The Traitors Betting Odds

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Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors the new reality TV series from the BBC. The best-betting sites are offering a range of Traitors betting markets on this game of treacherous twists and turns.

The Traitors Betting Odds
Jake Ashton Senior News Editor

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Traitors on BBC 1

  • Traitors is the Ultimate TV Game of backstabbing and lies and is on its way back to our screens. 
  • The first series saw the faithfuls of Aaron, Hannah and Meryl share the 100k cash prize.
  • The final Traitors of Kieran and Wilfred were banished.  

The host of the Traitors is Claudia Winkleman: Image: shutterstock

Traitors News

It was announced by the BBC in February that there will be a second series of The Traitors.

I can’t wait to go back to the castle to watch people play the greatest game on television. I’m knitting a high funnel sweater immediately.

Claudia Winkleman

The Traitors

The Traitors hosted by Claudia Winkleman is a new BBC1 reality game show.

Twenty-two contestants are taken to a Scottish castle where they compete in a series of tasks, each successful task increasing the winner's prize money. 

De Verraders (The Traitors)

The Traitors series originated in Holland and was a huge hit in that country.

The twist is that three of the contestants are TRAITORS. 

The larger FAITHFUL group eliminates one person a night hoping to identify the three traitors in their midst, but if a traitor survives till the end they win the cash prize of up to (£120,000) and the group gets nothing. 

As the BBC says Get Them Before They Get You! 

We can expect lots of twists and turns as the Traitors series progresses, and if the BBC viewing figures are decent this could become the next Big Brother or Apprentice. 

Some of the best betting sites have started to offer odds on who will win the series.

Traitor or Faithful

The bookmakers originally had a faithful (1/2) as the favourite, but would the show get more publicity if a traitor (6/4) won?

Traitors Betting Odds

  • The Traitors Winner
  • The Traitors Winner To Be A Traitor or A Faithful
  • The Traitor's Next Banishment

Traitors Betting

There is nothing complicated about betting on TV programmes like the Traitors, it is a betting market like a list of horses for the Grand National.

You simply need to go to your favourite betting app and head to the TV & Specials section in the menu, selecting Traitors betting. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our betting sites section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK. 

We have in-depth reviews so you can see what other users think of them before deciding, or head over to the free bets page where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all UK betting sites.

Placing A Traitors Bet

Many of the best betting sites offer Traitors betting, the odds above are from Betway.

There is a simple process to making a Traitors bet

  1. Find an online betting site offering Traitors odds.
  2. Go to the bookmaker's index of sports and look for the specials section.  
  3. Find the odds you are most interested in wagering on.
  4. Make that selection and add them to your bet slip.
  5. Select the stake you wish to wager.
  6. Confirm.
  7. Your bet will show in the history section of your betting account.

That's it, you are done, your wager is on, and now all you have to do is wait until the winner or winners.  

If you make the right selection you win, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the stake you have wagered just as with any normal bet. 


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The Traitors Betting News Diary Timeline

The betting odds for The Next Traitors series will be available from most of the bigger bookmakers, will a faithful or a traitor win this second Traitors series

Here is a round-up of the Traitors Betting News from our OLBG News feed

18th January 2024


The Traitors Betting Odds: OLBG look at previous odds from start of the season to see the Faithful and Traitor's chances of winning!

28th April 2023


The Traitors Betting Specials: Latest odds say there's a 66% CHANCE that the winner will be a Faithful in the next series of The Traitors!

19th December 2022


The Traitors Betting Odds: Amanda is the NEW FAVOURITE with bookies to win The Traitors as the series heads into the final week!

New BBC series The Traitors enters it's final week and the Faithful look to be no closer to getting rid of the Traitors with just three episodes remaining. Alyssa was favourite with bookies at the start of the show but she was voted off in episode 6 but fellow Traitors Wilfred and Amanda remain in the show.

Amanda is the new favourite to win the series with the final fast approaching but Aaron is the most popular Faithful in the betting market. The prize money for the show can get as big as £120,000 and if the traitors make it to the end then they will win the prize money.

5th December 2022


The Traitors Betting Odds: Bookies give odds on who will win the new BBC series with Alyssa leading the way in the betting market at 11/2!

Brand new BBC series The Traitors has been described as one of the best reality shows that British television has seen in recent years and it continues this week. Bookmakers are giving odds on who will win the show after just three episodes with viewers enthralled by the latest episodes. The show sees a group of contestants work together to try and find out which of the three of them are traitors, with the rest of the contestants described as 'faithful'. The prize money for the show can get as big as £120,000 and if the traitors make it to the end then they will win the prize money. Betway's winner odds see two of the three Traitors, Alyssa and Wilfred, feature towards the top of the betting market.

Who has left the Traitors

Seventeen individuals had left the show over the previous three weeks

In the final show of the first series, there were 5 contestants left, 2 traitors and 3 faithfuls. 

Will there be another series of Traitors?

The production company that made Traitors was Studio Lambert and it was confirmed that Traitors will be back in 2023. 

The first series of the Traitors was reported to have been watched over 34 million times on the BBC I player.

We may even see Celebrity Traitors if the format follows other reality shows such as Big Brother and The Apprentice. 

Watch this space!

The Traitors US Version

The BBC has secured the rights to show the US Traitors series. It will be available on the iPlayer from the 13th of January 2023.

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