The Great Canadian Baking Show Betting Odds and History

The Great Canadian Baking Show Betting Odds and History

Baking is one of the most relaxing past times that Canadians love to take part in, and that’s why The Great Canadian Baking Show is so popular. Millions of people tune in to catch the new episode every week, but how is one supposed to scratch that gambling itch while the cookies cool off?

This post is going to cover the most popular betting odds available for The Great Canadian Baking Show, as well as help you identify betting sites that offer lines. It can be tricky to find them, but we’re here to help!

  • The current Show premiers on October 2nd 2022

What is Betting on The Great Canadian Baking Show

Betting on baking contests isn’t exactly popular, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. You’ve likely wanted to bet on this show for the past few seasons, but simply couldn’t find a bookmaker that offered these lines. If that’s the case, you’re in the right spot – we provide you with the odds and websites you need to bet on The Great Canadian Baking Show easily. 

There are a total of 10 different contestants on this year's show, as usual, with each one offering up a specialized set of skills. Some of them look like a traditional bakers, while others are muscled up from years of being a personal trainer. 

For the most part, you’ll be betting on who wins or who ends up in the finals. Being a finalist in this show is respectable in its own right, and it gives you a chance at making more than one bet (if you want) and still ending up in the green! 

The Great Canadian Baking Show Betting Markets

If you’ve ever made a sports bet in the past, you’ll already understand how this whole process works. Much like you would bet on sports props (like how many touchdowns are scored, or who wins the game), you can also place bets on The Great Canadian Baking Show. 

That’s right, you don’t just have to sit there in silence while your significant other watches it anymore; you can place a bet and create a bit of action for yourself! This can help casual and serious fans of the show get a little more excitement from watching The Great Canadian Baking Show. 

The Great Canadian Baking Show Champion 

Whoever wins the entire competition is crowned as “The Great Canadian Baking Show Champion”. It comes with a nice cash prize and the honour of representing the show wherever you go. Some of the past winners have gone on to release successful recipe books or even start their own online baking shows! It’s always fun to see what creations they can come up with, and you can sort of tell who’s in the running for Champion from the start.

The odds being offered will vary, but this market is where you bet on the outright winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show (aka the Champion). It’s that simple – if you pick a person and they win at the end of season , your bet is a confirmed winner as well!

The Great Canadian Baking Show Finalists

Some of the competitors you see on the show are going to fall short of winning, but you can still bet on them to make it into the finals. Being a finalist on The Great Canadian Baking Show is an achievement in itself, which is why bookmakers will often offer betting lines for getting there as well. It isn’t just about winning the whole competition, although the odds you get for choosing a Champion will be much higher compared to the ones for Finalists. 

Betting on a finalist is essentially getting one out of three contestants right while choosing a Champion only gives you one shot. If you prefer bets that give you a higher chance of winning, going with a Finalist could be for you.

How to Bet on The Great Canadian Baking Show

Finding sportsbooks or bookmakers that offer betting lines for The Great Canadian Baking Show can be difficult. You’ll have to do a bit of research, but there’s bound to be somewhere on the web that will happily take your bet. 

The Great Canadian Baking Show Candidates to Know 

Ten people in total are competing amongst each other for the title of Champion, and that’s what makes The Great Canadian Baking Show so interesting. A person will get removed from the equation each episode until we’re left with the Finalists.

We’re going to take a look at 4 of the most popular candidates on the show at the moment, and see what makes them tick. You may learn something that helps you make the right bet, or avoid one of the contestants entirely. Just remember – it’s gambling, and at the end of the day anything can happen. 

Candidate #1 - Andre Hayde

Photo Credit

Andre Hayde is a 46-year-old personal trainer from Ottawa, ON. He doubles as an ESL teacher in his spare time, and despite the fact that he’s muscled up, he happens to love baking. Sweets are his thing, and although he prefers to cook things that are playful and different to his demeanor, he plans on staying competitive in The Great Canadian Baking Show. While others may overlook him due to his physique, Andre already knows that his massive collection of cookbooks and love for baking will help him take it all home. 

It won’t be easy though! Thankfully, Andre is used to fighting through tough times – he used to be a bodybuilder and knows what it takes to push your body to the edge. He’s more than willing to give it his all, and we can’t wait to see what he does this season. 

Candidate #2 - Chi Nguyen

Photo Credit: CBC

Chi Nguyen is a colourful and flamboyant figure from Toronto, ON. She was raised in Germany until about 13-years old and is currently the C.O.O. of a cellular technology company. That’s right, even though she’s a big part of a massive organization, she can’t help but bake sweets in her free time. She started off watching cooking shows to learn English more easily, as well as help her understand how to bake for her friends and classmates.

Nowadays, she only bakes when there’s time in her schedule, and she uses it as a way to meditate. When you’re busy running a major portion of any corporation, you’re bound to be tired at one point. Despite all of this, Chi is still one of the top contenders for The Great Canadian Baking Show and plans on showing everybody just how skilled she can be in season 6. 

Candidate #3 - Jomar Manzano


Jomar spent the majority of his childhood and young adulthood in Winnipeg before moving to Toronto for work. He works alongside his husband and found his Toronto roots while singing in the Toronto Gay Men’s Chorus. Treating them like family, Jomar always lets the members of their chorus try out his delicious treats. He’s a structural engineer by trade and feels an abundance of pressure to perform on the show, as he’s one of the only gay representatives this season.

As such, he might crumble under the pressure, but the only thing we can do for now is to wait and see. If you think he’s going to prosper, you’ll probably find some of the highest odds amongst the top contenders. Then again, beginner's luck is a real thing, and we’re sure plenty of you are confident that Jomar will take home the title. 

Candidate #4 - Kristi Carey 


Kristi is one of the younger contestants on the show this year at 29 years of age. She’s a grant and proposal writer hailing from Toronto, ON, and she’s also representing the US (as she grew up in the states). She came over to Canada for graduate school in 2015 and met her wife (Abha), and decided to stay for good. Kristi is a fan of approaching tasks head-on, which can be a good thing for this competition; alternatively, it could prevent her from progressing far if implemented poorly.

When you don’t want to take advice from the experts on the panel (which we’ve seen on these types of shows in the past), you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot. If Kristi is one of those people who just can’t take any suggestions and always does things her way, she may end up on the wrong side of the door by the 2nd episode. If she’s willing to adapt and relax though, we’re sure that she can make a deep run and eventually end up a Finalist in The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Things to Consider When Betting on The Great Canadian Baking Show

Closing your eyes and blindly betting doesn’t sound ideal, does it? It helps to know why you’re making a bet before putting the money down, especially if you plan on betting a decent amount of cash. The thrill of winning tons of money by simply watching The Great Canadian Baking Show is enticing, so do some research and make the picks you feel will excel. 

Baking Experience

An older contestant will likely have much more experience when compared to their younger competitors. This isn’t always a good thing, especially in sports, but we’re talking about baking here. Baking experience is an important factor in this competition and will help certain contestants fight through tough times and come out on top. Some people aren’t used to being on camera while baking, and that could also impact how they perform.

An experienced baker will be calm the entire time because it comes down to science. We aren’t baking experts by any means, but people love baking due to the specific measurements that give a guaranteed result. They’ll know what to bake, how to bake, and exactly how long it needs to finish. They also won’t serve any undercooked goods and will likely offer some of the most unique sweets that you see on the show! 


Fans of The Great Canadian Baking Show are loud, to say the least. They’ll let it be known when they aren’t happy with the result of a season, and it’s happened in the past. Television shows are meant to keep us entertained, so don’t be surprised if there’s a fan favourite that they let slip through the cracks. This doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to win, but it could be a way to earn a decent profit by betting on potential Finalists. 

Look at Twitter and see what people are saying, and use your own experience to figure out who the most popular contestant seems to be. Whether you identify with them or they’re just great bakers, there’s always one or two people that seem to draw the fans in.

What Do the Odds Say?

The odds are always going to be telling, so you should be taking them at face value. If one of the contestants is a massive underdog and being offered at +1500, the odds of them winning are slim to none. It’s always possible, but this isn’t sports where variables and randomness can come into play. At the end of the day, this is a television show and there are probably going to be some scripted moments.

If you feel like the favourite is a clear-cut winner early on, you’ll want to make a bet before the odds shift even further in their favour. The longer you wait, the less money you’ll make when they win the whole competition. 

The Great Canadian Baking Show Previous Winners

Here are the previous winners of The Great Canadian baking show for each season up to now. 

Season Finale Winner
1 December 20, 2017 Sabrina Degni
2 November 17, 2018 Andrei Godoroja
3 November 6, 2019 Nataliia Shevchenko
4 April 4, 2021 Raufikat Oyawoye
5 December 5, 2021 Vincent Chan

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Great Canadian Baking Show FAQs

  • Is There a New great Canadian Baking Show?

    The 6th season of the Great Canadian Show premiered on October 2nd 2022 with a new recipe of amateur bakers aiming to bake their way to the final and the trophy

  • Who won the 2021 Great Canadian Baking Show?

    There were two seasons of the Great Canadian baking show in 2021 meaning there were two winners. The April season saw Raufikat Oyawoye take the tiel, whilst season 5 airing in December saw Vincent Chan crowned the top baker.

  • What do the Winners of the Great Canadian Baking Show receive?

    The prize for winning the Great Canadian baking show amounts to a bunch of flowers and a cake stand. Yes, for all that effort, there is NO secret stash of cash, just flowers and cake stand to take home as well as the honor of being Canada top TV baker until the next season starts

  • What are the chances of getting on The Great Canadian Baking Show?

    The raw probability of applying for and appearing on the Great Canadian baking show is around 0.5% - This figure is arrived at there being around 2000 applications each year, from which ten contestants are chosen through a range of methods including video baking interviews. That's 200/1 in fractional odds, 201 in decimal, or +20000 in Vegas Odds!

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