US President and US Vice President Betting Markets And Odds

There are now so many US President betting markets for 2024 that they needed their own political betting blog. As the US election draws closer more and more sportsbooks and individual bookmakers will be updating their Party, Presidential, and Vice President odds, in what could become the biggest political betting event of all time.

US President and US Vice President Betting Markets And Odds
US President and US Vice President Betting Markets And Odds

US President Latest Headlines

  • Joe Biden is now 13/2 and has drifted alarmingly in the next US President betting, analysts are questioning his performance as Commander In Chief.

  • The Republicans have Donald Trump and Ron De Santis vying to be the GOP nominee, both can be backed at 100/30 to win the White House.

  • The Republicans are favourites with all the best betting sites at around 8/11, the Democrats are around 5/4. 

If you love your country you have no choice.

Donald Trump In response to a GB News question on re-entering mainstream politics. He is now just 11/10 to be the Republican nominee.

US Voting 2024

The US is a very polarised society right now, they were not able to elect a female President when there was a wider consensus. I doubt a female President is going to happen soon.

OLBG Tipster: Tigerled

US Election 2024 Betting News

Even this far out the online bookmakers have a huge range of US Election 2024 odds. 

The 2020 US Election saw record amounts wagered with sportsbooks and betting exchanges and by the look of these early prices the bookies and exchanges are very well prepared for 2024. 

Now 2020 may have been so busy because one of the candidates was never off our TV screens or social media channels. 

However, that candidate Donald Trump looks like being back for 2024, he has cryptically hinted that he may run, and the bookies have him at 1/1 (even money) to be the Republican nominee, even if he decides to concentrate on his businesses you can rest assured that he will still play a huge role in the 2024 US Election. 

We also have the possibility that we will see the first-ever female US President, that possibility is sure to enthral some and alienate others. 

Joe Biden may still be a major player in 2024, it may well depend on how his first term is viewed by both the public and his own party, however, he will be 82 come November 2024 and he may not want to run again or be persuaded not to run again.  

By being politically well informed you as an individual can make better betting decisions.

You can see by the odds where there is value and also where the sportsbooks have poor US Presidential prices. 

By betting so far out you have the opportunity to scoop up some real big US Election odds, many of which will be way shorter come November 2024. 

Please keep checking back as we expect more markets to be added in the coming months + plenty of price changes.  

White House USA

We have added when available online sportsbook odds + betting exchange markets + spread betting prices. 

At the bottom of the page, there are links to a range of helpful betting articles on the different choices available to you. 

You can then compare and contrast as too which offers the best for your bet. 

We shall start off with the next President Of The USA odds.  

US Election 2024 - Winning Candidate

Ron De Santis has been backed with Trump not having decided yet to run.

On the reverse Kamala Harris has been very weak, she has not yet resonated with the American public. 

Candidate Best Sportsbook Odds Betting Exchange Odds
Donald Trump
100/30 4.8
Ron De Santis
100/30 4.3
Joe Biden 13/2 8.2
Kamala Harris 14/1 18.5
Mike Pence 16/1 28.0

Odds Correct  August 2022

The Governor of Florida Ron De Santis looks like the only serious Republican alternative to Donald Trump at the time of writing.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert

US Election 2024 - Winning Party

Political Party Best Sportsbook Odds Betting Exchange
8/11 (favs) 1.78(favs)
Democrat 5/4  2.42
Independent 25/1 27.00

Odds Correct August 2022

With such close betting, the choice of Presidential candidates for both parties may be the deciding factor in 2024.

US Election 2024 - Party Of Popular Vote Winner

Political Party Sportsbook Odds Betting Exchange
Democratic 1/5 1.25
Republican 100/30 5.1
Any Other 18/1 50.0

You can win the popular vote but lose the election. In 2016 Hilary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert

US Election 2024 - Popular Vote Winner

Candidate Betting Exchange
Joe Biden 5.6
Kamala Harris 7.8
Donald Trump 8.8
Ron De Santis 9.0

Odds Updated  August 2022

President Biden

US Election 2024 - Democratic/Republican Presidential Nominees

Political Party Nominees Exchange Odds
Harris/De Santis
Harris/Trump 9.2
Biden/De Santis 13.0
Biden/Haley 14.5

A very open market that is available on betting exchanges, will the Democrats be under pressure to choose Kamala Harris? Will the Republicans discover a new candidate?

US Election 2024 -Democratic Presidential Nominees

Democratic Nominees Sportsbook Odds Exchange Odds
Joe Biden 9/4 3.75
Kamala Harris 4/1 6.0
Gavin Newsome 7/1 7.6
Pete Buttigieg 8/1 11.5

Odds Correct August 2022

US Election 2024 - Republican Nominees

Republican Nominees Sportsbook Odds Exchange Odds
Donald Trump 1/1 2.2
Ron De Santis 15/8 3.1
Mike Pence
12/1 16.0
Nikki Haley 18/1 28.0
Mike Pompeo 28/1 40.0
Ted Cruz 40/1 65.0

Odds Correct as of August 2022

Republican Vice President Nominees

Republican Vice President Possibles Current Position Betting Exchange
Ron De Santis
Governor Of Florida
Nikki Haley
Former US Ambassador
Mike Pompeo
Former Secretary Of State
Mike Pence
Vice President Under Donald Trump

US Politics Proposition Bets

Proposition Bets Yes No 
Joe Biden To Serve Full-term  1.42 3.25
Will Donald Trump Run In 2024 1.2 3.8

The full term market has been live right from the start of Joe Biden's Presidency. As you can see by the odds the bookies think he could leave before he needs to.

You can get odds around 15/8 that Donald Trump WILL NOT RUN for the Presidency in 2024.

Betting Options

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to where we place our bets. 

Luckily on our team of experienced bettors has produced a range of articles on the:

Best Betting Sites

Understanding Bookmakers

Betting Exchange Advice

Spread Betting

US Presidential Odds Betting Exchange Timeline

The beauty of these long term markets is that if the odds go in your favour you can be in profit ahead of the US Election by trading candidates on a betting exchange. 

E.G: Let us say you backed Donald Trump at the December 2021 Back price of 4.6 if he was to confirm his candidacy and started receiving support his Lay odds MAY shorten to say 4.0.

You having backed him at 4.6 can now lay Donald Trump (bet against him) at the shorter 4.0 price, giving you a free bet on the former President. 

Obviously, if the price goes against you then you will not be able to come out with a profit - you can read more about betting exchange trading in this OLBG School article

Remember Blue means the candidate is shortening in the betting, and Pink means the candidate is getting bigger in the betting. 

We shall follow the odds until the US Election. 

US Presidential Candidate Exchange Back Odds - Dec 2021 Exchange Lay Odds - Dec 2021 Exchange Back Odds - Feb 11th 2022
Exchange Lay Odds - Feb 11th 2022
Exchange Back Odds - March 17th 2022
Exchange Lay Odds - March 17th 2022
Exchange Back Odds - June 27th 2022
Exchange Lay Odds -
June 27th 2022
Exchange Back Odds August 8th 2022 Exchange Lay Odds August 8th 2022
Donald Trump 4.6 4.7 4.7 4.8 4.8 4.9 4.6 4.7 4.6 4.7
Joe Biden 5.9 6.0 6.6 6.8 6.6 6.8 6.8 7.2 8.2 8.4
Kamala Harris 9.4 9.8 12.0 12.5 13 13.5 17.0 17.5 19 19.5
Ron De Santis 10.0 10.5 8.6 8.8 7.6 8.0 4.6 4.8 4.3 4.4

Ron De Santis The Governor of Florida

This candidate looks like the only Republican alternative to Trump. As of summer 2022 his campaign seems to be gearing up.

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