Christmas Number 1 Betting Odds

With Canada having less onus on Festive songs being targetted for the Billboard charts at Christmas we turn attention to betting on the Christmas number one in the UK singles chart

Christmas Number 1 Betting Odds
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Christmas Top Song Betting Odds

The Christmas season comes with lots of celebrations, from singing to eating. At the same time, artists from around the world come up with holiday-themed songs to help you soak in the festive mood. They produce Christmas-themed songs and other performances for this special time of year aimed at hitting the top of the UK Music charts.

As you enjoy the melody of the latest Christmas hit single, you can seize the opportunity and bet on the Christmas number one song of the year. All you need to do is to find betting odds from a sportsbook and wager on the song which you think will be at the top of the list come Christmas day. 

UK Christmas Number 1 Betting Odds

Artist US Odds Probability %
LadBaby 400 20.00%
Badiel and Skinner 700 12.50%
Elton John 800 11.11%
Micheal Buble 900 10.00%
Cliff Richard 1000 9.09%
Ed Sheeran 1200 7.69%
Taylor Swift 1400 6.67%
Stormzy 1400 6.67%
Gary Barlow 1400 6.67%
Sam Ryder 1600 5.88%
Slade 2500 3.85%
Maria Carey 3300 2.94%

Here is the complete breakdown of how you can bet on this niche betting market. 

What is Betting on the Christmas Top Song?

Betting on the Christmas top song is a form of entertainment betting on online sportsbooks. You can do it from the comfort of your home with the advent of legal online betting sites

Outside of the Christmas Day NBA schedule and betting on the weather and snowfall,  the Christmas UK Charts No1 betting market is the number one spot for wagers being placed in the hope of a Christmas bonus when your predicted song hits the top spot for the festive week.

Sportsbooks list potential artists and odds on their chances to win.

Is betting on the Christmas number one song legal? Like other forms of betting, you can place bets on the Christmas top song in Canada. However, ensure that you use a legal betting site to avoid losing money to scammers or untrustworthy sites. 

Christmas Top Song Betting Markets

Betting on the Number Song at Christmas is a pretty niche market in itself so don't expect a whole host of different betting markets to choose from - Generally, you only be able to predict which song and artist will be topping the charts on Christmas day.

Christmas Number 1

Which song do you think will top? Every year there are new contenders, though there are also some classics that always get lots of play during the holiday season. 

Since this prize began in 1952 in the UK, only seven songs featuring the word Christmas in the title have won, including the Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade. Charity smash versions have done pretty well in the past. For example, 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' has featured three times in the Top 40 festive songs. Besides, the first version of this song is the most-selling Christmas number 1 song of all time with more than 3.8 million copies sold. 

The only non-festive song that has been top of the charts at Christmas twice from the same artist is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. 


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Will LadBaby Be involved? 

LadBaby has broken the record as they are the first artists to win the Christmas top song prize four consecutive times, from 2018 to 2021. Their songs, We Built This City, I Love Sausage Rolls, Don't Stop Me Eatin', and Sausage Rolls For Everyone made it to the list. 

Completing the first three songs solo,  the last is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Elton John. This collaboration with legendary artists gave LadBaby the extra publicity needed to win his fourth straight award in 2021. 

How to Bet on the Christmas Number 1

Once you have found a betting site offering betting odds on who will top the charts for the UK charts, all you have to do is make your prediction, decide how much you want to wager and place the bet.

Choose a Sportsbook and Sign Up 

If you haven't already registered for a legally licensed betting site in your province, that will be the first step. 

  • Shop around for a legal betting site allowed in your territory. Every province across Canada has at least a government-run sports betting option and most will offer a variety of entertainment-related betting markets. 
  • After finding your favorite site, register to create an active betting account. During the registration process, you will be required to provide personal details such as your name and email address. You will also set up your username and password.
  • You can bet through the official website of a sportsbook or its betting app. Betting apps have made things easier because you can download them to your Android or iOS mobile phone. You will enjoy the same betting features as the website or even more. 
  • Navigate to the Specials section and select the Christmas top song. 
  • Select your Prediction
  • Provide your Stake Amount 

As you select your odds, provide the amount you want to risk. Usually, most sportsbooks will show you how much you will win if your bet is correct. Once you are okay with your selection, click on Place Bet for confirmation. You will receive a receipt for your bet. 


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Christmas Top Song Candidates to Know

During the previous Christmas charts, you have seen music icons, TV talent show winners, cartoon characters, charity records, and community groups come out on top. This is a prestigious prize in the UK and around the world no to mention a money spinner for the artist if it is in the ilk of Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas, purported to earn the star in the region of $500,000 every year!

Some of the candidates that you should know include: 

Ed Sheeran 

Harald Krichel, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Needs little introduction hailing from Ipswich in the UK. Sheeran won his first Christmas top song prize in 2017  with his song Perfect. When discussing the achievement, he said, "This is an actual dream come true and I'm very proud and happy." 

The win came after releasing six other versions of the Perfect song to increase its chances of winning the festive top spot. He has released the original, remixes by Robin Schulz and Mike Perry, an acoustic version, and two versions with Andrea Bocelli and Beyonce. 

Sheeran also featured on Christmas top song of the year 2021 by LadBaby together with Elton John. Their music- Sausages Rolls For Everyone, won against all the other hits. 

And of course he has found himself atop the Candian Billboard over Christmas in the past too


If you have been betting on Christmas' top song, LadBaby is not a stranger to you. The YouTuber has won this award for four years, catching up with the Beatles, who were the first to win this award four times.  

And all just by singing about the traditional English sausage roll snack!

This duo (Youtuber Mark Hoyle and his wife Roxanne) creates a series of comedy cover versions to raise funds for Trussell Trust, a food bank. Their first song to win the Christmas top song was We Built This City in 2018. In 2019, their hit, I love Sausage Rolls made it at the top, and the same thing happened in 2020 with their song, Don't Stop Me Eatin'. 


marcen27 from Glasgow, UK, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Needs no introduction. Even though she has never recorded a Christmas song in her career, she always has the potential of getting a number one single no matter what time of year it is, and of course has also been on top of the Canadian billboard at Christmas in the past with Her single Easy on Me which also performed well in the UK, US, and Australia. 

Things to Consider when Betting on the Christmas Top Song

When placing a bet, you are hopeful that you will win and earn real money. However, to increase your chances of winning, you need some tips to help you understand how to bet on the Christmas top song. 

First, you should research Christmas top song betting. Which songs and artists have won in the previous years? Do the songs have the word Christmas on their titles or not? Does a single artist do the songs, or is it a group? What position was the song in the previous year's chart? Taking note of such patterns can help you in your betting prediction. 

Also, the Christmas top song depends on the sales of the music. The more sales a song makes, the more it is likely to appear at the top. 

Look also into the marketing of the song because it will tell you how far it is likely to get. If the artist is not a newcomer in the industry, you can check on their previous history. Also, be keen on the purpose of the song. Most winners of the award tend to be charity songs for the Christmas holidays. 

Lastly, stay-up-to date in the weeks before Christmas. This is when most companies will try to push their music to feature in this top spot. Take note of which song is trending and what people are talking about because it can give you a hint of which song is likely to rank number one. Social media can be a good source of information too. This is where you will see what fans of particular artists and bands are trying to market.  


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