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Fontwell picks on horses running at the races today. Check out the most popular Fontwell picks below or see what the most popular handicappers are predicting will win at Fontwell Races today. For today's racing picks from all tracks please head to the main page for horse racing picks.

  • Fontwell Racetrack Guide

    Type of Racing: National Hunt Only.

    Highlights: The National Spirit Hurdle used to be a Champion Hurdle trial over 18f but has since increased the distance to 20f and become a handicap. The Grade 2 National Spirit is regarded more like a World Hurdle trial.

    * All statistics below are based on the previous five years at Fontwell

    Fontwell Outright Favourite Statistics

    • Handicap Chases: 72-207 (35%) -12.22
    • Handicap Hurdles: 66-210 (31%) -19.52
    • Non-Handicap Chases: 38-62 (61%) +2.00
    • Non-Handicap Hurdles: 64-136 (47%) -24.40
  • Fontwell Racecourse Map

    Although Fontwell is classed as a left-handed track, the chase track is actually a figure-of-eight on the inside of the oval hurdles track. It is situated a few miles south-east from Goodwood, close to Chichester, and due north of Bognor Regis.

    Racetrack Address: Arundel Road, Fontwell, Arundel, BN18 0SY

    Racetrack Telephone Number: 01243 543335

    Fontwell National Hunt Racecourse Map
    Fontwell National Hunt Racecourse Map
  • How to get the best Fontwell picks

    Fontwell's chase track is a unique figure of eight configurations and is very much a 'horses for courses' track so paying close attention to local trainers is a good move as their runner's race regularly here and many develop a strong track suitability trend. 

    Sussex trainer Gary Moore has more runners at the track than any other operation and will often have multiple entries, the second string and less fancied should not be ignored.

    Many front-runners look like being hauled in but can be difficult to catch, more hold on than may be expected.

    On soft or heavy going particularly over hurdles, the better ground can often be found by steering a wide track. 

    Also worth noting, tired horses on the hurdles run-in can be distracted by the paddock entrance as they approach the finish.

    Fontwell is a specialist track so it's worth checking out the picks from OLBG's best horse racing tipsters.

  • Fontwell Jockey & Trainer Statistics

    Who are the best national hunt jockeys and trainers to bet on at Fontwell?

    Whilst G L Moore the most successful trainer at Fontwell with a total of sixty-nine winners, if you backed all of their runners you would be showing a loss. N P Mulholland is the most successful trainer at Fontwell for those who show a profit if backing all their runners thanks to a total of forty winners and an LSP of +39.30. When looking at trainers and looking for some eachway value at Fontwell then the trainer who shows the best eachway profit is Mark Gillard, that LSP is +39.68 which has been accumulated by a total of six placings which includes two winners. At the other end of the spectrum is J W Mullins who has a terrible record at Fontwell, of all the trainers their LSP of -57.09 is the worse, they have a 10% strike rate with sixteen winners from one hundred fifty-nine runners.

    Focusing only on jockeys who show a profit when backing all of their rides, top of the pile at Fontwell for the number of winners is Jamie Moore who has produced a total of forty-five winners in return of an LSP of +30.70. With an eachway LSP of +23.98 at Fontwell, Mr J Banks leads the jockeys in profit for backing eachway which has been helped by their six placings which include a total of two winners. A total of seven winners from one hundred forty-nine rides at Fontwell has Marc Goldstein at the wrong end of the jockeys' list with their 5% strike rate and worst LSP of -80.50.

    Fontwell Picks & Hints

    Here are some factors at Fontwell for certain trainers or jockeys which have been profitable:

    • 11-22 (50%) +40.07 - Backing G L Moore runners when in a Hurdle race
    • 7-14 (50%) +36.75 - Backing Richard Johnson rides when on horses aged 7yo
    • 11-19 (58%) +34.98 - Backing G L Moore runners when horses are aged 3yo
    • 10-17 (59%) +34.48 - Backing Jamie Moore rides when on horses aged 3yo
    • 9-16 (56%) +33.57 - Backing Jamie Moore rides when in a Hurdle race

    Fontwell Top Jockey and Trainer Combinations

    Here are the best trainer and jockey combinations here at Fontwell based on the number of winners:

    • 36 Wins: G L Moore & Jamie Moore
    • 25 Wins: G L Moore & Joshua Moore
    • 21 Wins: C Gordon & Tom J Cannon
    • 16 Wins: P J Hobbs & Richard Johnson
    • 14 Wins: Daniel Skelton & Harry Skelton

    Fontwell Top Trainers By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

    Trainer R-W-P Win EW
    N P Mulholland 203-40-76 +39.30 -11.90
    P F Nicholls 97-39-57 +14.42 +7.91
    A J Honeyball 79-27-44 +26.10 +13.81
    A King 56-15-28 +6.32 -1.92
    J Scott 58-12-24 +9.57 +1.22
    W J Greatrex 41-10-13 +38.78 +16.77
    Hill,Mrs Lawney 40-9-15 +3.93 -2.38
    C J Mann 49-8-16 +0.75 -5.92
    Miss Z C Davison 40-6-10 +56.12 +36.75
    Fergal O'Brien 25-6-12 +12.58 +6.01

    Fontwell Top Jockeys By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

    Jockey R-W-P Win EW
    Jamie Moore 221-45-78 +30.70 +9.82
    Richard Johnson 125-36-61 +45.74 +15.68
    Joshua Moore 168-29-67 +45.24 +18.94
    A Coleman 92-26-50 +20.24 +7.42
    P J Brennan 56-14-30 +28.58 +16.59
    Brendan Powell 100-12-24 +42.48 +10.81
    James C Bowen 40-10-16 +10.48 +5.15
    K K Woods 36-6-13 +0.73 -3.59
    Lorcan Williams 13-6-10 +7.02 +2.67
    Jack Quinlan 40-5-9 +16.43 +4.22

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