2022 Ayr Bronze Cup Preview, Trends & Analysis

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2022 Ayr Bronze Cup Preview

Scheduled to take place in September of each year at the Ayr racecourse is the Ayr Bronze Cup, the race acts as a consolation race for the Ayr Silver Cup which in turn is a consolation race for the Ayr Gold Cup, this race takes place on the Friday prior to those two races which take place on Saturday. This race is run over the six-furlong trip and is open to runners aged three or older, the class two race is run towards the end of the flat season.

To see which runners the OLBG racing tipsters are tipping throughout the card that includes this race, head over to the Ayr Betting Picks on the day of the race, do they agree with the runners on the trend shortlist or are they predicting other runners?

Over the last 12 renewals, it was the Shaun Harris trained Expose ridden by David Nolan who has set the fastest winning time in the Ayr Bronze Cup, the runner won the race in a time of 1:09.55 that was set when winning the race in 2014. At the other end of the scale, it was the combination of trainer Richard Fahey and jockey Oakley Brown with Lucky Lucky Man who set the slowest winning time, the race-winning time was 1:17.55 in the 2018 renewal.

These are the top three quickest run Ayr Bronze Cup over the last 12 renewals:

  • 2014 - Expose (1:09.55)
  • 2021 - Call Me Ginger (1:09.82)
  • 2019 - Music Society (1:10.47)

How competitive is the Ayr Bronze Cup market? When looking at the over-rounds for the last 12 renewals, the most competitive market was in 2021 when the race had an over-round of 128%. The race in 2013 was a race that was most in the bookie's favour with an over-round of 139%, whilst on average over the last 12 renewals of the Ayr Bronze Cup, the over-round has been 135% that means the bookie expects to pay out £100 for every £135 which is bet.

Looking at the future form, is the winner worth following next time out? From the past 12 if you had followed the winner of the Ayr Bronze Cup next time out then you would have back a total of 2 winners. Backing all 11 runners who have been out since to win at SP next time out, would have returned an LSP of +0.50. Ahead of the 2022 Ayr Bronze Cup why not head over to the racing predictions for tips on other races today.

Ayr Bronze Cup Past Ten Winners

Here are the past 10 winners of the Ayr Bronze Cup. Each row details the year of the race, the horse which won along with the age & weight of the horse. Also detailed is the stall which the horse came from and also the total number of runners in the race. The trainer of the horse at the time of winning the Ayr Bronze Cup as well as the jockey is also displayed along with the starting price the horse was sent off.

Year Horse (Drawn) Info
Call Me Ginger
5yo 9-7 (4 of 22) 4/1F
Paul Mulrennan
Jim Goldie
Roundhay Park
5yo 8-12 (21 of 23) 13/2
Faye McManoman (5lbs)
Nigel Tinkler
Music Society
4yo 9-8 (9 of 24) 20/1
Paul Mulrennan
Tim Easterby
Lucky Lucky Man
3yo 8-10 (16 of 23) 12/1
Oakley Brown (7lbs)
Richard Fahey
Classic Seniority
4yo 9-4 (5 of 24) 20/1
Daniel Tudhope
Marjorie Fife
Go Far
5yo 9-8 (13 of 25) 20/1
Martin Harley
Alan Bailey
6yo 9-8 (27 of 24) 12/1
David Nolan
Shaun Harris
5yo 8-11 (27 of 27) 14/1
Tom Eaves
Keith Dalgleish
Jack Dexter
3yo 9-8 (10 of 23) 5/1F
Graham Lee
Jim Goldie
4yo 9-6 (3 of 25) 12/1
Barry McHugh
Richard Fahey

Where have the winning runners come from?

Here are the countries where the winning trainers of the Ayr Bronze Cup have been based:

  • GB: 12 winners with an additional 36 placings from 288 runners
  • IRE: 0 winners with an additional 0 placings from 3 runners

Ayr Bronze Cup Trainer Statistics

The leading trainer in the Ayr Bronze Cup over the last 12 renewals is Richard Fahey who has won the race 3 times. Those 3 winners came from Baldemar (2009), Coolminx (2011) & Lucky Lucky Man (2018). The only other trainer to have recorded multiple wins in the Ayr Bronze Cup is Jim Goldie (2 wins). There is one trainer who has not had the best of times in the Ayr Bronze Cup, Michael Dods has sent a total of 12 runners to the race without recording any wins.

Here are some of the top Ayr Bronze Cup trainer statistics over the last 12 renewals (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Trainer R-W-P Win EW
Richard Fahey 39-3-6 +6.00 -1.81
Jim Goldie 23-2-5 -12.00 -7.42
Tim Easterby 14-1-3 +7.00 +2.57
Keith Dalgleish 10-1-1 +5.00 -0.25
Marjorie Fife 6-1-2 +15.00 +16.25
Nigel Tinkler 4-1-1 +3.50 +1.06
Richard Price 3-1-2 +9.00 +6.13
Shaun Harris 1-1-1 +12.00 +7.50
Michael Dods 12-0-3 -12.00 -6.25
David Barron 9-0-1 -9.00 -5.00

Ayr Bronze Cup Jockey Statistics

There are two leading jockeys in the Ayr Bronze Cup over the last 12 renewals with both Paul Mulrennan & Barry McHugh who have both won the race 2 times. Paul Mulrennan winners have been with Music Society (2019) & Call Me Ginger (2021). Barry McHugh winners have been with Baldemar (2009) & Coolminx (2011).

Here are some of the top Ayr Bronze Cup jockey statistics over the last 12 renewals (R = Rides, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Jockey R-W-P Win EW
Paul Mulrennan 8-2-3 +18.00 +11.00
Barry McHugh 7-2-2 +25.00 +13.75
Daniel Tudhope 10-1-3 +11.00 +9.63
Tom Eaves 10-1-3 +5.00 +5.00
Graham Lee 7-1-2 -1.00 -0.87
David Nolan 4-1-1 +9.00 +4.50
Martin Harley 2-1-1 +19.00 +11.50
Faye McManoman 2-1-1 +5.50 +3.06
Oakley Brown 1-1-1 +12.00 +7.50
David Allan 9-0-2 -9.00 -5.81

Favourites finishing positions (oldest to latest): ,6,12,2,1,22,5,5,8,22,5,15,1

The percentage shown is the percentage of the total number of runners who fell under that factor. High percentages are less appealing than lower ones as you would expect them to do well.

  • 12 / 12 (47%) - Within first 10 of market
  • 12 / 12 (49%) - No bigger than 20/1
  • 12 / 12 (68%) - Placed within last 3 starts
  • 12 / 12 (70%) - 6-14 Starts (Season)
  • 12 / 12 (72%) - 4-24 Starts (Trip)
  • 12 / 12 (72%) - 5-35 Starts (Hcps)
  • 12 / 12 (76%) - Placed within last 104 days
  • 12 / 12 (76%) - Field of 8-15 runners (Debut)
  • 12 / 12 (78%) - 7-16 Starts (1 Year)
  • 12 / 12 (79%) - 2-7 Wins (Career)
  • 12 / 12 (81%) - 4-18 Placings (Career)
  • 12 / 12 (82%) - No older than a 6yo
  • 12 / 12 (84%) - Ran within last 31 days
  • 12 / 12 (84%) - Last win was in a handicap
  • 11 / 12 (80%) - Field of 9-20 runners (LTO)

Remember to use the trends listed above along with the Ayr racing predictions to see if you can find the winner of the Ayr Bronze Cup. You may want to do your own research into the race, there are times when there are a number of runners who pass the trends so you need to do your own research to find a bet, we have a Horse Racing Form Reading Made Easy & What to Look For article to help you do just this in the OLBG Betting School section.

Are you already a member? If not, then why not! With over £6,000 given away each month in the tipster competition, why not get involved? Remember, It is completely FREE! So, head over to the registration page to sign up today! If you are already a member, then why share your thoughts on the Ayr Bronze Cup by adding a tip on the race here.

Ayr Bronze Cup Trend Analysis

The trend factor which has produced 6+ winners and shows the best LSP, an LSP of +13.00 is when runners had a best in three result of 1st. The worst performing factor which has failed to produce a single winner is when runners ran in a race worth £4,000 on debut, when backing these the trend shows a record of 0-67.

Here are the most recent winning draws along with the further placings in brackets:

  • 2021: Winner in 4 (8,13,1) [22 Runners]
  • 2020: Winner in 21 (22,4,14) [23 Runners]
  • 2019: Winner in 9 (13,7,12) [24 Runners]
  • 2018: Winner in 16 (23,25,20) [23 Runners]
  • 2016: Winner in 5 (7,8,17) [24 Runners]

The course which has produced the most winners of the Ayr Bronze Cup is York, there has been a total number of 4 winners of this race who ran at York last time out.

The race is open to both sexes with the Male runners having produced a total of 11 winners from a total of 263 runners whilst the Female runners have produced 1 winner from a total of 28 runners.

Looking over the past renewals, there is only one stallion whose offspring have produced multiple winners of the Ayr Bronze Cup, that stallion is Orientor who has produced 2 winners (2021,2012).

These are the stallions whose offspring have not produced a winner of the Ayr Bronze Cup despite multiple attempts:

  • Pivotal (0 Wins from 11 runners)
  • Pastoral Pursuits (0 Wins from 8 runners)
  • Camacho (0 Wins from 7 runners)
  • Bahamian Bounty (0 Wins from 6 runners)
  • Bertolini (0 Wins from 6 runners)
  • Invincible Spirit (0 Wins from 6 runners)
  • Kheleyf (0 Wins from 6 runners)

Looking at the winning odds over the last 12 renewals, the biggest priced winner was Go Far in 2015 when winning for Alan Bailey at odds of 20/1 under the guidance of Martin Harley. Looking at the runners at the head of the market over the last 12 renewals there has been a total of 2 winning favourites in the race. Whilst we wait for the 2022 Ayr Bronze Cup remember you can get daily racing predictions from the top racing tipsters on the best racing tipsters page.

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