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December Trainers

We draw to a close on another exciting year and currently we stand at +£43.94, proivided we don't have a disaster it should be enough for another profitable year but we'll be trying to push towards a three figure profit and with a strong set of NH trainers that isn't out of the question. 

Three return from last years blog and we have three more from the list of trainers we backed last December.  Overall the December section lost (£11.03) LSL last year but the GB NH section won +£29.36 LSP so I'm hopeful of a really good month.


National Hunt


We'll start with a blog regular who gave +£21.58 LSP last December, he's been quiet so far this year but this is the month he usually starts firing.

  • 2017    26/82    32%     +£19.13      
  • 2018    24/89    27%     +£22.06
  • 2019    24/87    28%       (£ 5.79)
  • 2020    15/74    20%      +£18.46

We made a profit of around +£10.00 in 2019 using early prices, this year we are including all his horses, we excluded his bumper runners from 2015-2020 but he's 5/11 and +£5.06 in the last two years after having an awful record prior to that.



While she wasn't in the blog last year she was on the list of trainers we were betting and despite making a small loss I made a note to consider her again this year.

  • 2018     9/53     17%     +£16.83
  • 2019    16/56    29%     +£ 4.42
  • 2020     7/55     13%      (£15.54)

So the reasons for inclusion are :-

  1. She only lost us (£4.75) using early prices last year.
  2. She had seconds at 33's, 9's and 8's at the back end of the year.
  3. She comes into the month with 4 winners from her last 8 runners including big winners at Ascot and Newbury in each of the last two weekends.
  4. She's noted for having Soft/Heavy ground performers and with worse ground on the horizon it bodes well for the stable.



Berwickshire trainer who will give us a fantastic return last year +£24.00 LSP

  • 2015     3/10     30%     (£2.51)
  • 2016     1/10     10%     (£4.00)
  • 2017     3/12     25%   +£11.75
  • 2018     5/20     25%   +£14.62
  • 2019     5/25     22%   +£11.50
  • 2020     4/20     20%    +£ 3.88

Big thing to note with this stable is GET ON EARLY!!!! we doubled the profit in 2019 from early prices and last year we bet one at 25's that returned at 17/2, we got six times the SP figures from just four winners.



Talking of shrewd trainers and getting on early, they don't come much shrewder than this North Yorkshire trainer.

  • 2018     11/43     26%     +£36.50
  • 2019       8/51     16%     +£35.38
  • 2020       5/40     13%     +£  1.55

A trainer who's strike rate would worry me less than most, we're banking on him having a big price winner this month, he managed two last year we bet at 28's (small r4) and 14's, our own profit was +£4.75, again three times better than the SP figures.  He comes with a little bit of risk but I think he's worth including.



Last up for GB is another from the list last year, not one to get mega excited about as he'll only have a handful of runners but has a habit of finding at least 1 nice winner each December.

  • 2017     1/7     14%     +£ 1.00
  • 2018     1/4     25%     +£37.00
  • 2019     3/5     60%     +£11.50
  • 2020     1/5     25%     +£17.00

Just the 20's winner "Not So Sleepy" last year, and with that winning at the weekend lets hope we haven't missed his end if year winner.  Little risk involved either way.




The all conquering Waterford trainer back from last year despite the sizeable loss.

  • 2017     9/37     24%     +£68.33
  • 2018    11/49    22%     +£46.84
  • 2019    10/49    20%     +£37.09
  • 2020     7/58     12%      (£22.88)

Our own figures were only slightly better at (£18.00) but I think it would be folly to excluded because of last year with such a fantastic record prior to that.  I also feel that with the Mullins stable being behind the eight ball this could be an advantage to one of the big three in Ireland.  I just hope his 25's hurdling winner at the weekend wasn't our winner 3 days early.




Just a couple to give us a little flat interest.



Shropshire trainer who I think has appeared once in the past.

  • 2018     5/17     29%     +£27.50
  • 2019     4/29     14%      (£10.00)
  • 2020     9/33     27%     +£37.83

A bit of a blip in 2019 but not end of the world stuff, would be a single figure loss using early prices.  He's 1/16 and (£8.00) with his 2yo's over the same period and comes into the month with a profitable October and November.



Despite being disappointing for us in November we'll give him another chance in this usually prolific period.

  • 2017     2/12     17%     +£ 1.75
  • 2018     5/17     29%     +£10.85
  • 2019     2/10     20%      (£ 2.50)
  • 2020     4/14     29%     +£21.13

I would prefer him in better form but its hard to argue with a solid set of figures like those.



 So we have 8 trainers to go to war with, as always any questions, comments or observations put below.  Good luck, lets hope we can build on what has been a solid year so far.


1st - Cracking start with our first runner of the month winning at 8's (returned 9/2) then it all went a bit flat, winning start though.     1/8     +£1.00

2nd - Poor day, Kirby had one placed at 18's and Morrison a second, no winners and Hendo's ran awful.     0/7     (£7.00)

3rd - Small winning day with winners from Williams and Hendo.     2/8     +£0.50

4th - Desperate day, only the massively impressive Constitution Hill to show from loads of runners.     1/20     (£17.50)

5th - What a difference a day makes, four winners, we got a massive price on Kilcruit's victor on the exchanges (around 18's after deductions), a little tip, if your betting win only and the fav is odds on always check the exchanges, the prices can be much bigger than the regular bookies who have to take ew into consideration when forming a book.  We followed that up with Kirby, Thompson and Hendo winners.     4/12     +£17.65

6th - It's all or nothing at the minute and today was nothing...well almost.     1/10     (£8.50)

7th - Three places was as good as it got today.     0/6     (£6.00)

8th - The rollercoaster continues, Venetia double and Hendo winner in the afternoon then winners at 9/4 and 10's for Palmer at night.     5/18     +£8.50

9th - "Big thing to note with this stable is GET ON EARLY!!!!" well I hope you took that advice, War Soldier won at 15/2 this afternoon it was 20's when I bet it this morning! another Venetia winner at 9/2 and DeBromhead won both hurdle divisions at Tramore at 13/8 and 16's.......what a day!     4/17     +£29.12

10th - Venetia hit a 7's winner at Cheltenham and a short Hendo winner means small profit.     2/9     +£0.91

11th - It looked like it was going to be another disappointing Saturday with just a short Venetia winner, Loughnane had a 2yo winner (we're on his 3yo+!) then he struck again under a cracking ride from Laura Pearson at 12's (bet at 14's)     2/13     +£5.00

12th - Blank day in terms of winners.     0/6     (£6.00)

13th - Happy Birthday to me.....small loss.     1/2     (£0.09)

14th - No winners again.     0/4     (£4.00)

15th Bad run again, just a short one today.     1/8     (£6.60)

16th - And just like that, we are back in the hole.     0/7     (£7.00)

17th - Winning day at last.     3/7     +£3.00#

18th - Four winners but not enough for a profit.     4/20     (£2.63)

19th - One winner, small loss.     1/5     (£1.25)

20th - Williams winner, tiny profit.     1/5     +£0.25

21st - Hendo winner, small profit.     1/3     +£0.50

22nd - Poor day just two odds on winners.     2/9     (£6.05)

26th - It started really well with a HDB winner (backed at 20s returned 12s), a couple of Hendo shorties then a nice Hendo winner late to give us just a small loss.     4/35     (£1.13)

27th - First winner of the day again then just the ultra impressive Shishkin, poor day though.     2/17     (£10.55)

28th - Oh dear, just what we didn't want, total blank.  Surely we can't end the year in a loss.     0/13     (£13.00)

29th - Fantastic start with a cross the card double for Hendo at 11's and 7/2 (bet at 9/2), that was closely followed by winners for Thompson and HDB, then absolutely nothing, it looked like we would end with just a 2pt win on the day and a swetty final two days with regards to ending the year in profit.  I'd forgot our runner at Wolves and it obliged at 8's (bet at 9's)     5/23     +£12.00      As we only have a maximum of 18 runners in the last 2 days that guarantees an annual profit!!!!!!!!   Fingers crossed for a nice finish to make it a worthwhile profit.

30th - Nothing in the afternoon but Palmer had a 4's winner then Loughnane had two seconds, the first beaten a neck at 18's.     1/11     (£6.00)

31st - We went out in style with our last runner winning at 17/2 add that to winners for Hendo at 7's (returned 11/4) and another Venetia winner.     3/6     +£14.13


Monthly Total

51/309     16.50%     (£10.74)


Yearly Total

514/2942     17.47%     +£33.20

Comments (3)


 Dec 1st, 2021 at 09:09

Not sure why it hasn't updated but the last three trainers are
Henry De Bromhead (Hurdlers)
David Loughnane (3yo+)
Hugo Palmer (All)


 Dec 31st, 2021 at 08:49

Well done Ritchie, you have seen another year out. A profit is not to be sniffed at. Do you have anything specific that you have learnt this year from following the trainers - Maybe only backing at 5/1 or above, or ignoring the A/W etc. I have really enjoyed following the ups and downs of the year.


 Dec 31st, 2021 at 16:45

Thanks Nigel, a really good New Years Eve means we nearly doubled our yearly profit on the last day!

Nothing springs to mind in terms of specific trainers but my change of job means I'm betting horses on the morning of the race rather than the night before, I'm wondering if I might be missing a bit of value.

I'm off for a week at the back end of January it might be helpful to go through the figures and see where I made most profits and losses, I may highlight some "leaks"

Thanks again for your continued support and the regular contributors (Nelson)
Happy New Year!

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