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About the International Friendly Soccer Picks

Every year we have international friendlies, this can take place at any time of the year. The matches are used to test out formations, team selections or just to get the players to know each other better.

To see any upcoming fixtures or recent results, head over to the BBC soccer page. If there are no current friendlies see what our soccer tipsters are predicting for today's other game on the 'Soccer Picks' page.

If you want to see what our 'Best Tipsters' are picking today, these are tipsters who have made a profit over the past year then head over to the 'Best Soccer Tipsters' page.

When there are international friendlies then they will appear here once our tipsters have started to post their predictions. These could be general friendlies or friendlies in prep for the big tournaments like the Euros or World Cup.

Using International Friendly Soccer Picks

Each friendly will be listed on this page complete with international friendly soccer picks with each game.

The event information is listed, so you can see the matchup, date, and kick-off time. Then you are shown the most tipped outcome for the match.

The odds for the most tipped are also displayed as well as the number of picks for the outcome and in total on the market.

Using those we display the percentage of picks for the outcome, then using that percentage with the current odds, a 'Value Rating' is calculated. This is displayed in the form of a five-star rating.

To view any match in full, click on the match name (ie England v Scotland) and the event page will be loaded. Here you can see every market and every prediction which has been placed.

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