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Croatian Prva HNL Soccer Picks On OLBG

The Croatian Prva HNL, also known as the SuperSport Hrvatska Nogometna Liga for sponsorship reasons is the top flight of the Croatian soccer league and is one of many European leagues that OLBG experts are tipping on on a regular basis in order to win cash prizes.

The Croatian soccer picks and the expert OLBG soccer tipsters will appear on this page giving you the chance to follow their research and recommendations. 

We have a great deal of Croatian soccer League information on this page to assist you with your Prva HNL wagers.

For each of the fixtures, you'll see the kick-off time, all the markets for which we have Prva HNL betting picks, the confidence rating for any picks that are listed and also the odds for each of the outcomes or picks listed.

Croatian Prva HNL Picks - Why Follow OLBG Tipsters

The best Prva HNL picks we have at any time will appear above on this page. It's completely up to you if you want to follow individual Croatian soccer tipsters or want to follow the general consensus of our tipsters.

If you want to follow individual tipsters you can view the tipping history of each tipster making Prva HNL picks.

Find the most in-form Croatian tipsters and you can set up alerts to follow their picks ensuring you can back this Croatian First soccer League picks at the earliest opportunity each week.

Alternatively, look at the confidence rating for each pick. This considers how many top tipsters are going for and against that selection. The higher the confidence rating on a Prva HNL picks the more likely it should be to come in.

Croatia 1 HNL Statistics

To help with your Croatia 1 HNL picks and wagers the following 5-year Croatia 1 HNL statistics may come in handy.

2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Home Wins 75 (42%) 91 (51%) 73 (41%) 77 (43%) 77 (43%)
Draws 42 (23%) 43 (24%) 42 (23%) 43 (24%) 52 (29%)
Away Wins 63 (35%) 46 (26%) 65 (36%) 60 (33%) 51 (28%)
BTTS (Yes) 91 (51%) 79 (44%) 82 (46%) 98 (54%) 87 (48%)
Over 2.5 Goals 94 (52%) 83 (46%) 77 (43%) 99 (55%) 84 (47%)
Goals Per Game 2.83 2.50 2.53 2.80 2.47

Correct Scores

The top 5 most occurring Correct Scores over the past five seasons:

  • 1-1 = 103 (11% or 8/1)
  • 1-0 = 97 (11% or 8/1)
  • 0-0 = 71 (8% or 11/1)
  • 2-0 = 70 (8% or 11/1)
  • 2-1 = 69 (8% or 11/1)

Croatian Prva HNL Betting Statistics

Croatian First Soccer League was founded in 1992 and since then the most dominant force in the division has been Dinamo Zagreb. They regularly take the sole qualification spot for the Champions League that is given to the Croatian top flight. The Prva HNL champions enter the Champions League in the Second Qualifying Round.

Teams from the SuperSport Hrvatska Nogometna Liga also compete in the Croatian Soccer Cup and the winners of that competition come up against the Croatian champions the following season in the Croatian Super Cup.

Season Champions Runners-up
2022-23 Dinamo Zagreb Hajduk Split
2021–22 Dinamo Zagreb Hajduk Split
2020–21 Dinamo Zagreb Osijek
2019–20 Dinamo Zagreb Lokomotiva
2018–19 Dinamo Zagreb Rijeka
2017–18 Dinamo Zagreb Rijeka
2016–17 Rijeka Dinamo Zagreb
2015–16 Dinamo Zagreb Rijeka
2014–15 Dinamo Zagreb Rijeka
2013–14 Dinamo Zagreb Rijeka
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