Presidential Election Betting Odds

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The next President betting odds have been released by sportsbooks ahead of the 2024 election. A host of betting markets are on offer for the US Election 2024 including who will be the Democrat and Republican nominees for both President and Vice President.

Presidential Election Betting Odds
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Next US President Betting

  • Ron De Santis the Governor Of Florida is in to at around +300, he could be the next President if the betting odds are correct.

  • Donald Trump now has a serious Republican rival, his odds are now +350 after sportsbook support for De Santis. 

  • The 2024 Presidential Election odds still indicate the Republicans are heading for a win. 

  • Joe Biden can be backed at +600 to win the White House for an unlikely second term. 

    White House

Those sportsbook odds give De Santis a 25% chance of winning the White House in January. 

Currently, President Biden is at odds of around +600 giving him a 14% chance of victory. 

One interesting fact is that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have failed to renominate an incumbent President, so if  Joe Biden chooses to run again he is likely to be taking on the Republicans.  

Next US PresidentMoneyline Betting Odds -January 2022Moneyline Betting Odds -March 2022Moneyline Betting Odds - May 2022Moneyline Betting Odds - August 2022
Donald Trump+350+300+300+350
Joe Biden+500+450+450+600
Kamala Harris+700+800+1000+1200
Ron De Santis+1100+700+550+300

Blue the odds are getting shorter - Pink the odds are getting longer.

Eary 2022 sees the Republicans as favourites to win the White House, but it's a very close call as you can see by the odds. 

US Election Winning PartyMoneyline Betting Odds -January 2022Moneyline Betting Odds -March 2022Moneyline Betting Odds - May 2022Moneyline Betting Odds - August 2022

Now you can expect huge changes in the odds as the month's progress, candidates will gain and lose momentum with every positive and negative news report. 

By taking early prices you can be sitting pretty if the candidate is heavily supported as the election draws nearer. 

US Election 2024 Nomination Contenders - Democrats

The Biden alternative for The Democrats is Kamala Harris the current VP. 

She is on offer at around +1200 (7% Chance) to win the White House outright. 

She would be the first African American nominee and if she won the first female US president.

Kamala Harris may not make the White House in 2024 but she is at very short odds to be US President before 2040.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

Democratic Nomination ContendersOdds
Joe Biden+225
Kamala Harris+300
Gavin Newsome+600
Pete Buttigieg+1200

Kamala Harris

US Election 2024 Nomination Contenders - Republicans

Donald Trump casts such a big shadow over the Republican Party that any contender would need to up their game to gain any traction with GOP voters.

His social media presence is so huge that he can get his message out quickly, this is then picked up by news agencies and he gets unrivalled coverage from the mainstream press. 

However, Ron De Santis (+300 for White House and + 200 for Nomination), looks like the main challenger to The Donald.

Ron De Santis looks like a major player in the 2024 US Election and if not President could be VP to Donald Trump.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

Other candidates quoted for the Republican nomination are former VP Mike Pence (+1200) although his profile has dimmed since he left office and he does not look to have enough support from his party or the country. 

Republican Nomination ContendersBetting Odds
Donald Trump-100
Ron De Santis+200
Mike Pence
Nikki Haley
Mike Pompeo+2500

US President Alternative Betting Markets

Online Sportsbooks are expecting another bumper US Election in light of the money they took on the 2020 US Election. 

With this in mind, you can expect 0000's of unusual proposition offers as the election draws closer. 

Alternative Bets
Donald Trump To Announce His Candidacy 
Gender Of Election Winner
Republican Dual Forecast Candidates
Will We Have A Women President?
State By State Betting
Popular Vote Winner
Democratic Dual Forecast Candidates
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez To Be VP Nominee

US Election Map

Below you can view the electoral college votes for each state and whether the state went red or blue. 


US Presidents History

US Election YearWinner
2020Joe Biden - Democrat
2016Donald Trump - Republican 
2012Barack Obama - Democrat
2008Barack Obama - Democrat
2004George W Bush - Republican
2000George W Bush - Republican
1996Bill Clinton - Democrat
1992Bill Clinton - Democrat
1988George H. W Bush - Republican
1984Ronald Reagan - Republican

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