Time Person of the Year Betting Odds and History of Winners

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The Time Person of the Year is awarded to an individual, group, idea or object that has the most influence on our lives in the year. The best-betting sites now offer prices and odds on who or what will win the prize.

Time Person of the Year Betting Odds and History of Winners
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Time Person of The Year

  • The best betting sites will offer a full list of Time Person of the Year Contenders

  • The current favourite is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who has been steadfast and brave in his country's conflict with Russia. 

  • Who or whom or what will follow last year's winner Elon Musk and become Time Person of the Year? 

Time Person Of The Year Moneyline - July 2022
Volodymyr Zelenskyy -278
Vladimir Putin 800
The Ukrainian People 820
US Supreme Court 1250
Pro-Choice/Abortion Activists 1450
Joe Biden 2000
Donald Trump 2500
Elon Musk 2500
Mitch McConnell 2500
Supreme Court Leaker 2500
Healthcare Workers 2800
Queen Elizabeth 2nd 2800
Ron De Santis 2800

Betting on Time Magazine Person of the Year

What is Betting on Time Person of the Year

The best betting sites in the country on a state-by-state basis will offer odds for a range of individuals and groups who have had the most impact during the current year. 

Time Person of the Year Betting Markets

The main betting market is for you to select who will win Time Person of the Year. 

You may also find related markets to that individual or group, such as 

Will the abortion legislation be overturned? or will Donald Trump stand again for President? 

How to bet on Time Person of the Year

There is a simple 5 step process to making a bet on the market

  1. Find an online betting site offering odds and bets on the TPOTY
  2. Find the candidate you are most interested in wagering on
  3. Make that selection and add them to your bet slip
  4. Select the stake you wish to wager
  5. Confirm

That's it, you are done, your wager is on, and now all you have to do is wait until the Time Magazine announcement to discover the winner  

If you make the right selection, you win, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the stake you have wagered just as with any normal bet.

Time Person Of The Year History of Winners

We need to remember that the Time award goes to someone who has affected our lives both in good and bad ways, this is why both Stalin and Hitler are past recipients of the person of the year. 

Charles Lindbergh

The celebrated aviator was the first recipient of the Time Person of the Year award

During most Presidential terms the Commander In Chief normally wins a Time Person Of The Year, Bush, Biden, Clinton, Obama (twice), and Trump all received the honour in recent years. 

The Computer

In 1982 such was the effect that computers had started to have on our lives that a machine won the Time Award.

You can see by the recent list of winners that groups of people who are loosely connected have featured more prominently since 2010.   

Group Winners

Hungarian Freedom Fighters in 1956, US Scientists in 1960, American Women in 1975, and Peacemakers in 1993 are some of the groups who have won the annual Time Award.

Time Person Of The Year Since 2010
2021Elon Musk
2020Joe Biden/Kamala Harris
2019Greta Thunberg
2018The Guardians - Journalists Under Fire
2017 The Silence Breakers - Me Too Movement
2016President Donald Trump
2015 Angela Merkel
2014Ebola Health Care Workers
2013Pope Francis
2012President Barack Obama
2011Global Protestors
2010Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

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Time Person of The Year FAQ


Time Person Of The Year FAQ

  • What Is The Time Person Of The Year?

    Time magazine editors choose a person, group, idea or object that for better or worse has done the most to influence events that year.

  • Who Won The First Time Person Of The Year?

    The Time Person Of The Year was first awarded in 1927 with aviator Charles Lindbergh receiving the accolade.

  • Can I Bet On Time Person Of The Year?

    Yes, you can place a bet on Time Person Of The Year, however, only the best betting sites feature the odds.  

  • What Month Is The Time Person Of The Year Announced?

    There is a  special annual issue released normally in December which features the winner of the Time Person Of The Year. 

  • Does Time Magazine Offer Any Other Awards?

    Time Magazine also recognises other categories 

    • Athlete of The Year
    • Business Person Of The Year
    • Entertainer Of the Year

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