Next Everton Manger Betting Odds

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This article provides information on Everton new manager odds and which bookmakers are offering betting on the next manager at Goodison Park; details on all of The Toffees previous managers throughout history and potential Everton Managers in the future.

Next Everton Manger Betting Odds
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Current Everton Manager

Manager Appointment Date To Days in Charge
Sean Dyche 30/01/2023 16/02/2024 382

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Sean Dyche took the Everton manager's job on January 30 2023, after Frank Lampard was dismissed. The former Burnley boss became the Toffees thirty-eighth manager. If yet another change does come at Goodison Park, clues may be gleaned as to who is available from the next manager to be sacked blog, along with the odds from the leading bookmakers  

Next Everton Manager Odds

There are instances when these odds might not be readily available for certain clubs. This could be because the position has only recently been filled, the club is currently performing exceptionally well, or the club has a strong history of standing by its manager through thick and thin.

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Additionally, in some cases, the Everton manager's position might be vacant, but there are strong indications or even rumours about the potential replacement. Despite these unique circumstances, it is worth noting that if betting odds do become available, we will present them here fin this section or your convenience. Regular updates related to the manager's position can also be found in the dedicated sports betting news section expertly managed by Jake Ashton. So, keep an eye out for any developments as we strive to keep you informed on the latest happenings in the football managerial landscape.


The Sack Race: Betting on the Next Manager to be Sacked

Best Betting Site for Next Everton Manager Betting

There is a huge range of UK Bookmakers to choose from but only very few that offer next-manager betting, if at all - As we have covered every club management change over the seasons, looking for betting odds on who the next club manager will be, we have found the following betting sites to be the most reliable and quickest to get odds up for the next manager at most clubs

Who Will be The Next Everton manager

Here are contenders of who could be the next Everton boss based on recent speculation, previous betting odds markets for the job, and our experts' opinion of likely managers who could appear in future next Everton manger betting odds markets.

Marcelo Bielsa

He looked to be a candidate for manager prior to Dyche being appointed. 

The 67-year-old Argentinian was sacked by Leeds United in February 2022 with his side too adventurous and not secure enough in defence. 

He is widely regarded as one of the most innovative football managers in the world, with Pep Guardiola saying, " I think he is the best-prepared manager in the world"

Marcelo BielsaMathieu from Marseille, France, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Duncan Ferguson

Ferguson has twice stepped up in a Caretaker role when the club was between managers.

Features in the next Everton manager betting on most occasions but has been overlooked previously for the permanent manager's position.  

PA Photo

Wayne Rooney

If ever there was a former player suited to becoming a manager of the same club then surely Wayne Rooney is that player. 

Despite the anger felt by Everton fans when Rooney signed for Manchester United that was a long time ago and memories fade. 

He spent a troublesome 18 months in charge at  Derby County, but his hands were tied by the club going into administration, ultimately the Rams were relegated to League 1 at the end of the 2021/22 season. 

In 2023 Rooney was headhunted by the new owners of Birmingham City to replace John Eustace. 

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney Image: Mikolaj Barbanell/Shutterstock

Roberto Martinez

Despite having been in charge at Goodison Park and then sacked, the bookmakers tend to add his name to their Everton manager market when a vacancy arises. 

At the time (2013-2016) many fans had demanded Martinez be got rid of after the side did not seem to be progressing. 

He was in charge of Belgium before he moved to the Portugal national side after the Qatar World Cup. 

Jose Mourinho

The special one may want one last job in English football after being in charge of Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United. 

The board may feel that if they let Lampard, the pupil, leave, then Mourinho, the master could be an option. 

Mourinho has now been at nine different clubs, including his current side Roma. 

How to Make a Bet on the Next Everton Manager

There is nothing complicated about betting on any of the next manager markets. You simply need to go to your favourite betting app and head to the football specials section in the menu, then select the next manager odds. 

You will have to find a betting site offering odds. Finding odds on the next Everton manager will be easier when no manager is in place and a little more complicated when the position is filled and not particularly in jeopardy. Once there is a next Everton manager betting market, you will need to pick a contender from the list of possibilities that will be published on this Everton blog.  

  1. Find the best football betting site offering odds on the next manager of Everton.
  2. Choose one of the possible contenders.
  3. Decide how much you want to bet.
  4. Check the odds and your stake to understand how much you may win if your prediction is correct.
  5. Understand that if your prediction is wrong, you will lose your money.  

The Best Football Betting Sites

List Of Everton Managers

Want to know every single Everton manager in the history of the club? Here they are, from day 1

Manager Appointment Date To Days in Charge
Sean Dyche 30/01/2023 16/02/2024 382
Frank Lampard 31/01/2022 23/01/2023 357
Duncan Ferguson 18/01/2022 31/01/2022 13
Rafael Benitez 30/06/2021 16/01/2022 200
Carlo Ancelotti 23/12/2019 01/06/2021 526
Duncan Ferguson 05/12/2019 23/12/2019 18
Marco Silva 31/05/2018 05/12/2019 553
Sam Allardyce 30/11/2017 16/05/2018 167
David Unsworth 23/10/2017 30/11/2017 38
Ronald Koeman 14/06/2016 23/10/2017 496
Joe Royle 12/05/2016 14/06/2016 33
David Unsworth 12/05/2016 14/06/2016 33
Roberto Martinez 05/06/2013 12/05/2016 1072
David Moyes 15/03/2002 05/06/2013 4100
Walter Smith 01/07/1998 13/03/2002 1351
Howard Kendall 27/06/1997 01/07/1998 369
Dave Watson 01/04/1997 31/05/1998 425
Joe Royle 10/11/1994 27/03/1997 868
Mike Walker 07/01/1994 08/11/1994 305
Jimmy Gabriel 04/12/1990 07/01/1993 765
Howard Kendall 05/11/1990 04/12/1993 1125
Colin Harvey 19/06/1987 31/10/1990 1230
Howard Kendall 31/05/1981 18/06/1987 2209
Gordon Lee 30/01/1977 31/05/1981 1582
Steve Burtenshaw 10/01/1977 30/01/1977 20
Billy Bingham 28/05/1973 10/01/1977 1323
Tom Eggleston 12/04/1973 28/05/1973 46
Harry Catterick 01/04/1961 12/04/1973 4394
Johnny Carey 01/10/1958 01/04/1961 913
Ian Buchan 01/02/1956 01/10/1958 973
Cliff Britton 01/08/1948 01/02/1956 2740
Theo Kelly 01/05/1936 01/09/1948 4506
Thomas H McIntosh 01/08/1919 31/05/1935 5782
W J Sawyer 01/08/1918 31/05/1919 303
William C Cuff 01/08/1901 31/05/1918 6147
Dick Molyneux 01/08/1889 31/05/1901 4320
W E Barclay 01/08/1888 31/05/1889 303


Everton Next Manager Betting FAQs

  • Who was the first Everton Manager

    The first Everton manager was William Edward Barclay (1888-1889).

  • Who is the longest serving manager of Everton?

    The longest-serving Everton manager of all time is William C. Cuff. He took charge between 1901 and 1918. 

    In recent times David Moyes was at Goodison Park for over 11 years between 2002 and 2013. He left for Manchester United, but only lasted for 51 games. 

  • Who is the most successful Everton Manager?

    The most successful Everton manager was Thomas Mackintosh (1919-1935), who, after the 1st World War, won three Championships and an FA Cup. Howard Kendall (1981-1987) won two Championships, The FA Cup and the UEFA Cup, Harry Catterick (1961-1973) won two Championships and the FA Cup.

  • Which Everton Manager has the best win percentage.

    Howard Kendall, with over 54%, is the leading Toffees manager.

  • Which Everton manager has had the worst win percentage

    Of the Everton managers who were in charge for longer than ten games, Mike Walker (1994-1994), has the worst win percentage of any boss at Goodison. Walker done well at Norwich City before being poached by Everton. Walker went on to record worst win percentage of any Everton manager with just a 17% win rate' winning only 6 of his 35 games in 10 months.

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This article was written and fact-checked by Nigel Skinner, our expert in following the Next manager markets in the Premier League and throughout the EFL for 15 years. News Sections update by Jake Ashton, our betting news manager. The article was edited and published by Steve Madgwick

Information was gained from various sources, including Everton Club Site and supporter sites.

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