The Bachelorette Betting Odds And Guide

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The Bachelorette reality TV series will be back for a new season. There will be an excited new girl looking to receive a proposal from her chosen man. Bachelorette odds will be available from the best betting sites.

The Bachelorette Betting Odds And Guide
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Bachelorette Series 19

  • The Bachelorette will start on Monday 11th July 2022 on ABC.
  • Quite often the Bachelorette will have been a contestant on the Bachelor.
  • The Rose Ceremony removes a contestant until there are only two left.  
  • One of the final two suitors proposes to the Bachelorette, this can be accepted or declined. 
  • The show debuted in 2002 with the Bachelorette Trista Rehn proposing to Ryan Sutter, the couple is still together. 
  • Every one of the 19 Bachelorettes has had a proposal from the boy they selected. 
  • In total 5 of the couples are still together. (Season 1, 9,12,13,18) with 4 of them married.  

Bachelorette x 2

This series will feature two Bachelorettes in the shape of Rachel Recchia & Gabby Windey.

Bachelorette Logo

All is fair in love and war

Will the two Bachelorette girls remain friends, as they battle for their man?

What is Bachelorette Betting?

The Bachelorette Winner

The way the programme is edited can have an effect on which of the guys feature the most. 

If a guy is seen as a trouble maker or a jack the lad type the odds will fluctuate wildly. 

The odds compilers at the best betting sites like us will be watching the series, and it may be a race to take the best odds, remember to shop around for the keenest of prices in your state.

Always watch the Bachelorette previews to see which guys have an interesting back story, and those that feature heavily in the promos, they could do well.  

The Bachelorette

Weekly Elimination

If the Bachelorette does not give a rose to a specific guy at the end of each programme, that guy will be going home. 

Guys that have gone under the radar and you have not seen much of them are always vulnerable to not receiving a rose.

Proposition Bets

The sportsbooks and ourselves love these proposition bets as they will not be related to the final outcome, and gives us an instant interest. 

You may see:

  • Will the Bachelorette reject the proposal

  • Which State will the winner come from?

  • Will a wedding take place in 2023?


Familiar Faces

Viewers will recognise Bachelorettes Rachel and Gabby as they were runners-up in season 26 of The Bachelor.

How To Bet On The Bachelorette

Legal Sportsbooks

Always use a legal sports betting book when placing a wager.

On OLBG we only feature legal sportsbooks so please check those out for your state. 

The OLBG index of states should be your first port of call. 

Placing a Bet

Once you have the bookmaker page open scroll down the index to Entertainment or it could be under Reality TV.

Click The Batchelorette and a list of markets will appear.

Make a selection and then decide how much you wish to wager.

Confirm your bet, it will then show in your betting history.

Then wait to watch the final show and see who the Bachelorette chooses. 

The Bachelorette Winners History

Season Year Bachelorette Season Winner
18 2021 Michelle Young Nayte Olukoya
17 2021 Katie Thurston Blake Moynes
16 2020 Clare Crawley Dale Moss
16 2020 Tayshia Adams Zac Clark
15 2019 Hannah Brown Jed Wyatt
14 2018 Becca Kufrin Garrett Yrigoyen
13 2017 Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo
12 2016 JoJo Fletcher Jordan Rodgers
11 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Shawn Booth
10 2014 Andi Dorfman Josh Murray
9 2013 Desiree Hartsock Chris Siegfried
8 2012 Emily Maynard Jef Holm
7 2011 Ashley Hebert J.P. Rosenbaum
6 2010 Ali Fedotowsky Roberto Martinez
5 2009 Jillian Harris Ed Swiderski
4 2008 DeAnna Pappas Jesse Csincsak
3 2005 Jen Schefft Jerry Ferris
2 2004 Meredith Phillips Ian Mckee
1 2003 Trista Rehn Ryan Sutter

Trista+Ryan The Bachelorette Trista+Ryan -The Bachelorette Season 1


The Bachelor Betting Odds History & Contenders

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