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Laying Horse Racing Favourites On Betfair

Published: Jan 23, 5:49pm Last Updated: Jan 17, 5:14pm nors on Strategy 14 Comments 45417 Views

This blog has been regularly updated since first published in 2012.  Favourites are created by the bookmakers based on horse racing form,  + statistics,  + expected popularity of the horse + the actual weight of money bet on the selection. If you are new to horse racing betting and need to discover the intricacies of the sport of kings please take in the betting school article on how to read horse racing form and win or how to find winners... [ Read More ]

Shots On Target Betting Odds And Statistics

Published: Jul 23, 4:54pm Last Updated: Aug 2, 10:53am Strategy 0 Comments 255 Views

The upcoming EPL season is expected to see a huge rise in the Shots on Target betting markets. Bookmakers are always searching for more opportunities to heighten our interest and attract our cash and shots on target betting is their latest incarnation. You will be able to back individual player's shots on target as well as team shots on target, such as  Chelsea 3 + Shots on target at xxx odds and Timo Werner to have 1+ shot on target... [ Read More ]

Odds Converter | Fraction to Decimal Odds & Probability

Published: Sep 6, 5:34pm Last Updated: Jul 30, 9:31am man o bong on Strategy 2 Comments 22872 Views

Odds Conversion Table This odds conversion table can work in many different ways for you when checking prices from bookmakers in the UK or making up your own prices.  Each betting market had odds and these odds convert to probability.  It is useful for both pre-match value bets and in-running bets. We know how important getting the right value is, the betting school article shows how you can become an expert in value betting. As a matter of fact one of... [ Read More ]

Betting Approach - What are the best types of bet to place on football and why ?

Published: Jul 2, 4:46pm Last Updated: Mar 9, 9:57am tbuckley on Strategy 5 Comments 63004 Views

As mentioned before in a few others blogs of this type, right now seems a very good time to take a break from focusing on betting directly and look at different aspects of punting, to understand. How we do things. What we've learned. What we do wrong. How we can improve by sharing our thoughts.  Whilst all the time considering that we need to bet cautiously, the olbg betting school has a comprehensive feature on How to gamble responsibly and... [ Read More ]

MOB's Thoughts on the Over 1.5 Markets and Short Price Betting

Published: Oct 16, 11:16am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:51pm man o bong on Strategy 0 Comments 3451 Views

With the explosion of blogs appearing on the market in the title, and similar markets and betting strategies I am jumping on the bandwagon. In this blog looking at what I feel is a better approach to trying to profit from betting on such short odds. There have been plenty of OLBG members starting "roll-up" or "acca" strategies on these prices.    I too found inspiration a couple of years ago from a blog started by MikeR24, which was rolling... [ Read More ]

How to become a Millionaire through Betting

Published: May 16, 9:21am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:39pm Micko70 on Strategy 5 Comments 23722 Views

Firstly, this blog should be read as a bit of fun, as it's highly unlikely that anybody can or will do this although some claim they have become very rich through betting, did they use this type of strategy. It's just an example of how it can be done. Yes, I know what your thinking, if it was that easy we would all be doing it, but with a lot of luck and a lot of self-discipline it is possible... [ Read More ]

How to calculate how many bets are in a full perm

Published: Aug 30, 9:45am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:39pm Micko70 on Strategy 4 Comments 37378 Views

A perm is just a combination of bets. Your stake is divided amongst a number of selections (perms).  Permutations allow you to win without all your selections winning, as opposed to an accumulator where all your selections need to win for you to collect. For example, a Trixie which is 3 doubles and a treble, if one loses you still have the double to give you a return. The placepot where you need to find 6 horses to place at... [ Read More ]

Turn £1 into £237 or more in 30 days

Published: Jan 16, 7:40pm Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:38pm Micko70 on Strategy 6 Comments 6448 Views

In October 2012 I wrote a blog about how to turn £10 into thousands in 3 months, this bet was based on backing the over 0.5 goals in a match.  Sadly since I wrote the blog the odds have changed dramatically and it's very rare to find games at odds of 1/10 anymore.    This blog is based on that but using a slightly different format. I have been steadily looking at different markets, and although nothing is guaranteed to... [ Read More ]

Keeping your own Match Ratings to Predict Results

Published: Sep 29, 12:27pm Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:38pm bobslay13 on Strategy 4 Comments 2131 Views

Keeping your own Match Ratings and using them to Predict Results I've been keeping records of my own match ratings for each Premier League game this season. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while and something I know that plenty of successful and strategic professional football bettors do.  My ‘system' is quite simple really. I give a team marks out of 10 for their match performance.  By match performance, I do not mean how good the final... [ Read More ]

The ‘Team To Score’ Acca; New Favourite Bet Type

Published: Sep 14, 7:56pm Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:37pm bobslay13 on Strategy 4 Comments 3727 Views

‘Team To Score' Multiples; My New Favourite Bet Type Over the last few weeks, I have been trialing a new, or at least new to me, betting system/strategy.  It goes like this: I choose no fewer than 8 teams to simply score a goal and put them into an accumulator. I've found it to be both great fun and also nicely profitable in the early weeks of testing, so I thought I'd share my experience on OLBG.  I'll be posting... [ Read More ]

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