Big Brother Betting Odds (How to Bet, Contestants, and History)

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Betting on Big Brother is almost as popular as watching the show and following the fate of each contestant. Sportsbooks will offer odds on the outright winner, and bettors can try to predict that outcome and others along the way.

Big Brother Betting Odds (How to Bet, Contestants, and History)

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Big Brother Betting Odds

Big Brother is a popular reality television show that follows housebound competitors trying to be the last to survive in the house without eviction. There are plenty of betting markets to choose from and some sportsbooks will offer odds, like they do on other TV and Entertainment Betting events.

This article is going to take a look at some of the most popular wagers on Big Brother Canada, as well as what you can do to ensure you understand the unique betting markets. We’ll be covering things like what you should know before betting, where you can place bets, and which betting markets are the most popular. 

Read on and learn more about Big Brother betting odds and markets.

Big Brother Season 11 Betting Odds

Betting odds for the eleventh season of big brother in Canada will appear once the contestants have been chosen and announced.

Season 11 of Big brother Canada is expected in Early Spring of 2023

What is Betting on Big Brother

Betting on Big Brother is simply a question of backing up your predictions about the show. by placing a real money wager on who you think will win or be eliminated next along with a host of other betting markets when available. 

Whether you’re predicting who the winner will be, whether they will be male or female, which contestant will get the most votes, or which contestant will be eliminated each week, you can backstop your prediction with a real money wager with an online sportsbook.

There are several ways to bet on Big brother depending on which betting site you choose

Big Brother Betting Markets 

Here we take a look at which betting markets are available for placing bets on Big Brother. 

TV Show Champion 

In this betting market, you’ll wager on who you think will win the entire season. There’s one winner at the end of every season in Big Brother, although it isn’t always the fan favorite. 

This betting market is always one of the most popular and most frequently available. The betting odds will constantly shift to reflect the new happenings in the house. If one player looks to be developing a strong strategy, you can expect the sportsbooks to show that through the odds offered to you. 

On the show, players are put up against one another in various challenges, but they also have to live with each other. That’s the best part about Big Brother! You can see how players navigate through relationships and try to make their way to the very end. 

Below is season 10 outright winner Kevin Jacobs

Kevin Jacobs Instagram

Favorite Houseguest Winner 

Canada's favourite HouseGuest was introduced in season 9 of the show, with winners being Kiefer Collison and Marty Frenette respectively. Despite being Canadas favourite houseguests, both failed to win the show outright.

Sometimes you’re going to see a houseguest who is incredibly popular but isn’t in line to win the entire thing.  The Favorite Houseguest Winner isn’t the Big Brother Champion. 

The winner of this award tends to be flamboyant and trustworthy, but the winner of Big Brother overall usually has to do something shady in the process. As such, picking who you think is going to win the whole show for this betting market may not be a smart move as it usually requires a different skill set. 

Gender of the Show’s Champion 

Think you can tell which gender is going to be the winner? This can be a mathematical bet for some, and others truly think they have intuition and can tell the future. Take note of how many men and women are competing this season.

Of course, as the candidates start to fall out of contention and a few names are left standing, the lines will also adjust. Keep an eye on the alliances that are being formed and see which you think will last to gain some key insights. 

How to Bet on Big Brother 

Sportsbooks won’t always have betting lines available, but that’s why we’re here to guide you. The only way you can bet on Big Brother is to sign up for a bookmaker that offers Big Brother betting markets. 

More and more sportsbooks across Canada are offering entertainment bets that offer bettors the chance to place wagers on television shows, award shows, and other pop culture events. Betting on Big Brother Canada would fall under that category so check the “specials” or “entertainment” tabs on your sportsbook of choice. 

Big Brother Candidates to Know

Want to gain a better insight into the most popular candidates? Big Brother is bound to have an amazing cast for next season, but let’s take a look at some names you may recognize. 

The more popular a player is, the higher the chances are of them winning. At the end of the day, Big Brother is a glorified popularity contest, and understanding that could be the key to your success. Picking from any of the candidates we talk about in the next section is a great way to ensure success while betting on Big Brother!

Kevin Martin

Kevin won Season 5 of Big Brother Canada. The final vote was 9-0 and that made Kevin the first person to sweep the final vote in Big Brother Canada history. Kevin also competed on Season 3 of Big Brother Canada. 

Kevin was the first male LBTQ+ winner of the Big Brother Canada TV show. He’s one of the most recognized faces among former Big Brother Canada winners and someone that showed great strategy while on the show. 

Kevin Jacobs

Kevin Jacobs is the most recent winner of Big Brother Canada as he was the champion of the show’s 10th season. A sales engineer from Toronto, Jacobs won by a vote of 8-2 at the conclusion of the show. 

He spent a total of 69 days in the house during season 10 on his path to victory. He is the second player named Kevin to win Big Brother Canada, alongside Kevin Martin who was discussed above. 

Jillian MacLaughlin

Jillian MacLaughlin was the first winner of Big Brother Canada as she was named champion in the first season. She won by a final vote of 4-3. This was a tight call by the final jury. She is a teacher from Nova Scotia. 

Jillian also competed on another popular reality TV show in Canada in The Amazing Race Canada. She finished second on that show, too, proving beyond any doubt that she has a very strong skill set for reality TV. 

Jillian MacLaughlin Instagram

Dane Rupert

Dane Rupert is the winner of season 7 of Big Brother Canada. He is from Kelowna, BC, and became the second person to win the show with no votes against from the final jury. No one has managed to accomplish that feat since then. 

Dane also showed up in season 10 of Big Brother Canada when he offered some helpful advice to another player. He’s a popular face among fans of Big Brother Canada and someone that you will definitely know if you’re a big fan of the show. 

Things to Consider When Betting on Big Brother

Not sure how you should be approaching your bets? While betting on entertainment markets like Big Brother Canada can seem like a crapshoot, there are trends that you can take into consideration to give yourself a stronger education on the subject matter. 

Big Brother Canada Past Winners

Take a look at past winners and see if there is any sort of trend among finalists or winners. You might notice patterns to do with gender, hometown, background, personality, or any number of other aspects. 

Season Winner Runner-up Canada's Favourite Houseguest First aired
1 Jillian MacLaughlin Gary Levy February 27, 2013
2 Jon Pardy Sabrina Abbate March 5, 2014
3 Sarah Hanlon Godfrey Mangwiza March 23, 2015
4 Nick & Phil Paquette Kelsey Faith March 2, 2016
5 Kevin Martin Karen Singbeil March 15, 2017
6 Paras Atashnak Kaela Grant March 7, 2018
7 Dane Rupert Anthony Douglas March 6, 2019
8 Cancelled Cancelled March 4, 2020
9 Tychon Carter-Newman Breydon White Kiefer Collison March 3, 2021

If there’s an obvious trend for past winners and you notice a competitor follows the same formula, go ahead and place that bet. If tall, outgoing men were constantly winning, you would probably want to toss a wager on the tallest and most social guy in the house. In reality, it’s more complicated than that, but the principle stands.

Betting Odds

The bookmakers are experts, and they make it a mission to understand the intricacies that come with Big Brother betting odds, and not giving an inch. 

It isn’t just living with the other players, it’s about building relationships and winning immunity challenges. Bookmakers will have a general idea of who has the best shot at being crowned Big Brother Champion, and they’ll offer betting lines accordingly.

If you see someone experiencing a drastic shift in the betting market, there’s likely a good reason for it. Keep an eye on how the lines move throughout the season and try to get a good price for your wagers. 


Watching how some of the competitors build relationships throughout the season is important. If they start dating somebody in the house or decide to create a truce, you can expect that individual to make it slightly further than others. 

Those who are in Big Brother and trying to play a solo game don’t last very long, as we’ve seen the same sort of situation play out in past seasons. 

With that said, there are pitfalls that come with relationship-forward strategies, so there’s no hard and fast rule on how you should react to these things. The best practice is always just to watch the show, and watch carefully!

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