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About Hot Tipsters

OLBGs Hot Tipsters shows you the most profitable tipsters by sport.
The tipsters highlighted have good 6 months LSP, regular profitable months and tips available to see now.
You will be able to see the tipsters strike rate and current month’s level stakes profit too.

Hot Tipsters can be listed to see the best Horse Racing Tipsters, best Football Tipsters, best Golf Tipsters,
best Tennis Tipsters, best Cricket Tipsters, best Basketball Tipsters, best Darts Tipsters and more.

  • How Should I use the OLBG Hot Tipsters Page?

    Browse the best tipsters for the sports you want to bet on and see who are the most profitable and most consistent tipsters with tips available to view now. Some users like to see tipsters with high level stakes profits, others like to see consistent monthly profits, some look for a combination. Click on the end column to view current tips and reasoning for those tips. Add tips you like to your bet slip, see the best odds and make your bets.
  • What is LSP?

    Level Stakes Profit is the theoretical profit which would have been made by placing 1 unit on each selection at the odds available. If a tipster makes a winning tip at odds of 3/1 then that will increase their LSP by 3. If they then make a losing tip, their LSP will be reduced by 1.
  • Are the profits overall or by sport?

    The profits shown are for each sport. Some tipsters may be really good at tipping on one sport but not others, so giving an overall figure wont give a fair impression of how good they are at tipping on the sport you are interested in. Why follow a tipsters Tennis tips if all their profits have come from tipping on Football?
  • What is 6M Profits?

    We look at the previous 6 months during which the tipster made tips on the sport concerned. Some sports are very seasonal with long breaks. If a tipster doesn't tip on a sport one month that month wont count. We go back 12 months to find the most recent 6 active months per sport.
  • What is Strike Rate?

    This looks at the percentage of successful tips. If a tipster has 6 winning tips from their last 10, that would be a 60% strike rate. 2 winning tips from 10, a 20% strike rate. Some tipsters regularly tip at lower odds so they would likely have a higher strike rate with lower profits on their winning tips. Other tipsters specialise in finding long odds winning bets, so they will have lower strike rates. The lower the strike rate, the longer losing runs you could expect to see. Again we look at strike rate by sport, not overall.