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Chelmsford horse racing picks. See what the profitable tipsters at OLBG are tipping to win today. 

Below are the picks for Chelmsford racing, we also have a full racecourse betting guide, which includes course bias, stats and trends to help you find a winning Chelmsford pick.

  • Chelmsford City Racecourse Picks

    Chelmsford City Racecourse is based in Essex, is one of seven 'All-Weather' tracks in the United Kingdom it has a Polytrack surface and was originally known as Great Leighs before closure for a few years and opening under the new banner.

    Type of Racing: Flat only, floodlights enable the course to stage numerous evening race meetings throughout the year.

    Highlights: Family Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday at the end of August, when 50% of admission fees go to the Macmillan charity. Check out the dates for future Chelmsford races by going to the official Chelmsford City Racecourse website.

    Read on below for useful Chelmsford top trainer and jockey stats, plus informative hints and picks for Chelmsford races to help you get the most out of your betting experience.

    * All statistics below are based on the previous five years at Chelmsford City

    Chelmsford City Outright Favourite Statistics

    • AW Handicaps: 406-1335 (30%) -132.74
    • AW Non-Handicaps: 217-470 (46%) -19.92
  • Chelmsford City Racecourse Map

    Left-handed Polytrack, a pure oval with sweeping bends makes it a good track for galloping types. Kickback has been a major issue, resulting in coming from off the pace is more difficult. Changes are being made to make this less of a hindrance.

    Races over 7f and 8f are run from different chutes, with the milers negotiating an extra bend. It often pays to follow horses that are up with the pace, as producing a turn of foot in the closing stages can be difficult.

    Chelmsford Racecourse Address: Chelmsford City Racecourse, Chelmsford CM3 1QP

    Chelmsford Racecourse Telephone: 01245 360300

    To buy tickets for a race day at Chelmsford, head over to their official ticket booking webpage.

    Chelmsford City Flat Racecourse Map
    Chelmsford City Flat Racecourse Map
  • Chelmsford City Draw Bias

    The most profitable stall at Chelmsford City in the win market when breaking it down to race trips is stall 12 over a trip of 7f, backing all runners in this stall over that trip over the past five years would have returned a profit of +70.12. For the least profitable stall at Chelmsford City you need to look at races over 1m and focus on stall 7 as this has produced an LSP of -195.54 over the last five years.

    Here we have the draw bias for Chelmsford City taken into consideration races with ten or more runners, we will break down the figures by race distance, draws can be much more important over the shorter trips in which runners do not have time to find their position during the race meaning the draw is probably more important than the races over longer distances.

    • Sprints (5f to 7½f)
    • Mile (1m to 1m1½f)
    • Middle Distance (1m2f to 1m5½f)

    The following table shows a breakdown over a group of trips and shows how each position of the draw does, this for example in a twelve runner race would be Low (Stalls 1-4), Mid (Stalls 5-8) and High (Stalls 9-12), the positions will always be lowest stall number to highest

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  • Chelmsford Jockey and Trainer Statistics

    Who are the best all weather jockeys and trainers to bet on at Chelmsford City?

    M Johnston is the leading trainer here at Chelmsford City with seventy winners but you would have recorded a loss if you backed all of their runners whilst following Simon Crisford would have returned the most winners (twenty-five) from a profitable trainer. If you are more of an eachway player then you may want to know which trainer is best to follow at Chelmsford City and that would be Mohamed Moubarak who shows the best eachway LSP which is +76.93 thanks to their sixteen placings (five winners). A total of fifty-five winners from five hundred forty-five runners at Chelmsford City has M Appleby at the wrong end of the trainers' list with their 10% strike rate and worst LSP of -197.08.

    When looking at profitable jockeys only then it is Jim Crowley who leads the way with a total of sixty-five winners producing an LSP of +14.04 whilst Luke Morris leads the overall list with seventy-nine winners but shows a loss overall. When looking at jockeys and looking for some eachway value at Chelmsford City, then the jockey who shows the best eachway profit is Callum Shepherd, that LSP is +62.81 which has been accumulated by a total of seventy-five placings which includes thirty-five winners. At the other end of the spectrum is Luke Morris who has a terrible record at Chelmsford City, of all the jockeys their LSP of -361.33 is the worse, they have a 10% strike rate with seventy-nine winners from eight hundred seventeen rides.

    Chelmsford City Picks & Hints

    Here are some factors at Chelmsford City for certain trainers or jockeys which have been profitable:

    • 7-17 (41%) +71.38 - Backing Dougie Costello rides when in a Handicap Nursery race
    • 7-17 (41%) +55.00 - Backing Callum Shepherd rides when over a trip of 5f
    • 5-9 (56%) +28.88 - Backing Kevin Stott rides when over a trip of 7f
    • 8-13 (62%) +23.77 - Backing D M Simcock runners when over a trip of 5f
    • 13-31 (42%) +22.46 - Backing Ryan Moore rides when over a trip of 1m2f

    Chelmsford City Top Jockey and Trainer Combinations

    Here are the best trainer and jockey combinations here at Chelmsford City based on the number of winners:

    • 29 Wins: J H M Gosden & Robert Havlin
    • 20 Wins: Sir Mark Prescott & Luke Morris
    • 19 Wins: M Johnston & Francis Norton
    • 19 Wins: M Johnston & Joe Fanning
    • 17 Wins: Sir Michael Stoute & Ryan Moore

    Chelmsford City Top Trainers By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

    Trainer R-W-P Win EW
    Simon Crisford 132-25-55 +12.14 -0.51
    M L W Bell 142-21-46 +25.29 +6.61
    C A Dwyer 124-19-46 +32.76 +16.23
    Owen Burrows 74-16-31 +5.61 -8.64
    J R Best 125-14-40 +12.63 +2.80
    M R Channon 92-14-35 +2.98 +4.17
    Ivan Furtado 127-13-24 +59.00 +10.18
    S A Harris 77-13-24 +74.00 +36.70
    Amy Murphy 114-12-27 +19.50 -5.00
    S L Keightley 75-9-18 +21.13 -0.32

    Chelmsford City Top Jockeys By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

    Jockey R-W-P Win EW
    Jim Crowley 278-65-128 +14.04 -8.81
    Ryan Moore 133-47-69 +32.14 +5.92
    P J McDonald 206-39-78 +45.59 +13.29
    Callum Shepherd 243-35-75 +145.21 +62.81
    Dougie Costello 196-26-54 +134.28 +59.11
    B A Curtis 134-20-46 +15.86 +0.65
    Kieran Shoemark 130-20-40 +13.03 -4.01
    Kieren Fox 127-14-38 +18.21 +1.33
    Finley Marsh 65-12-29 +43.38 +31.15
    E J Walsh 130-10-24 +60.38 +23.13

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