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Next Doctor Who Betting Odds

Published: Jan 6, 10:10am Last Updated: Sep 9, 1:06pm Specials 0 Comments 654 Views

Dr Who Odds On Who Will Replace Jodie Whittaker

  • Michael Sheen clear favourite in Doctor Who Radio Times Fans Poll, however, he is only fifth in the betting at 12/1 with selected online bookmakers. 

  • Olly Alexander at odds of 7/2 is the bookie's favourite after reports surfaced that he is being lined up to be the next Doctor Who. 

  • Kris Marshall from Death in Paradise looks like the main male rival to Alexander and can be backed between 5/1 and 8/1.  

  • Multi-talented Michela Coel was the initial Doctor Who favourite before Alexander usurped her spot at the top of the betting, she is on offer between 7/1 and 9/1.  

    Doctor Who tardis

  • Doctor Who traditionalists may prefer Richard Ayoade (10/1), who came second in the Radio Time Fans Poll, he is an actor who would bring to the role a certain quirkiness, in the same vein as the most popular Doctor Tom Baker.

  • One bookmaker has actor/comedian, Sir Lenny Henry, as third-favorite at 6/1 to be the next Doctor Who. The Dudley-born actor appeared in Spyfall the opening story to series 12. 

You can check the potential Doctor Who betting below, these odds are available from a range of online bookmakers.   

Doctor Who Betting 18 Sep @ 20:39 - Next Dr Who
Olly Alexander 4.50
Kris Marshall 6.50
Lenny Henry 7.00
Michaela Coel 9.00
Paul McGann 11.00
Michael Sheen 13.00
Kelly Macdonald 15.00
David Harewood 15.00
Tilda Swinton 17.00
Matt Berry 17.00
Maxine Peake 17.00
Mark Gatiss 17.00
Richard Rankin 19.00
Idris Elba 21.00
James Norton 21.00
Ben Whishaw 21.00
Rory Kinnear 23.00
Phoebe Waller-Bridge 26.00
Olivia Coleman 26.00
Natalie Dormer 26.00
Maisie Williams 26.00
Andrew Buchan 26.00
Ben Daniels 26.00
Vicky McClure 26.00
Lara Pulver 26.00
Suranne Jones 31.00
Richard Madden 34.00
Gillian Anderson 34.00
Jenna Coleman 34.00
Joanne Froggatt 34.00
Michelle Dockery 34.00
Robert Carlyle 34.00
James Purefoy 41.00
Hannah John-Kamen 41.00
Andy Serkis 41.00
Alice Eve 41.00
Carey Mulligan 51.00
Benedict Cumberbatch 51.00
Gemma Arterton 51.00
James Corden 51.00
Adrian Lester 67.00
Daniel Kaluuya 67.00
Helena Bonham Carter 67.00
Alfred Enoch 67.00
Sanjeev Bhaskar 67.00
James Darcy 67.00
Katie McGrath 67.00
Catherine Tate 67.00
Alan Davies 81.00
Domhnall Gleeson 81.00
Russell Brand 81.00
Stephen Fry 81.00
Alan Carr 101.00
Tom Ellis 101.00
Katie Hopkins 201.00
Katie Price 201.00

Doctor Who Showrunner

The Showrunner is the person with overall creative control of a film or tv series. A new showrunner can radically alter the tone and cast of a film or tv series. It has been announced that Doctor Who will have a completely new showrunner. This could mean the new Doctor Who may be an actor previously unconsidered by fans and punters.

Nigel Skinner - Doctor Who Fan

The current Doctor Who Jodie Whitaker has announced that she is leaving the hugely popular BBC series.

The 39-year-old Whitaker will leave at the end of the next series after navigating the Tardis Time Machine for 3 years.

Jodie Whitaker

The female Doctor will see you now?

The head of the Dr Who betting is packed with female candidates. However, some bookmakers have betting odds on whether it will be a Male or Female Doctor - and the new Doctor Who being a Male is currently the favourite!

In the first table below you can see the leading candidates and their ages in the Doctor Who Betting Market. 

You can then compare with past Doctor Who profiles in the second table.

When markets first open there are huge variations in prices, so it is important to make sure you get the best odds from the leading bookmakers. 

Olly At The Tardis Wheel?

It's A Sin actor Olly Alexander has said it would be amazing to play Doctor Who. The 30-year-old is towards the head of the betting.

The bigger bookmakers have a "specials section", in that "specials section" you can find all the TV, Novelty, and Reality betting odds such as Strictly Come Dancing, Love Island, The Voice, etc.

Russell T Davies Connection

Many actors who have previously worked with Dr. Who executive producer Russell T Davies are mooted to be the next Time Lord, these include T'Nia Millar, Lydia West, and Russell Tovey.

There will always be Doctor Who Odds variations between bookmakers. 

Kelly Macdonald & Vicky McClure

The Line Of Duty actresses have seen their betting odds cut since the AC12 series finished.

Leading Doctor Who Candidates Age
Michaela Cole 33
Olly Alexander 30
Kelly Macdonald 45
Vicky Mclure 37
Maxine Peak 46
Natalie Dormer 38
Phoebe Waller-Bridge 35
Richard Ayoade 43
Tom Rosenthal 33
Kris Marshal 47
Michael Sheen 51
Jo Martin 40
David Harewood 55
Matt Berry 46
Jodie Comer 28
David Jonsson 27

The Daleks

The Daleks are rumoured to be making a pivotal appearance in what is the final series for Jodie Whittaker.

Below you can see previous actors who took on the Daleks and Cybermen as Doctor Who. 

The two most recent Doctors played the part for 3 years, in 2021 Jodie Whittaker will have been in the role for 3 years. 

The average time period for a Doctor Who actor is 3 years 3 months. 

The longest-serving was the 4th Doctor Tom Baker (curly hair - long scarf) who played the part for 6 years and 9 months.

The average age when taking on the role is just over 40. 

Doctor Who Age When First Playing The Doctor Time In Role
Jodie Whittaker  35 2018-Present Day
Peter Capaldi 45 2014-2017
Matt Smith 28 2010-2013
David Tennant 34 2005-2010
Christopher Ecclestone 41 2005-2005
Paul McGann 36 1996-1996
Sylvester McCoy 44 1987-1989
Colin Baker 41 1984-1986
Peter Davidson 30 1982-1984
Tom Baker 40 1974-1981
Jon Pertwee 51 1970 -1974
Patrick Troughton 46 1966-1969
William Hartnell 55 1963-1966

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Doctor Who Viewing Figures

Since its heyday in the 1960 and 70's Doctor Who has gradually lost viewers, to a large degree this is to be expected as our viewing habits have radically changed with the arrival of on-demand and streaming services. 

The Christmas/New Year special drew in over 6 million but this is a long way off the 16 million who watched the series in 1979, with the latest series having some of the lowest viewing figures ever. 

ITV Strike

During a strike by the ITV network the BBC and Doctor Who flourished with 16 million viewers watching selected episodes of Tom Baker as the Doctor.

The arrival of Jodie Whitaker as the 13th Doctor split fans, some saw it as right and proper that we finally had a female Doctor, whilst others thought it was playing to these woke times in casting a female.

The storylines also became more PC for many Whovians who voted with their off buttons, although many younger viewers applauded the producers in trying to attract a new audience with challenging episodes.  

The appointment of a new Doctor has never been more crucial if the franchise is going to continue. 

Who would you like to see as the new Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Top Ten Betting

Doctor Who Betting 18 Sep @ 20:39 - Next Dr Who
Olly Alexander 4.50
Kris Marshall 6.50
Lenny Henry 7.00
Michaela Coel 9.00
Paul McGann 11.00
Michael Sheen 13.00
Kelly Macdonald 15.00
David Harewood 15.00
Tilda Swinton 17.00
Matt Berry 17.00


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