Laying Horse Racing Favourites On Betfair

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When the favourite loses generally the bookmakers win and win more. The horse is the favourite because it has been supported and has received the most bets and most money placed on them. You can see by the table below the % of winning favourites throughout 2012. You can see that the winter months were better for favs than the summer, but taking the year as a whole the average was at 34.41%. 2012 FAVS December 39% November 33% October... [ Read More ]

Understanding Betting Odds to give you an advantage

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When you understand betting odds and percentages your profits will increase. By thinking of the Modus Operandi (MO) of the bookmakers and putting yourself in their shoes then you can start to see what they are up to with individual prices. The Executioner in his excellent Bookmaker Betting Percentages blog explained how each price is equal to a percentage. 4.5 or 7/2 = 22.20 % 6.0 or 5/1 = 16.67 % 9.0 or 8/1= 11.11 % The Racing Post each... [ Read More ]

5 Things you should do to avoid problems with Bookmakers

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER Winning in sports betting is already very difficult without having to deal with account problems, so you want to avoid in the first place issues with bookmakers regarding frauds, suspensions, multiple accounts, verification process, funds confiscation. These are usually issues that the inexperienced or average bettor won't think about when opening an account, but they should be always in mind of everyone betting. There are several types of bookmakers out there and just a few of... [ Read More ]

Confirmation Bias - Why You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

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People who bet on any sport, have something in common; they think they know something about the horses/football teams/greyhounds etc that the bookmakers don't and that the odds are wrong. They must think this because we know that bookmakers are not charities, and they would not knowingly set their odds in our favour. In a way this is verging on a bit arrogant, they think they know better than companies who make large amounts of profit by taking bets on... [ Read More ]

How To Become A Sports Betting Millionaire (A Low Risk Strategy)

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Do you dream of becoming a millionaire?Most punters who frequently bet on sport have this dream of becoming self made millionaires by backing their knowledge/instinct, however few achieve their dream, unless they ‘strike lucky' with a once in a lifetime low stake, high odds accumulator for which the chances of success are usually far worse than the eventual payout, which means that the vast majority of these speculative investments inevitably come to grief.Having spoken to many regular punters over the... [ Read More ]

A quick and helpful guide to home advantage statistics from a winning football tipster

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As a football tipster on OLBG I am always checking different football betting stats in European matches. The seasons are entering the final rounds and after dealing with over and unders betting in my previous blog I decided to put up an article about the significance of home advantage and how that can help with our betting. There were times when a team playing at home was significant argument to back that team no matter what position it was in.... [ Read More ]

The 1.8-2.2 Bookie Trap - Avoiding low value betting

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I have always been a big football fan and since I turned 18 i always liked to have a pop at it, never with large stakes involved as I do not have the guts to keep my cool under money pressure, but enough to keep it interesting. That said as time went by I have gotten more and more frustrated at my inability to turn what I believe is my above-average knowledge into a sustainable profit. As an outright geek... [ Read More ]

Guide to Asian Handicap Betting - Asian Handicap Lines Explained

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Readers will already be familiar with the concept of value and will recognise that there are some football games that are best left alone from a betting point of view. However, readers that are not familiar with the Asian Handicap (AH), may be ignoring certain games, where there are value bets on offer. The Asian Handicap is a way to “even up” football matches so that there are two outcomes to bet on. The OLBG betting school has great articles... [ Read More ]

Accumulator Danger

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You've got a few bets in mind and you want odds that will give you a serious return on your investment. So, why not put all the bets together in an accumulator? We'll, the odds might be multiplied into the thousands but there may be a better way to bet. When the bookies set the prices they work in the 'overround'. For example, Man United can win, lose or draw a game but the odds for those three outcomes will... [ Read More ]

Betting basics case study - Dealing with losses

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Just when we were smelling the green, just when the Liverpool blog hit 5/5, the Serie A reminded us how difficult and frustrating betting can be - Link. Lazio's goal softened the blow but defeats for Milan, Inter, Carpi and Palermo meant we are back to square one. This is a good opportunity to go through some betting basics. Let it go Although easier said than done, if you've had a bad betting week, the first thing to do is... [ Read More ]