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US Soccer Betting Tips

Here you will find free US football tips from the knowledgeable football tipsters at OLBG on today's matches. Most popular picks, best tipsters, plus win & each way ante post predictions for season-long bets.   

OLBG has built an army of football tipsters since 2002, many are consistently profitable with their football tips.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

Which US football leagues and events do you cover tips for?

We have free US football tips covering Major League Soccer (MLS) which includes games from both the Eastern Conference and Western Conference through the regular season schedule.

We also cover the MLS Play-Offs through to the MLS Cup Final so expect to see MLS Play-Off predictions and MLS Cup Final tips too.

When there is a round of MLS fixtures, you will be able to view MLS football predictions from our knowledgeable football tipsters right here and on the dedicated MLS tips page.

If there are currently no US football selections listed then it means there are no scheduled matches so why not visit the main free 'Football Tips' page for the live football predictions from OLBG's football tipsters covering leagues around the globe?

When will you have US Football Betting tips?

We have free US football tips virtually all year round as the Major League Soccer (MLS) regular season begins around late February or March time each year and runs through to the MLS Cup Final around November or December time.

As soon as the US football match odds are available our army of football tipsters will add their football picks and game analysis which will usually be up to a week in advance of game day. 

The most popular US football predictions are highlighted for each match, these popular picks will be the most tipped selection and can be for any of the available football betting markets.

Along with the most popular picks, you will also see the selection odds, the confidence percentage which reflects the number of picks received against the total number placed on the match market and a 1 to 5 star (5 being the best) 'Value Rating' which is formulated comparing the selection odds to the theoretical probability of winning based on the number of picks received.

Best Free US Football Predictions

If you are a rookie when it comes to placing football bets then take a look at our Best Football Betting Sites Guide which contains useful football betting info and reviews to get you started plus the latest football betting offers and promos which may enhance your football betting experience.

Below are some of the most popular betting markets football tipsters like to play when making their US football predictions.

Full Time Result you are simply betting on which team will win the game. The Draw is also one of the three-way market options as bookies will pay out on a draw at Full Time, for Cup or knockout matches any overtime periods usually do not count but it is best to check with your bookie before placing your bet.

You will see the respective odds quoted for each team to win and the odds for a draw result, the three-way market odds may look something like this:

  • 4/9 (1.44 decimal) Inter Miami to Win
  • 6/1 (7.0) Orlando City to Win
  • 7/2 (4.5) Draw

 If the most tipped selection for the match is the 'Draw' @ 7/2 (4.5) and you stake £10 on a draw and the bet is successful, your payout is £45 showing a profit of £35.

 You might want to add your football picks into an acca bet, also known as an accumulator, this is a way of raising the odds for a better payout. However, all the selections in your Acca must be successful to receive any returns. For example,

MLS Acca:

  1. Los Angeles FC to win 4/9 (1.44)
  2. New York Red Bulls to win 4/6 (1.67)
  3. Atlanta United to win 10/11 (1.91)
  4. LA Galaxy to win 4/5 (1.8)

It is easier to use the decimal odds conversion for working out your potential returns, just multiply the odds of your 4 selections which in the example are (1.44*1.67*1.91*1.8) to give you an estimated odds payout of 8.27.

If you place a £10 stake on your football Acca and all four selections are successful, your payout would be approximately £83 showing a profit of around £73.

US Football Tips Today

When olbg tipsters are adding their soccer tips, in addition to the Full Time Result selections you will also see 'Both Teams To Score' (BTTS) predictions, Total Goals picks, Half Time/Full Time bets and forecasts for many other popular soccer betting markets. Here's a description of how some of those bets work:

Total Goals is a type of spread bet, the popular 'Total Goals' line used for MLS picks on OLBG is 2.5 Goals so you can either bet there will be 'Over 2.5 Goals' or 'Under 2.5 Goals' scored in total in the game. 

A '3rd goal' scored in a game is the decisive goal for wagers on Total Goals picks, Over 2.5 Goals being successful and Under 2.5 Goals resulting in a loss. Total Goals bets include both team's goal totals combined, there are alternative Goal Line markets usually available for 'Team Goals'. 

Total Goals is a popular game market for bettors as you are not reliant on a team winning and your wager could still be live right up to the final whistle. It is worth adding that bookies, in general, will offer alternative Goal Lines which can be 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc if you are looking to wager on alternative Goal Lines.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS): is a two-way option 'Yes' or 'No' wager where you are predicting 'Yes' if you think both teams will score at least one goal in the game or 'No' if you feel there will be no goals scored or only one team scoring. Again similar to the Total Goals market, you are not reliant on a team winning the game. 

With teams of equal ability you will find the bookies will price up BTTS (Y/N) odds usually around the 'Even Money' (50% chance) line, they will also factor in the team goals for and against stats and how potent an offensive strike force may square up against a good or bad defence.

Half Time/Full Time: is predicting the match outcome at 'Half Time' and the match outcome at 'Full Time' so there are three possible outcomes at Half Time and three possible outcomes at Full Time meaning nine possible permutations which are:

  • Team A (winning at Half Time) - Team A (winning at Full Time)
  • Team A - Draw
  • Team A - Team B
  • Team B - Team B
  • Team B - Draw
  • Team B - Team A
  • Draw - Draw
  • Draw - Team A
  • Draw - Team B

First Goalscorer Tips

These types of bets can be First Goal Scorer predictions and Anytime Scorer selections which focus on players' outcomes rather than team or match outcomes. Here's a description of how the bets work:

First Goal Scorer: this is the bet where a player is selected to score the first goal of the game (by either team). So it's the first goal of the game and not necessarily the 'first goal' for the team (if the opposing team has already scored). 'Own Goals' (a goal scored by the defending team in the wrong net!) do not count for First Goal Scorer bets so if the first goal of the game is an 'Own Goal' the 'First Goal Scorer' wagers roll onto the next goal scored. 

Top Goal Scorers are understandably favourites to score when it comes to pricing up the First Goal Scorer betting odds. Also, popular First Goal Scorer picks are designated penalty kick takers and Free Kick specialists who excel with dead ball situations in and around the penalty box.

Bookmakers odds compilers will be well armed with relevant goal scorer stats, in form goal scorers, team and injury news before pricing up the first goal scorer odds and generally, the popularity of the most likely goal scorers with bettors will be reflected in the odds books. You will find if the teams are evenly matched with prolific goal scorers in both camps then the most likely First Goal Scorers may be priced around the 5/1 (6.0) odds tag.

If you think the game may end in a goalless stalemate you can place a wager on the 'No Goal Scorer' option, the odds priced up by bookies are usually similar to those available for the 0-0 Correct Score option. However, it is always worth considering betting on the 'No Goal Scorer' rather than the 0-0 Correct Score because of the 'Own Goal' rule. If the game finished 1-0 and the goal scored was an 'Own Goal' then the 'No Goal Scorer' bet would be successful despite the game finishing 1-0!

Anytime Goal Scorer: The bet where you are predicting a player to score a goal 'Anytime' during the game. The odds are a fraction of those generally quoted in the First Goal Scorer betting market however there are additional benefits with Anytime Goal Scorer selections in that the wager could result in an early success if the player selected scores early in the game. Also, the wager is in play for the duration of the match as long as the player selected remains on the field of play. Popular Anytime Goal Scorer picks will be the most likely offensive strikers and midfielders, however as mentioned with the First Goal Scorer predictions the bookies will factor their popularity into the Anytime Goal Scorer odds. You can expect Anytime Goal Scorer odds around the 1/1 (2.0) or 'evens' mark and shorter for the most likely goal scorers, however, olbg tipsters may unearth some potential gems with players who focus on defence but are a threat at set pieces and may fly under the bookie's radar!

Who are the best football tipsters?

Since 2003, OLBG has built a strong team of loyal football tipsters who have stuck around over the years due to the free monthly cash prize competitions on offer here. 

With the benefit of having to hand, detailed betting stats by market category, football league stats and performance consistency over a while this helps tipsters develop a niche area in specific football betting markets and leagues. 

Many possess a wide knowledge of football leagues around the globe including the MLS so if you are looking for the answer to 'Who will win the MLS Cup ?' we have a team of soccer tipsters who share their analysis and free MLS predictions here.

To analyse the best football tipsters, click on the most popular picks above where you will be able to view all the game picks and the respective profit performance records of the tipsters.

The stats show the last 7 days' profit (current streak), the last 30 days' profit and day-to-day profit or loss in graph format, annual profit along with a quarterly performance shown in graph format which gives readers an idea of overall consistency, and the Annual Strike Rate which gives readers an indication of the type of odds a tipster will bet. 

For example, a high annual strike rate but not so high profit may indicate the tipster focuses on small and steady gains whilst a lower strike rate with a good profit figure may indicate a tipster prefers higher odd picks (favours the underdog) but may endure longer losing runs as a consequence of this strategy.

Tipsters who consistently make a profit over six months are worth close consideration when looking for football tips. Our football tipsters also provide free analysis with their soccer predictions which helps users gain a better understanding of why the selection is a good wager in the tipster's view. 

To view at a glance OLBG's best-performing football tipsters with live soccer predictions head over to the 'Best Soccer Tipsters' page.

How to place a bet using the US Football tips

To place a bet on the free US football tips tap on 'Add' to the Betslip tab next to the tip you like and the selection will be saved on your betslip, you can add as many or as few predictions to the betslip as you wish. 

If placing multiple selections you may wish to head over to our 'Accumulator Tips' page for some pre-selected accumulators using our best tipsters tips.

Alternatively, you can add your selections and when you have finished adding selections to your betslip, view the odds comparison table at the top of the screen to see which bookmaker is offering you the best odds. 

Select your preferred bookie and you will be transferred over to their site with your betslip selections already complete without the need to find and add them again, you just need to add your stake and confirm to place your bet.

This content on US football has been created and is maintained by James Banting and Andy Powell.

James Banting

James Banting

Tipster competition assistant

Through the creating and maintaining of the world football content, James has developed an in-depth understanding of the world leagues, including the MLS, J League and Brazilian Serie A.
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Andy Powell

Content editor

During the process of both creating and maintaining the content of the world football leagues, Andy has gained a profound insight into the world leagues. He has a keen eye for detail and a knack for analyzing the intricacies of the game.
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