Doctor Who Betting Specials: It's 11/10 that the first Monster Ncuti Gatwa faces is The Master in his era as the famous Time Lord!

Doctor Who's famous TARDIS
Doctor Who's famous TARDIS
  • The first monster faced is a big talking point for the new season of Doctor Who, with The Master 11/10 favourite!
  • It's 7/2 that Ncuti Gatwa is the shortest serving Doctor that there has been in the show's history
  • Previous Doctor Jodie Whittaker lasted three seasons in the show and it's 13/8 that Gatwa does the same stint

11/10 that The Master is the first monster faced by Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor

Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as the Fourteenth Doctor in the latest season of Doctor Who, set to start in 2023.

A whole host of actors and actresses were linked to the famous role, but it was Gatwa who "dazzled" showrunner Russell T Davies. 

Bookmakers already have a whole host of specials in relation to the new era of Doctor Who, with the First Monster Faced one of the main markets. 

Gatwa's first monster faced   Odds Probability
The Master 11/10 47.6%
Cyberman 100/30 23.1%
Daleks 9/2 18.2%
Sontarans 6/1 14.3%
Weeping Angels 7/1 12.5%

The Master is a recurring character in Doctor Who, and the archenemy of the title star and former childhood friend. 

Similar to the Doctor's regeneration, The Master has done similar over the years and has repeatedly popped up in the series. 

The last appearance for The Master was back in March 2020, so it's long overdue that the character comes back to the show and may kick off Gatwa's reign.

It's 11/10 that the first monster that Ncuti Gatwa faces as the famous Time Lord is archenemy The Master. Russell T Davies may want to kick off the new era with a big storyline involving the Doctor and the Master.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

It's 7/2 that Ncuti Gatwa is the shortest serving Doctor

The average time span for a Doctor Who actor or actress is around three years and according to the betting odds it may well be the same with Ncuti Gatwa.

Bookmakers go 7/2 though that Gatwa is the shortest serving Doctor there has been and it will all depend on viewing figures if that happens or not. 

It's 5/2 that any of Gatwa's episodes are the least watched in the show's history and as big as 20/1 that any of them are the most watched. 

Showrunner Russell T Davies will be hoping for a successful return to the show which he helped revive back in 2005. 

Bookmakers give odds on Gatwa's stint in the show

The three year average that most Doctor Who actors and actresses spend in the role will be expected from Gatwa again. 

Bookmakers give odds of 13/8 that Gatwa does 3 seasons on the show, same as previous Doctor Jodie Whittaker. 

Favourite in the market is that Gatwa gets 2 seasons, with odds of 11/8 and Four or more is 5/1. 

Bookmakers give odds of 13/8 that Ncuti Gatwa does the same stint as previous Doctor Jodie Whittaker and appears in three seasons of the show.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

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