backed at 18/1 that he wins the first three Grand Prixs of 2023 in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia. 

Rugby League Domination

St Helens to win the Grand Final & The Challenge Cup.

The Lancashire club has won the last 4 Grand Finals and 9 in total. 

The Challenge Cup has seen them successful on 13 occasions, with their last win in 2021. 

Betting odds of 14/1 are available for them to win both in 2023. 

The Grand Final

Salford, Wigan, Catalans, and Leeds have all been brushed aside by St Helens in the most recent Grand Finals.

Rory McIlroy to join LIV golf circuit

For those who do not follow Golf, the LIV Golf Circuit is the alternative arena to the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf is backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (like Newcastle United) and players who compete in these tournaments have been threatened with lifetime bans from the PGA tour.

Liv Golf has already attracted some huge names including Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, and from the UK Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood. Of the 78 US Masters qualifiers in 2023 sixteen have already signed with LIV Golf. 

As we go into 2023 Rory McIlroy is the number-ranked player on the PGA Tour so his signing for the Saudi-backed series would be a real blow. 

The Northern Irishman has stated that he wanted relations between the tours healed for the good of the sport, him signing may well depend if others in the top 20 PGA rankings migrate, we are in for an interesting 2023. 

Lewis Hamilton To Retire From F1

Many F1 fans have been predicting a Lewis Hamilton retirement since the shocking final race in Abu Dhabi in 2021. 

At the time it was reported that he was disillusioned with the sport. Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said that he had spoken to Lewis’s Dad and that he would not come back for 2022, well he did come back and finished a disappointing sixth in the Drivers Championship with no wins throughout the whole of the season. 

Lewis is now 37 and has achieved a record-breaking 7 World Championships and done more for the growth of the sport than any other driver, he has nothing left to prove. 

He is currently the second oldest driver on the F1 circuit after Fernando Alonso (41)  but said in July 2022 - "I don’t think I will go until I’m completely burnt out and have nothing left but hopefully that’s a while off.”

His short odds of 2/1 may lengthen or shorten depending on how he starts the new season.

F1 Drivers Championship Betting Guide: Strategies, Statistics & Picks

F1 Drivers Championship Betting Guide: Strategies, Statistics & Picks

A UK Player to Either Win Men's or Women's Wimbledon

The last time a UK men's player was successful at Wimbledon was in 2016 when Andy Murray beat Canadian Milos Raonic in straight sets. The last time a UK women's player won Wimbledon was in 1977 when Virginia Wade defeated Betty Stove. 

In truth there should be an advantage in playing “at home” but UK players have fallen short in recent years and the 10/1 odds look skinny.

We do have decent prospects of at least being competitive in the 2023 tournament with 4 UK Men's players now ranked in the top 50 

  • Cameron Norrie 14th

  • Daniel Evans 27th

  • Jack Draper 42nd

  • Andy Murray 49th

A woman winning Wimbledon looks even tougher with no UK players in the top 50, our best shot is probably Emma Radecanu who is ranked 80. She had a tough injury hit  2022 after her stellar success at the US Open in 2021 when just 18. A new grass season and a new coach will hopefully prove the tonic for her to kick on.

Tyson Fury to fight Anthony Joshua

Boxing Supemo Barry Hearn has predicted that a Fury v Joshua fight could happen in late 2023. 

Previous negotiations broke down in 2022 but surely the biggest fight in UK boxing history would be attractive to both fighters as they near the end of their fight careers. 

Tyson Fury is 34, and Anthony Joshua is 33 both know it's the fight the public and television will pay heavily for with all other Heavyweight matchups paling into insignificance for boxing fans. 

The betting odds will fluctuate because it is likely both camps will say they don't want the fight, but those negative noises are part and parcel of the hype that surrounds these types of box office clashes. 

The British Boxing Battle to happen in 2023 is priced at 3/1. 

Conor McGregor to return to UFC

After an 18-month hiatus from fights, Conor McGregor is reported to be getting back in shape. 

The 34-year-old Notorious was last seen in the T Mobile Arena Octagon in July 2021 when losing to American Dustin Poirier.

In that bout, Mcgregor broke his leg and many thought that was a career-finishing injury. 

However, he is said to be targeting a return in 2023 and a possible move up to Middleweight, he is odds on to be back in the UFC this year. 

UFC BoutsUFC Store

England Sporting Double

The Cricket World Cup takes place in October and November in India.

England are the holders of the Cricket World Cup having won the tournament in 2019.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

The Rugby World Cup is scheduled for September and October in France. 

This will be the 10th Rugby World Cup England has won the competition just once, in 2013.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

You can back England to win both in 2023 at the current double odds of 25/1.

Political Turbulence

We know a week is a long time in politics and most of us would hope for a quieter 2023, but that seems very unlikely with the two big parties farther apart than ever before. 

Could we have a General Election in 2023? 

Odds of around 9/2 that in the next 12 months we are hot-footing it to the local school or community centre to put yet another X in a box. 

The favourite is still 2024 but if the past few years are anything to go by then 2023 would surprise no one.

General Election Betting Odds
2023 9/2
2024 1/10

Rishi Sunak

The 4th Conservative leader in less than 4 years has not been warmly welcomed by many in the country and some in his own party. 

If we see another Tory backbench rebellion or the economy tanking the PM could be packing his Ember Travel Mug (£195) and Palm Angels sliders (£95) and heading into the political wilderness. 

Betting odds of 9/2 that we see a Rishi Resignation in 2023. 

Rishi Sunak Exit Date Betting Odds
2023 11/4

The Labour Party

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer may be the next UK Prime Minister, he has been given plenty of ammunition by the shambolic Torys.

However some within his party still want change, and there are a host of candidates in the next Labour leader betting market with Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham favourite to replace Starmer. 

Next Labour LeaderBetting Odds 
Andy Burnham 4/1
Rachel Reeves5/1
Wes Streeting5/1
Lisa Nandy7/1
Angela Rayner8/1


Donald Trump To Return

Can De Santis trump Trump?

There is always a lot of news and betting interest (often created by Donald himself) surrounding the former President Of the United States. 

He has decided that he is definitely going to run in the US Election in 2024, this coming year will be pivotal.

The bookies currently have him becoming the 47th President at a drifting 5/1, if he gets the nomination these odds will naturally shorten

The coming man is Ron De Santis, he will need to break through to Trump supporters, we can expect him to ramp up his right-wing rhetoric this year. 

Ron De Santis: Image: shutterstock

Next US PresidentBetting Odds
Ron De Santis9/4
Joe Biden7/2
Donald Trump5/1
Kamala Harris14/1

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson To Become Prime Minister (Again)  33/1

The Tories are on course to lose the General Election if the opinion polls are correct, unlike the Labour Party they are not used to losing the country and it will be a shock to all their supporters and Conservative members of parliament. 

Whenever they feel they are going to lose a General Election talk turns to “ do we have the right person in charge”.

Like Charles 1st, Hugo Chavez, Juan Peron, Napoleon Bonaparte or Teddy Roosevelt we could see a similar return to power of Boris Johnson, the best betting sites have him as a favourite to be the next Conservative leader. 

Boris Johnson had plenty of faults but losing General Elections was not one of them, he increased his party's majority in the 2019 Election, so it may be too tempting for many to get him to return and lead the Conservatives again, then he is just one step away from becoming PM again. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson To Quit As An MP  4/5

Since losing his job as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been on the guest speaker circuit raking in over a million pounds. 

He said he was on a career break with these well-paid gigs. 

His constituents in Uxbridge and South Ruislip have voiced concerns that he is never around to represent them, could the money and the negative public reaction push him over the edge and he decides that being an MP is not all it is cracked up to be? 

The bookies have him odds on quitting in 2023. 

Liz Truss To Quit

Who would blame Liz Truss for quitting?

She was ousted as Prime Minister after just 45 days when the economy tanked and she could not deliver her mandate. 

It was brutal and she was ridiculed as lettuce which reflected her short shelf life.  

Many Tories are likely to quit in 2023 her 6/4  odds indicate she is likely to be one of them. 

Any sitting MP to appear on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

An MP to appear on IAC is priced around 5/1. 

The success of Matt Hancock on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has made the bookmakers consider other Members of Parliament entering the ITV jungle. 

Could deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner who always has a lot to say be an ideal campmate? 

Would Home Secretary Suella Braverman be good at getting her fellow contestants evicted? 

Would an SNP member want to be on their own in camp? 

Scottish Politics

Nicola Sturgeon To Be Replaced as First Minister

The best betting sites consider that Nicola Sturgeon could call it a day as First Minister in 2023 and have odds available on her successor. 

The First Minister has been losing some of her sparkle with the biggest blow the refusal of the courts to allow another Scottish independence referendum.  

She has been in charge since 2014 and has steered the party successfully, however she or her party may feel that change would be a good thing.

Leading the Nationalists pack is Angus Robertson with Kate Forbes hot on his heels.

Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish Independence Referendum 

In November 2022 the Supreme Court President ruled that the Scottish Government did not have the power to hold a referendum on independence without Westminster approval. 

Nicola Sturgeon the SNP leader reacted by saying "our voice cannot and will not be silenced". It is a blow for the nationalists and it will be interesting to see if the Scottish Independence momentum wanes or is energised by the ruling. 

The odds for a 2023 referendum have drifted out to 33/1 from as low as 5/1 before the Supreme Court had its say.

Irish Border Poll

A poll on the fate of the Irish Border is priced around 10/1. 

A recent border survey carried out by Ipsos showed that 50% wanted to stay in the UK with 27% wanting Irish unity, the other 23% were not recorded it seems. 

The Irish question may be many steps behind the Scottish question but with the bookmakers offering betting it shows that it is in the minds of odds compilers an Irish Border Poll may be something that garners more momentum within the island of Ireland. 

Vladimir Putin

The Russian President has been in power since 1999 first as Prime Minister and then as President. 

He has the option to stay in power until 2036 when he will be 84 years old. 

Russian Flag

There are plenty of odds quoted around Putin, Russia and the war in Ukraine as we enter 2023. 

You can get 3/1 that he will be replaced in 2023 after rumblings of discontent over the loss of lives during the conflict in Ukraine.

His health has also come into question with reports of him looking shaky, this may be propaganda or wishful thinking by many in the west.

If change does come it is likely that it will not come from the people but from plotters within his circle. 

Odds Market
3/1 Putin to be replaced as President of Russia
2/1 Putin & Zelensky to meet in person
6/4 All Russian troops to have withdrawn from Ukraine
5/2 Russian troops to enter Kiev
5/1 Russia to invade any other country
7/1 Ukrainian troops to enter Crimea
100/1 Trump to claim asylum in Russia

Avatar: The Way of Water To Win Most Oscars

The long-awaited sequel to the 2009 smash hit Avatar was released in December 2022. Avatar: The Way of Water opened to rave reviews and has already received Golden Globe nominations. 

It is expected to feature in a host of Academy Award categories and could outstrip the 9 nominations the original received (It won three Oscars, Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects, and Best Cinematography).

It will be up against a host of competitors including the Steven Spielberg-directed The Fabelmans, but due to the technical nature of this brilliantly shot science fiction epic, it could easily scoop the most awards on the night.  

James Cameron, Director of Avatar: The Way of Water: Angela George [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Cruise To Win Leading Actor Oscar

Tom Cruise has been nominated twice in the Academy Awards Leading Actor category, in 1990 for Born on the 4th of July and in 1997 for Jerry Maguire,on both occasions he lost out. 

In 2023 his performance in Top Gun Maverick has got him the oscar buzz again. 

The film was a huge hit, much better financially than most had predicted (up until December it had taken $1.5 billion) and was the highest-grossing film of 2022. 

We know that the Academy likes to reward movies that financially do very well, add in the Tom Cruise factor and the 50/1 on offer looks huge. 

Oscars Betting Odds | Academy Awards Preview

Oscars Betting Odds | Academy Awards Preview

The Weather

Many of us in the UK are obsessed with the weather and we all know the interest generated by the press and media on whether we will see a White Christmas.

Will It Snow In The UK This Christmas (White Christmas Odds)

Will It Snow In The UK This Christmas (White Christmas Odds)

The bookies also have their fair share of weather markets, betting on the weather has become big business.

For 2023 many of the leading bookies offer the following markets: 

The Weather Betting Odds
2023 to be warmest year globally 2/1
UK high temperature record 3/1
UK low temperature record 20/1

The Future

Some of you may have heard of the Bulgarian Mystic Baba Vanga and the French Astrologer Nostradamus.

We are not sure if they ever placed a bet but predictions were their game so we thought we would look to see what they foresee for 2023. 

Vanga made some chilling punts most of which we will ignore but she did say that births could be banned and people will be grown in a lab, should help the NHS was my first thought.  

She went on and said our leaders will decide what kind of people are born and they will be able to customise their traits and appearance, I hope to be a leader, be tall dark and handsome, and ban Tottenham Hotspur supporters. 

Our French friend was on Ante Post as his thoughts were posted 500 years ago, again like Vanga his outlook was gloomy but he did mention landing on Mars, we are not sure if Elon Musk is a  follower but he must have been heartened by reading this, we expect a tweet in 2023. 

OLBG Member 2023 Predictions

We asked OLBG.com members their predictions for 2023, here are just a few of the responses. 

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic to win all 4 Grand Slams in 2023. He has the mentality to do it and Nadal's fitness is questionable. - OLBG Member - Harry Pabla.

Josh Rock

Darts player Josh Rock should break into the top 20 this year. He is extremely talented. - OLBG Member - Ramchen.

Everton To Be Relegated

They are dreadful and I cannot see them getting any better. I expect some further poor recruitment in January. OLBG Member - Matchpoint1.


The England cricket team not to draw a single match this year. They are too attacking to draw a match, they will either win or lose. OLBG Member - rawchris.

The Ashes

England to have a wonderful year culminating in them winning the Ashes. OLBG Member - SHAKA

Rory Mclroy

Rory McIlroy to win a major in 2023, I am confident! OLBG Member - lola1183

Horse Racing

Nicky Henderson to retire from training. He seems to get irritated by the constant tweaking of the sport and the grilling of the overpopulated pundit forum that is television. OLBG Member- JiggsCasey

Australian Football League

Melbourne Demons to win the AFL Premiership in Australia. They have talent all around and now have an additional ruck man. OLBG Member - the viper21

Article Contributor Information

This 2024 Betting article was constructed by our Senior News Editor and Entertainment Specialist Jake Ashton who reports daily for OLBG News on all Entertainment, Reality TV and Award show betting. Jake is often quoted in the national press for his opinion on entertainment betting and manages all of the Entertainment and TV Specials Blogs on OLBG.

Jake Ashton

Jake Ashton

Senior news editor

Jake is a keen reality TV fan and our expert on Specials betting, encompassing, Reality TV and Award shows among others. If it is a niche market found in the Specials section of a betting site, Jake has seen it and written about it. If he isn't at the Etihad watching Man City that is!
Nigel Skinner

Blog Editor

If you want to know anything about a football club manager then Nigel is your go-to guy. Nigel has written about every manager at every football club in the English football league, Scotland and across Europe in our next manager blogs section and is in touch daily for all football managerial moves, rumours and sackings.

- Nigel Skinner, Blog content manager

Dan Tracey

Data Fact Checker

Dan Tracey is our very own Data Fact Checker who enhances our blogs with the latest data that is relevant to the information provided by our editors. Dan is the go-to guy for Data and Facts around a whole host of different topics with his information contributing to a large amount of content provided by OLBG.

- Dan Tracey, Data scientist and football editor

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