🎤 Sweet Bonanza 1000 Q&A with Pragmatic Play

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OLBG discuss the Sweet Bonanza slot with Anastasios Ioannidis from Pragmatic Play, where it all began and what to expect from the 1000 series in future.

🎤 Sweet Bonanza 1000 Q&A with Pragmatic Play
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OLBG’s Chris Taylor sat down with Anastasios Ioannidis, Affiliate Manager at ARRISE, to discuss Pragmatic Play's new Sweet Bonanza 1000 slot.

Sweet Bonanza is one of the most popular choices at UK slot sites and for good reason. In June 2024, Pragmatic Play released a ‘1000’ version which is bigger and better with higher max win potential. The interview looks at the original game, why it’s become a hit, the difference between the original and the ‘1000’ version what to expect from Pragmatic Play in the future. Enjoy!

Q: How has Sweet Bonanza been received since its release in June 2019?

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AI: “Sweet Bonanza is one of Pragmatic Play’s most popular slot games of all time. It was an instant hit when it launched back in June 2019, and it’s remained a fan favourite ever since. When it comes to key performance metrics driving player acquisition and retention, Sweet Bonanza is right up there with the likes of Gates of Olympus and Sugar Rush as one of the stickiest slots of all time.”

Q: Why do you think Sweet Bonanza has become a cult favourite?

AI: “Predicting whether a new game is going to be a hit has never been an exact science, but if you combine a popular theme with captivating features, offering both new and established mechanics, you have all the main ingredients. Visuals and audio are obviously important too, as is a great name – the whole package has to resonate with players at the right time. Sweet Bonanza had all of this and more. Combining multipliers and tumbles to perfect effect, it set the benchmark for sweet-themed slots.”

Q: What inspired Sweet Bonanza 1000?

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AI: “Pragmatic Play’s supercharged 1000 series takes existing player favourites and enhances them with bigger multipliers to increase win potential. As Sweet Bonanza is one of Pragmatic Play’s most popular games ever, it was a natural addition to the series, following the likes of Gates of Olympus 1000, Sugar Rush 1000, and Starlight Princess 1000. The inspiration behind all supercharged slots is the desire to give players a chance to land even bigger wins in the games they love.”

Q: What are the differences between the two slots?

AI: “Aside from one or two cosmetic updates, which we think will be especially appreciated by avid fans of the original, it’s the win potential that separates the two games. In the original game, the multiplier symbol could potentially hit with a random value of between 2x and 100x. Whenever a random multiplier hits, it stays on screen for the duration of tumble wins. All multipliers on screen are then added together and multiplied by the total win.”

“In Sweet Bonanza 1000, the multiplier mechanics are the same. The key difference is that multipliers can hit with random values of up to 1,000x instead of 100x! This takes the max win potential from 21,175 x bet in the original Sweet Bonanza to a mouth-watering 25,000 x bet in Sweet Bonanza 1000.”

Q: Will Pragmatic Play be expanding the 1000 series? If so, what’s next?

AI: “The 1000 series has been a huge success for Pragmatic Play, taking some of their most iconic slots and boosting win potential. There are plans to expand the range with more popular titles. Next up is Wisdom of Athena 1000, another supercharged game from Pragmatic Play’s Greek Gods series, which includes the likes of Gates of Olympus 1000 and the multi-award-winning Zeus vs Hades - Gods of War. Players can expect Wisdom of Athena 1000 to hit online casinos in the next few months.”

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