Top Chef Betting Odds: Season 20

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Top Chef is a popular light entertainment show that some sportsbooks allow betting on. Here is a guide to making wagers on Top Chef.

Top Chef Betting Odds: Season 20
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Top Chef Betting Odds

Top Chef betting odds are available from a large handful of online sportsbooks. The cooking competition show is among the most popular in its category – with the show's winners being able to take home the grand prize of up to US$250,000.

While the contestants are sweating it out in the kitchen, we can relax, predict who the winners could be, and bet on the season's outcome and, in some cases, weekly eliminations.

What is Betting on Top Chef

The days of betting being reserved for sports events are over. Nowadays, most top-tier betting websites offer betting on shows like Top Chef, typically under categories like 'Entertainment' or 'Novelty'. 

Like many competition shows, Top Chef sees contestants (in this case, professional chefs) competing against each other in a variety of cooking challenges designed to place their skills to the test. If the judges like the chef’s dishes, they can advance to the next round of challenges and continue in the competition. Each week, the chefs that don’t perform as well are entered into the sudden elimination challenge, where they have to cook well or face being eliminated from the show. 

When it comes to betting, competition shows make for great betting, due to the sheer amount of different ways in which you can bet. Oddsmakers will help to provide you with betting odds before each season begins, and throughout each season as well. 

Top Chef Betting Markets

There are plenty of different ways to bet on Top Chef. Some of the most popular ones are: 

The Winner

The most obvious market for betting on Top Chef is betting on the overall winner of the entire competition. Sometimes this may be the only market available for betting on Top Chef, though sometimes other markets can become available as the season progresses. This market is the most popular market for betting on Top Chef, so you’ll be sure to find sportsbooks that offer it. 

Top Chef Winner Betting

Picking the show's winner is the most likely market you will find for making a bet and following the series. Simply predict which chef will be victorious. You can bet on the market as soon as contestants are known or week by week, and the field of contestants is narrowed by elimination.

To Make the Final Episode

Next to winning the competition, the hardest feat for a contestant to accomplish in Top Chef is making it to the show's final episode. The finale of Top Chef features the final three contestants, so by betting on this market you’re essentially betting on which contestants will make it to the final three, which is no easy feat. 

By betting on this market, you’ll have a little more security with your bets when compared to betting on the winner. 

Next Eliminated Contestant

The opposite of betting on those who win the challenges (and the contestants that you’re confident in), this betting market compels you to vote for the contestant that you do not have confidence in, as in this market you’ll be betting on which contestants will be eliminated from the show during the following week. 

Weekly Top Chef Elimination Betting

Some sportsbooks may offer an additional market to predict which contestant will be eliminated each week - Go careful; shock choices are not uncommon.

As the season continues, contestants will be eliminated with each new episode (which premieres weekly). This means this betting market will update every week. 

How to Bet on Top Chef 

Luckily for those interested in betting on Top Chef, the ever-expanding market of competition show betting means that many established betting sites are now offering sportsbooks for Top Chef. 

First, you need to pick a betting site that you prefer (and one that offers Top Chef betting). Then, pick a sportsbook that is available for your region and ensure that a recognized state gambling authority licenses it. 

Then, you’ll need to create a betting account. To do this, you’ll need to provide personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth. Following this, you’ll need to create a username and password so you can login to the account. 

Once you’ve created your account, you then must have to make a deposit into the account to begin betting. Most websites allow you to being betting with a minimum deposit of as low as $10. To fund the account, you can use many different popular payment methods, such as your credit card, or other popular payment platforms such as PayPal. 

After you’ve completed all of these steps, you’ll be ready to place your bet.

Top Chef Current Contenders

The current season of Top Chef (Top Chef: World All-Stars) is set to conclude on June 8, 2023 – with the 14th episode. During that episode, the final winner of Top Chef: World All-Stars will be crowned! 

ContestantFinishing Position

Tom Goette

Ali Al Ghzawi

Charbel Hayek

Gabriel Rodriguez

Buddha Lo

Victoire Gouloubi

Begona Bodrigo

Sara Bradley

Dale Mackay

Luciana Berry

Amar Santana

Nicole Gomes

Sylwia Stachyra

May Phattanant Thongthong

Eliminated Week 3

Dawn Burrell

Eliminated Week 2 

Samuel Albert

Eliminated Week 1

Things to Consider When Betting on Top Chef

If you’re betting on Top Chef for the first time, there’s some things you should consider before making that first bet. 

Firstly, we recommend doing some research into the backgrounds of each competitor. You should make a note of where they completed their culinary training, as well as their work resume. If they work at a high-profile restaurant, it’s typically a good sign. 

The other element to consider for each competitor is their conduct during the show. You may think this isn’t relevant for a judge-determined competition like Top Chef, but it does. Many challenges that the contestants face will include teamwork, and contestants that are difficult to deal with may struggle during these challenges. 

Gamble Responsibly

Betting on Top Chef is just like betting on Sport in that if your predictions are incorrect, you stand to lose your money. Only ever bet what you comfortably afford to lose.

Lastly, versatility is key when it comes to winning Top Chef. To be the winner of Top Chef, you must remain versatile, as the variety of challenges the contestants are up against will prove to be too  much for some. Contestants that have mastered one type of cuisine might be unable to cook things outside their comfort zones, causing them to face elimination. 

These tips and tricks will undoubtedly help you pick the right contestant to either win it all or at least make it to the final episode of the competition. Conversely, you can always think about which contestants lack versatility and have bad attitudes when trying to bet on which contestant will be eliminated next. 

Either way, Top Chef presents a wealth of opportunities to win big (if you’re smart and lucky with your bets, that is), and is quickly emerging as one of the most popular non-sports betting markets. Make sure to tune into the latest season of Top Chef (Top Chef: World All-Stars), and get in on the action as soon as possible! 

Previous Winners of Top Chef America

Here is a list of the previous 18 winners of Top Chef, and the show locations.


Season 1 – San Francisco (2006)

Harold Dieterle 

Season 2 – Los Angeles (2007)

Ilan Hall

Season 3 – Miami (2007)

Hung Hunyh

Season 4 – Chicago (2008)

Stephanie Izard

Season 5 – New York (2009)

Hosea Rosenberg

Season 6 – Las Vegas (2009)

Michael Voltaggio

Season 7 – D.C. (2010)

Kevin Sbraga

Season 8 – All-Stars (2011)

Richard Blais

Season 9 – Texas (2012)

Paul Qui

Season 10 – Seattle (2013)

Kristen Kish

Season 11 – New Orleans (2014)

Nicholas Emi

Season 12 – Boston (2015)

Mei Lin

Season 13 - California (2016)

Jeremy Ford

Season 14 – Charleston (2017)

Brooke Williamson

Season 15 - Colorado (2018)

Joe Flamm

Season 16 - Kentucky (2019)

Kelsey Barnard Clark

Season 17 – All-Stars L.A. (2020)

Melissa King

Season 18 – Portland (2021)

Gabe Erales

Season 19 – Houston (2022)

Buddha Lo

Season 20 – World All-Stars (2023)


Top Chef Betting News Diary

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22 March 2023


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