UK's Dirtiest Entertainment Venues (inc Dirtiest Casinos)

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The UK has some grimy entertainment and casino hotspots. From sticky floors to unsanitary restrooms, we expose the hygiene horrors lurking behind the bright lights and charm.

UK's Dirtiest Entertainment Venues (inc Dirtiest Casinos)
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However, it's not all doom and gloom. Our online casino experts spotlight pristine entertainment venues for those seeking a spotless experience without compromising on fun. 

By analyzing Tripadvisor reviews, we expose the UK’s top entertainment spots, highlighting the dirtiest and cleanest locations for a memorable time out.

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The UK’s dirtiest entertainment venues revealed - and Heaven takes top spot!

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Heaven, London

Reviews mentioning dirtiness: 13.77%

According to the popular music establishment, Heaven is the only one-thousand-capacity venue for live music in central London. Ironically, despite being called Heaven, it could be conceived as quite the opposite, with approximately 13.77% mentions of dirtiness on Tripadvisor, placing it at the top of the list. One unfortunate visitor described it as a ‘very dirty and smelly place’ while another stated, 'this place is just so filthy. Never returning this is more like hell than heaven.’ 

Just the Tonic Comedy Club, Nottingham

Reviews mentioning dirtiness: 10.26%

Around 10.26% of reviews for Just the Tonic Comedy Club mention dirtiness, making it the second dirtiest entertainment venue in the country. Though it has a strong history of producing comedy shows in Nottingham for the last 30 years, cleanliness levels have not been maintained.

A visitor said, ‘The floor was so dirty that my shoes stuck to it.’ However, some customers gave them the benefit of the doubt, choosing to see past the flaws, as they mentioned that ‘despite the toilets being filthy and the hand dryer broken, we had a good night.’

Aspers Casino, London

Reviews mentioning dirtiness: 9.54%

Aspers Casino is among the top three dirtiest entertainment venues in the UK, with 9.54% of reviews citing dirtiness. London’s first and only super casino boasts a vast array of live and electronic games, and it is a popular entertainment hotspot. However, the establishment’s ‘dirty environment’ seems to have let it down significantly. With words such as ‘grim’, ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty’ being used to describe the venue, it’s evident that many customers have left feeling rather unimpressed.

Rank Entertainment venue Location Venue type Rating /5 Number of reviews % of reviews mentioning dirtiness
1 Heaven London Music 1.5 908 13.77%
2 Just the Tonic Comedy Club Nottingham Comedy 3.5 117 10.26%
3 Aspers Casino London Casino 3.0 283 9.54%
4 Rock City Nottingham Music 4.0 766 9.53%
5 O2 Academy Brixton London Music 3.5 460 9.35%
6 Frog and Bucket Manchester Comedy 3.5 401 8.48%
7 O2 Forum Kentish Town London Music 3.5 189 8.47%
8 Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow Music 4.5 196 7.14%
9 Up The Creek Comedy Club London Comedy 4.0 118 6.78%

Scarborough’s Opera House Casino named the UK’s cleanest entertainment venue

cleanest venue

Opera House Casino, Scarborough

Reviews mentioning cleanliness: 12.78%

Opera House Casino tops the list as the cleanest entertainment venue, with 12.78% of reviews mentioning cleanliness. Located in the east coast town of Scarborough, many customers praise how pleasantly surprised they were about the Opera House Casino, with some even stating ‘the whole place is spotless and clean. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Grosvenor Casino Reading South, Reading

Reviews mentioning cleanliness: 9.40%

With 9.40% of reviews citing cleanliness, the Grosvenor Casino Reading South is one of the cleanest entertainment hotspots. Consisting of a modern setting and a restaurant offering a delectable range of dishes and two stylish bars, many visitors have placed their stamp of approval on the establishment, with some describing it as a ‘clean and tidy casino with a good variety of games and a great menu’ while others have said it is ‘clean and well maintained.’

Grosvenor G Casino, Coventry

Reviews mentioning cleanliness: 8.78%

A vibrant establishment with plenty of entertainment options, the Grosvenor G Casino includes an a la carte restaurant, a late-night bar, a sports lounge, and a show bar that regularly hosts a variety of live performances. However, its cleanliness stands out the most to some of its customers.

As one customer puts it, ‘its services are very clean, and I would recommend it for a fun night out. ' Another states, ‘The venue was clean and modern. It was a nice place to visit.’ Therefore, it’s no surprise that this entertainment venue is in the top three cleanest, with 8.78% of reviews mentioning cleanliness.

Rank Entertainment venue Location Venue type Rating /5 Number of reviews % of reviews mentioning cleanliness
1 Opera House Casino Scarborough Casino 4.0 133 12.78%
2 Grosvenor Casino Reading South Reading Casino 4.0 117 9.40%
3 Grosvenor G Casino Coventry Coventry Casino 4.0 148 8.78%
4 The Roundhouse London Music 4.0 515 6.99%
5 Grosvenor Casino Southend Reading Casino 4.0 162 6.79%
6 Alea Nottingham Casino Nottingham Casino 4.5 163 6.75%
7 Symphony Hall Birmingham Music 4.5 2,794 6.26%
8 Bristol Beacon Bristol Music 3.5 457 6.13%
9 Grosvenor G Casino Plymouth Plymouth Casino 4.5 120 5.83%

Heaven is the worst-rated UK entertainment venue on Tripadvisor

worst rated

Heaven, London

Percentage of bad reviews: 77.97%

Heaven is the worst-rated entertainment venue on Tripadvisor, with a one-and-a-half rating out of five. Not only is it the dirtiest location on our list, but 77.97% of reviews it has received rate Heaven as ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ combined, with an overwhelming 708 out of 908 having nothing good to say about the music venue. One customer described it as a ‘terrible experience’, and another stated it was an ‘awful night.’

The London Comedy Club, London

Percentage of bad reviews: 74.67%

With 74.67% of reviews rating the venue as ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ and an average of two out of five stars, The London Comedy Club is the second worst-rated entertainment venue. Many customers have left feeling dissatisfied with their experience. One of the visitors described it as' a depressing dingy room with a low ceiling and a wonky backdrop,’ while others stated it was a ‘total rip off’ and ‘the worst comedy show ever.’

Aspers Casino, London

Percentage of bad reviews: 40.99%

Aspers Casino ranks third, with 40.99% of reviews rating the venue ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ and a three out of five-star average rating. This establishment seems to have left a bad impression on many of its guests, with many visitors using terms such as ‘terrible’, ‘awful’, and ‘horrible’ to describe this entertainment venue. Some customers have left comments warning others to avoid the location as it is ‘unwelcoming’ with ‘terrible customer service.’

Rank Entertainment venue Location Venue type Rating /5 Number of reviews % of bad reviews
1 Heaven London Music 1.5 908 77.97%
2 The London Comedy Club London Comedy 2.0 229 74.67%
3 Aspers Casino London Casino 3.0 283 40.99%
4 Grosvenor G Casino Brighton Brighton Casino 3.5 143 25.87%
5 Just the Tonic Comedy Club Nottingham Comedy 3.5 117 25.64%
6 O2 Academy Brixton London Music 3.5 460 23.26%
7 Piccadilly Comedy Club London London Comedy 3.5 122 22.13%
8 Frog and Bucket Manchester Comedy 3.5 401 20.95%
9 Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow Casino 4.0 106 20.75%

Entertainment venues with the worst food ratings

worst food

Three venues share the worst food hygiene rating of three out of five stars. All are in London: the food scene surrounding the O2 Academy Brixton, the Up The Creek Comedy Club, and the Angel Comedy at The Bill Murray have been classed as ‘generally satisfactory.’ One customer who visited the O2 Academy Brixton was unimpressed by the menu, stating that ‘the food was a joke.’

Commentary and quotes

Please feel free to use these comments with attribution to the source.

“Whether you’re visiting your local casino or heading to a music concert, you want to leave feeling like you’ve had an experience that reflects the money that you’ve paid or even better! 

“While most entertainment venues in the UK offer an exceptional service, there will always be a minority of visitors that leave feeling underwhelmed - and some may take to review sites to vent their frustrations.

“As a result, the OLBG team have profiled the level of positive and negative feedback in the UK when it comes to cleanliness at entertainment venues. Using a selection of keywords from Tripadvisor reviews such as ‘dirty’, ‘unclean’ and ‘disgusting’, we were able to determine that up to 13.77% of reviews for the Heaven nightclub in London mentioned dirtiness. The venue subsequently was also rated the worst-rated on Tripadvisor, with a one-and-a-half rating out of five and 77.97% reviews being deemed bad. 

“At the other end of the spectrum, a selection of casinos battle it out to be named the ‘cleanest’ entertainment venues in our study. If you are looking for a pleasant trip for your next casino visit, you may consider the Opera Casino House in Scarborough where 12.78% of reviews mentioned cleanliness.”


Using  Tripadvisor, we compiled a list of UK music venues, comedy venues, and casinos.

To find the dirtiest establishments, we looked at a list of keywords on Tripadvisor reviews, including ‘dirty’, ‘unclean’, ‘unhygienic’, ‘smelly’,  ‘disgusting’, ‘filthy’, and ‘gross’, all used in a negative context relating to each venue. To calculate the number of mentions of dirtiness as a percentage, we used the total of all reviews mentioning the keywords combined. We then found their percentage of the total number of reviews for each location. This data was completed on 18/06/2024.

Similarly, for the cleanest entertainment locations, we looked at keywords such as ‘clean’, ‘spotless’, ‘pristine’, ‘tidy’, and ‘neat.’ To calculate the number of mentions of cleanliness as a percentage, we used the total of reviews using all the keywords combined. We then found their percentage of the total number of reviews for each location. This data was completed on 21/06/2024.

We combined the ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ review ratings to highlight the worst-rated venues. Then, we calculated them as a percentage of all ratings to find the establishments with the highest rate of bad reviews. Figures for this section were collected on 18/06/2024.

For the food hygiene ratings, we used the Food Standards Agency to search each venue's location and postcode. Data collection for this was completed on 21/06/2024.

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