Big 12 Championship Game Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks

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The Big 12 Championship Game sees the top two from the Big 12 Conference compete to be crowned champions, we look back at the history of the championship game.

Big 12 Championship Game Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks
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The Big 12 Championship Game

The Big 12 Championship Game is contested by the best two college football teams from the Big 12 Conference in which they play to be crowned champions.

First played in 1996 it originally involved the winners of the North Division and South Division with the South winning eleven of the fifteen games.

However, this only lasted until 2010 and we had no championship game again until 2017 when the present system was used where the teams in 1st and 2nd face each other as there was no longer a divisional split.

The championship game has been played at multiple stadiums with the following all playing hosts:

  • Trans World Dome (1996 & 98)
  • Alamodome (1997, 99 & 2007)
  • Arrowhead Stadium (2000, 03, 04, 06 & 08)
  • Texas Stadium (2001)
  • Reliant Stadium (2002 & 05)
  • AT&T Stadium (2009-10 & 2017-25)

The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas picked up the hosting duties when the championship game returned in 2017 and it is agreed it will be the host of the game until at least 2025.

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Past Big 12 Championship Game Winners (1996-2010)

Between 1996 and 2010 the Big 12 Championship Game was contested between two division winners with the champions of the South and North division facing off in the championship game.

YearNorth DivisionScoreSouth DivisionVenueAttendance
1996Nebraska27 - 37TexasTrans World Dome63,109
1997Nebraska54 - 15Texas A&MAlamodome64,824
1998Kansas State33 - 36Texas A&MTrans World Dome60,798
1999Nebraska22 - 6TexasAlamodome65,035
2000Kansas State24 - 27OklahomaArrowhead Stadium79,655
2001Colorado39 - 37TexasTexas Stadium65,675
2002Colorado7 - 29OklahomaReliant Stadium63,332
2003Kansas State35 - 7OklahomaArrowhead Stadium75,491
2004Colorado3 - 42OklahomaArrowhead Stadium62,310
2005Colorado3 - 70TexasReliant Stadium71,107
2006Nebraska7 - 21OklahomaArrowhead Stadium80,031
2007Missouri17 - 38OklahomaAlamodome62,585
2008Missouri21 - 62OklahomaArrowhead Stadium71,004
2009Nebraska12 - 13TexasCowboys Stadium76,211
2010Nebraska20 - 23OklahomaCowboys Stadium78,802

Past Big 12 Championship Game Winners (2017-present)

Since 2017 there have been no separate divisions which means the championship game is contested by the teams that finished first and second in the Big 12 Conference with all games being played at the AT&T Stadium.

Year#1 SeedScore#2 SeedAttendance
2017Oklahoma41 - 17TCU64,104
2018Oklahoma39 - 27Texas83,114
2019Oklahoma30 - 23Baylor65,191
2020Iowa State21 - 27Oklahoma18,720
2021Oklahoma State16 - 21Baylor65,771
2022TCU28 - 31Kansas State69,335
49 - 21Oklahoma State

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Most Successful in the Big 12 Championship Game

Who are the most successful team in the Big 12 Championship Game?

There has been one standout team when it comes to the Big 12 Championship Game and that is Oklahoma who has made it to a total of twelve championship games and they have gone on to win eleven of those, their only defeat came in 2003.

There are only two other teams that are still part of the Big 12 that have won multiple championships and those are Texas who have made it to seven championship games and they have a record of four wins and three defeats in those games and Kansas State whose win in 2022 added to their win way back in 2003.

Big 12 Championship Game Records

Most points scored in the Big 12 Championship Game?

In 2005 the game between Texas and Colorado saw Texas win by a score of 70-3; that is officially the most points scored by one team. The 67-point margin in that game holds the record for the largest margin of victory.

In terms of most points overall in a game that was the 2008 game which finished 62-21 between Oklahoma and Missouri for a total of 83 points.

Most total yards in the Big 12 Championship Game?

That award goes to Texas for their game against Oklahoma State in 2023 when they recorded 662 yards, 464 passing which is also the passing record, and 198 rushing yards.

As mentioned Texas holds the record for passing yards in a game but it is Nebraska who holds the record for rushing yards with 335 yards against Texas A&M in 1997.

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Big 12 Championship Player Records

Most touchdowns in the Big 12 Championship Game?

This record is shared by Ell Roberson, Baker Mayfield & Quinn Ewers who scored four touchdowns each, Roberson in 2003, Mayfield in the 2017 game, and Ewers in the 2023 game.

It was passing touchdowns for all three of those guys, in 2008, Mossis Madu equaled the record for rushing touchdowns when scoring three in 2008, there are now seven players who share that record.

Most player yards in the Big 12 Championship Game?

In terms of all-purpose yards, it was the game in 1998 between Kansas State and Texas A&M which saw Michael Bishop who is touted as being the Greatest College Quarterback Of All-Time set the record with a total of 442 yards.

Rushing yards go to Darren Sproles with 235 yards set in 2003, Passing yards are now held by Quinn Ewers after setting 452 yards in 2023, and receiving yards at 177 yards set by Collin Johnson in 2018.

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