Next Pope Betting Odds and Contenders

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Did you know with some sportsbooks you can get odds on who will be the next Pope and make a bet - Let's dive in and see what it is about.

Next Pope Betting Odds and Contenders

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Next Pope Betting Odds

With Rumors of the current Pope hinting at retirement and publicized health issues, speculation is growing as to who will become the next Pope while Betting Sites get in on the action as oddsmakers provide odds on various candidates for the next head of the Catholic Church.

The list contains a potential first-ever American Pope in Sean Patrick O'Malley

Next Pope After Francis IOddsProbability
Cardinal Luis Tagle (Philippines)+70012.5%
Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada)+70012.5%
Cardinal Peter Erdo (Hungary)+80011.1%
Archbishop Angelo (Italy)+90010.0%
Cardinal Cristoph Schonborn (Austria)+11008.3%
Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley+16005.9%

What is Betting on The Next Pope?

Betting on the next Pope is quite simply the process of predicting who will succeed the current Pope and be named and backing that up by taking odds offered by online betting sites.

You predict a candidate and place a bet at the given odds full in the understanding that if you are correct you win, if you are incorrect, you lose.

Much the same as predicting the Superbowl winners or Kentucky Derby winning horse, but this time, its for the Next Pope in the Vatican.

Who Will be the Next Pope?

The hard part of betting on who will be the Next Pope is trying to pick fro the candidates, and there will be dozens, not just those in the betting. Here we take a look at the main contenders

The current Pope is Francis who was elected to be the Supreme Pontiff in March 2013 when Pope Benedict XV1 resigned. 

He has had many issues to deal with including problems for Catholics in China, and the loss of revenue for the Vatican due to the global pandemic.

As always there is plenty of speculation, and he has indicated that his Papacy will not be a long tenure, however, he has now been Pope for over 9 years. 

Conservative voices within the church have also clashed with the liberal pontiff, especially about the Latin Mass changes. 

There does seem to be a power struggle which the death of Benedict has exacerbated.

The Pope To Resign?

The current Pope arrived at the funeral of Benedict XVI in a wheelchair.

When he does decide to leave The Cardinals will vote by secret ballot to choose the next Pope with a two-thirds majority needed.

The new Pope will then be asked if he accepts his election, and if he does he will choose a Papal Name. 

Both cardinals Peter Turkson and Marc Oulette were towards the head of the next pope betting in 2013 when Pope Frances was chosen.

Luis Antonio Tagle

He may be seen as too young by conservative voices, (aged 64), but an Asian Pope would be seen as a progressive appointment.

Certainly, a Pope from the African continent such as Peter Turkson would seem "the right choice" as the world looks for a more inclusive solution to issues. 

The next pope betting market is very open with a host of Cardinals and an Archbishop quoted.

Peter Turkson

The first black Pope could be the Ghanaian Peter Turkson, he is seen as a strong candidate for working with other religions for the greater good of all.

Next Pope  CandidateNationality
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
Cardinal Peter TurksonGhana
Archbishop Angelo Scola
Cardinal Marc OuelletCanada
Cardinal Christoph Schonborn
Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
Bishop Angelo De DonatisItaly
Cardinal Timothy DolanUSA
Cardinal Gianfranco RavasiItaly
Cardinal Reinhard MarxGerman
Cardinal Peter ErdoHungary
Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer Brazil

Things to Consider when Betting on the Next Pope

The key element is to consider how Popes are chosen, this may give some insight into the ideal candidate.

The College of Cardinals selects a Pope when the previous one dies or resigns.

A series of meetings are held where the issues facing the church are discussed.

The Cardinals then vote by secret ballot over 4 rounds of voting until a candidate receives a two-thirds majority.

Pope Nationality

The last three Popes have come from Argentina, Germany and Poland.

If no one receives the necessary two-thirds of the vote, the ballots are burned in the chapel stove, which produces black smoke, this signifies to the watching crowds and world that a Pope has not yet been chosen.

When a Pope does receive the necessary 2/3rds of the vote they ask if he accepts the position, if he does white smoke appears meaning a new Pope has been chosen.  

An announcement is then made from St Peters " Habemus Papam" - "We Have A New Pope"

Next Pope Betting News

For up to date betting odds and the latest speculation head over to our news section where we have regular updates on what is going on with the Next Pope betting

28 March 2023

There Is A 5.88% Chance Of Sean O'Malley Becoming The First American Pope

There Is A 5.88% Chance Of Sean O'Malley Becoming The First American Pope

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