Tiverton and Honiton By Election Betting Odds And History.

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The Tiverton and Honiton By-Election odds indicate a two-way battle between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives with the Liberals favoured. The Conservatives won in 2019 with over 60% of the vote and it was considered a very safe seat for the Tories.

Tiverton and Honiton By Election Betting Odds And History.
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Tiverton and Honiton Betting Odds

The By-Election has come about due to the House Of Commons reading habits of the former MP Neil Parish, his x rated mobile phone choices were reported by a fellow Tory and he resigned. 

Neil Parish MP

This safe Tory seat now looks like it could turn orange with the Liberal Democrats odds on to take the seat - (June 2022).  

Those current odds mean that according to the bookmakers they have a better than 50% chance of winning the seat. 

If the Labour Party decided to step aside or not campaign heavily that would make the Liberal Democrat's task even easier

Seeing that in the 2019 election they only won around 15% of the vote, this is a remarkable turnaround. 

If the Conservatives do lose in their heartland then there may be further calls for a change of leadership, Boris Johnson could be in trouble this summer and his exit betting odds may well plummet.  

Boris Johnson

Tiverton And Honiton Betting Odds

The best betting sites have published their odds on the By-Election, each set of odds equates to a percentage chance. 

Political Party Tiverton And Honiton Bookmaker Odds
Percentage Chance
Liberal Democrats 2/7 77%
Conservative 11/4 26%
Labour Party 150/1 0.66%
Green Party 250/1 0.4%

Leading Betting Exchange Smarkets offers the opportunity to place a double By-Election bet on both Wakefield and Tiverton & Honiton

Political Party Double  By Election Double Odds
LD's win Tiverton & Lab Win Wakefield 1.28
Cons win Tiverton & Lab win Wakefield
Cons win Tiverton & Cons win Wakefield
LDs win Tiverton & Cons win Wakefield

General Election Results

The last 3 elections have seen the Tories secure over 50% of Tiverton &  Honiton votes. 

2019 General Election Votes Cast Percentage
Conservative 35,893 60.2%
Labour 11,654 19.5%
Liberal Democrats 8,807 14.8%
Green 2,291 3.8%
UKIP 968 1.6%

2017 General Election Votes Cast Percentage
Conservative 35,471 61.4%
Labour 15,670 27.1%
Liberal Democrats 4,639 8%
Green 2,035 3.5%

2015 General Election Votes Cast Percentage
Conservative 29,030 54%
UKIP 8,857 16.5%
Labour 6,835 12.7%
Liberal Democrats 5,626 10.5%
Green 3,415 6.4%

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