A Betting Guide To The Next James Bond

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A Betting Guide To The New James Bond

The name's Bond. James Bond. And currently that role has been played by Daniel Craig. But rumours abound that the actor has had enough of playing everybody's favourite spy and he's ready to hang up his tuxedo once and for all.
In all fairness to Craig, he doesn't seem to be the sort of actor who fully embraces the whole promotion aspect involved in making movies. So in interviews for his last outing as Bond in Spectre hew made it clear he's reluctant to make another instalment.
Tabloid rumours suggest he's been offered a staggering $150 million to make two Bond films back to back. I think that this is a remarkable sum of money to be offering an actor. Maybe it'll be as much as that taken into how the films will perform but I can't see the films makers spending that amount of money before the films have been made.
So while Craig swithers over his involvement, which man or indeed woman could step into his Crockett & Jones shoes and take over one of the most iconic roles in cinema history?
Before we look at who could play Bond, lets have a look at who already has. One thing that may be worth concentrating on is the age of the actor when their debut Bond film was released and how many Bond films they were in.
As it's a franchise it's unlikely they'll keep rebooting the films and casting a new actor. As a result they could in theory cast someone with one eye on them being in the next four/five films. And with the amount of time it takes to make a big budget film like this that could take up a considerable period of time.
Would Eon, who own the rights, look to put someone into the Bond film if they weren't sure they'd be a success in the role for a good few years to come?
Previous Bonds
Barry Neilson
Age at release 37
Amount of times he played Bond One
David Niven (Casino Royale)
Age at release 57
Amount of times he played Bond One
Sean Connery
Age at release 32
Amount of times he played Bond Seven
George Lazenby
Age at release 30
Amount of times he played Bond One
Roger Moore
Age at release 46
Amount of times he played Bond Seven
Timothy Dalton
Age at release 41
Amount of times he played Bond Two
Pierce Brosnan
Age at release 42
Amount of times he played Bond Four
Daniel Craig
Age at release 38
Amount of times he played Bond Four
Looking at the above list you can see there's been an experimental side to the films. Neilson played the spy in a TV adaption while Niven portrayed Bond in the non Eon produced version of Casino Royale.
George Lazenby was a risk that didn't quite work while the darker tone brought during Timothy Dalton's short time as Bond didn't resonate with audiences.
So lessons learned from before. Eon can and do take risks but their also looking for a bit of longevity with their selections.
Let's have a look at who has been touted for the role. And remember, it's still up in the air if Craig will star in the next one or two Bond films. If he decides not to then expect it to be a couple of years before another instalment is made and released. If he does decided to

Idris Elba (44 years old) )

It's often been suggested that Bond could do with a shake up, especially in the current climate of diversity within Hollywood. Elba would have the action chops required as the character and has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in acting today.
Imagine Bond as Luther, a rouge spy ruffling the feathers of his superiors as much as the bad guys. The only problem Elba is facing is his age. By the time he'd be making the films he could be pushing 50 as well as pushing bad guys. Will this go against him?

Tom Hardy (39 years old)

Daniel Craig gives off the air of being sullen and you could say the same thing about Hardy. He's had well documented issues in the past but is fast establishing him as an actor in demand and is one of the only men around who could both be a convincing Mad Max and Oscar nominated.
Again, age could well go against him. But like Elba he looks good for it and could be great. You just wonder if he'd be up for the whole media circus that the role would demand. Also likes to make brave career choices as well and the level of commitment that Bond demands could limit that.

Jamie Bell (30 years old)

An interesting choice. Bell's been on the go for ages since starring as Billy Elliot and has managed to star in bid budget films like King Kong alongside smaller movies like Filth.
So he's well known and could handle the demands of such a film and even if Craig was to hang about for a couple of films age wouldn't go against him. What catches the eye is that he's making another movie just now called Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool which is being produced by Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.
There's little doubt that if he's impressive in that it's going to be hard for Broccoli to ignore him. Does still look young for his age though so there may be a suspension of disbelief.

Theo James (31 years old)

The former Downton Abbey starlet is starting to make inroads in Hollywood and like Bell is the ideal age depending on what the current Bond decides.
Starred in the Young Adult Divergent films that haven't done as well as the backers would have hoped but there's no denying with his looks he'd appeal to a younger audience.

David Oyelowo (40 years old)

Already has a claim of being the first black actor to play James Bond as he has done so in an audiobook. A well regarded actor who was also the first black actor to play an English king in a major Shakespeare play.
Unless he was to get the job in the immediate future his age will go against him but he looks younger than his forty years. He's also one of the best actors of his generation who could appeal to critics and fans alike.

Jack Huston (33 years old)

A member of the famous Huston movie family, Jack's been bubbling about in the background in recent years. Ben Hur easn't the break through he would have wanted and flopped on it's recent release.
It was his role in Boardwalk Empire that established him as one to watch. He played Richard, a remorseful war veteran with a heart of gold and half his face missing. It was delivered with the type of brooding intensity that could go well when applied to Bond.

Tom Hiddleston (35 years old)

Already has something in common with Bond as both went to Eton and he won acclaim for playing a spy in BBC drama The Night Manager. Interestingly enough the director of that show Susanne Beir has also been linked with helming the next 007 adventure.
Hiddlestone is easily one of the best things in a Marvel film whenever he pops up as Loki so is no stranger to the demands of a big budget franchise movie.
So from the same stock as Bond with the action credentials to boot.

amien Lewis (45 years old)

Linked so often with the role and at one point odds on favourite, Lewis biggest opponent in the race to be Bond would be his age. By the time he'd possibly take the role he'd be closer to fifty.
It's a pity. The Homeland star would be the ideal replacement for Craig but it seems unlikely now.

Aidan Turner (33 years old)

Another actor often linked with the role, the Irishman has massive appeal.
As Poldark, he may have a problem keeping on his shirt but doesn't have an issue with wowing the audiences.
Appeared in The Hobbit triology so has worked on a set of big budget movies with all the demands they have.

James Norton (31 years old)

One of the youngest people linked with the role and one of the most unknown.
The War and Peace star was so much of a fancy for the role that he was backed down to favourite before betting was suspended. Since then there's not been any word on if he'll get the role.
Might not be as big a name as some of the others mentioned but defiantly has the looks required and doesn't mind being “objectified”. And there's brains behind the brawn as he graduated from Cambridge with a First Class Honours degree in Theology.

Tom Hughes (30 years old)

After his starring role in ITV's Victoria as Prince Albert, Hughes has put himself in contention for the role of Bond.
In acting terms he's still a relative newcomer but word on the street is that he impressed Broccoli in his role in TV drama The Game.
His inexperience may go against him.

Henry Cavill (33 years old)

Ten years ago Cavill was almost Bond, getting to the final stages of the audition process and only to be beaten by Daniel Craig for Casino Royale.
He's still in consideration, especially after his performance in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Has also appeared as Superman and could be tied to the DC movies for some considerable amount of time.
But he's expressed an interest in being considered for the role once more.

Gillian Anderson (48 years old)

Bit of a curve ball selection for an obvious reason but there's been a bit of interest in Anderson becoming the first ever female Bond.
It's unlikely to happen. There's no denying that Anderson is a fantastic actress as demonstrated in The Fall and has the action experience of her time in the X Files.
But Sony, who are behind the Bond films, have had a bad experience of reboots after the expensive all female new Ghostbusters movie flopped.

Jamie Doran (34 years old)

Anderson's co-star in The Fall is trying to make a name of himself as a serious actor while starring in the Fifty Shades movies.
He's a pretty good actor and while the Fifty Shades increases his profile it's not giving him the chance to demonstrate what he can do. Would be a great Bond but perhaps reluctant to get involved in another franchise.
There's actors such as Tom Hardy, Damien Lewis and Idris Elba who'd be ideal in the role but you can't help but feel they'd now be ruled out because of their age.
Of the remaining actors listed above I like the look of Jamie Bell. Both a well known name whose appeared in action films before and also well known to the Bond producers.


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