🎤 Costel Pantilimon Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

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Costel Pantilimon exclusive interview: Vincent Kompany can handle the pressure at Bayern Munich and replace Pep Guardiola at Man City, City stars can’t ignore the 115 charges, Roy Keane was wrong to question Erling Haaland’s technical ability, Sunderland can push for promotion

🎤 Costel Pantilimon Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions
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Costel Pantilimon Give his Euro 2024 Predictions!

Costel Pantilimon shares his insights on Euro 2024, discussing favourites, predictions, key players, and Romania's prospects.

🏆 Costel Pantilimon's Euro 2024 Predictions! 🏆

🏆 Winner Prediction: France

⚽ Golden Boot: Kylian Mbappe

🌟 Golden Ball: Jude Bellingham

🐴 Dark Horses: Germany

- 🔮 Match Predictions:

  - Romania vs Ukraine: 2-2

  - Romania vs Belgium: 0-0

  - Romania vs Slovakia: 2-1 Romania wins

Costel Pantilimon Euro 2024 Predictions
Costel Pantilimon
27 Caps for Romania and in Euro 2016 Squad.

Q: Who will win Euro 2024?

CP: “I think France can be the team who really step up, especially because they lost the World Cup final. I think they will be one of the favourites. For sure.”

EURO2024 Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Win Tournament
Spain 1.67
England 2.20
Netherlands 6.50
France 19.00
Turkey 67.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Boot at Euro 2024?

CP: “I'm going to pick someone who is part of the France team. I think Kylian Mbappe can be the one with the most goals this tournament, especially because I think he's got too many things to prove before his move to Real Madrid.”

EURO2024 Golden Boot Betting Odds

All odds tables on this page are sourced live from the displayed bookmakers. Once the market is closed, no odds box will appear.

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Ball at Euro 2024?

CP: “I think Jude Bellingham can be one of the best players. He's already new on the scene at the top level, but he's amazing. He's a fantastic player and he can be even better for the national team.”

Q: Who are your dark horses for Euro 2024?

CP: “I think the hosts Germany, who haven’t been mentioned as the favourites.”

Q: How will Romania do at Euro 2024?

CP: “Everyone is talking about getting out of the group, especially because of the team spirit we showed in qualification.

“We don't have too many top players at the highest level, so we have built quite a strong team. The group isn’t the toughest so I think they can make it to the knockout stages.

“Everyone is motivated because everyone is expecting lots of Romania fans in Germany.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00

Q: Who will be Romania’s star player at Euro 2024?

CP: “Last winter Tottenham completed a big transfer for Radu Dragusin who was playing in Italy.

“It was a big amount of money but he is one of the most talented players in Romania’s squad. He's very young, he's at the beginning. 

“He spent some good years in Italy in the first and second league. He got promotion and now he’s on a good level with Tottenham so everyone is hoping that he has a good tournament. 

“We have some experienced players like Nicolae Stanchiu who played at Euro 2016, we also have Ianis Hagi, who spent some time in Spain on loan from Rangers.

“We have some good goalkeepers as well including Horațiu Moldovan who has moved from Romania to Atletico Madrid. 

“We have a very young team but we are slowly creating a good side.”

Q: Which young players can earn Premier League interest at Euro 2024?

Premier League teams should look at Dennis Man 🌟. Promoted with Parma, he's in his prime! 🏆 After Dragusin's success at Tottenham, another Romanian in the Premier League would be fantastic! 🇷🇴⚽️

Costel Pantilimon Highlights Talent

CP: “Premier League teams should look at Dennis Man, he’s a winger who got promoted with Parma this season and was one of their best players.

“I think he is already in his prime because he is so mature. I would love it if he moved to the Premier League because it is the toughest and best league in the world.

"We have some talented players so I hope after Dragusin, who has impressed people since he got into the Tottenham team, we can have another Romanian player in the Premier League.”

Q: How will England fare at Euro 2024?

CP: “I see England as one of the favourites to win Euro 2024 this summer. They have a very good, young and talented team and every single year they produce more and more good players.

“People do mention how tough the Premier League is and speak about if that makes them tired at tournaments, but they proved that wrong by getting to the final at the last tournament.

“I think they will be there because they have the right mentality. You can see the right players at Arsenal, the right players at Manchester City, which are fighting for something big every single year. 

“And now with Jude Bellingham at Real Madrid, he has a different mentality, England are on the same level as France.”

Q: Who are the best goalkeepers in action at Euro 2024?

Jordan Pickford is one of the best European goalkeepers 🧤. He's proven his worth for England and the Premier League. Height isn't everything; he's got skill, strength, and mental toughness. England is in safe hands! 🏴🔒

Pantillimon on Pickford

CP: “Manuel Neuer is one of the top, top goalkeepers. He will step up because he dominates under this kind of pressure in big tournaments. So I think he'll be there.”

Q: Is Jordan Pickford among the best goalkeepers heading to Euro 2024?

CP: “Jordan Pickford is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and he’s proved that for the national team, he’s done great since taking over as England’s first choice goalkeeper so I think he deserves respect.

“He is one of the better goalkeepers in the Premier League and for the national team I think he’s the right choice.”

By Sven Mandel - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57422707

Q: Does Jordan Pickford’s height stop him from being one of the best in the world?

CP: “Height makes a difference but every single goalkeeper has different qualities. Regarding myself, you say okay he’s a tall goalkeeper so he's got the right posture but sometimes maybe I'm not the fastest or the most reactive.

“Everyone is quite different but regarding Pickford, yes he’s not the tallest goalkeeper for sure but he’s not the smallest either.

“He's got good feet. He's a strong guy and mentally, I think he's ready for everything because he's already been through different kinds of pressures with the national team especially. So I think you are in safe hands.”

Q: What do you make of Romania’s kit for Euro 2024?

CP: “People in Romania have complained about the kit in the past because I think we lost a bit of the tradition. But people are quite happy and motivated to see them in the current kit.

“It has to be yellow forever. That is the main thing, it is a deep tradition with the national team and important for us all to be on the same path.”

Q: What will Romania fans bring to Euro 2024?CP: “Romania fans have been complaining because the tickets sold out after just two weeks because people were so excited.

“They want to see the national team again at one of the biggest tournaments in the world, especially in Europe.

“We are not too far from Germany, from my city it is seven or eight hours in the car or an hour and a half on an aeroplane. We also have many fans already living in Germany so we will have a big fan base this summer.”

Q: What are your memories of representing your country?

CP: “My memories of representing Romania are pride. It was incredible to be part of a team that has had some legendary players.

“If you look at the golden generation from 1994 you can see amazing players who had all won trophies with different teams, big teams, around Europe.

“Unfortunately, because of the situation in Romania, the development stopped and that was a big issue, not investing much in infrastructure. 

“We thought that if we have talent, we can grow them easily but unfortunately, other countries have been much faster in development than us. So we lost a bit of time. 

“Now we have realised and we have started to regroup. Luckily we are back in the final tournament which is massive for the motivation of the investors in the country.

“At the moment every single game the national team plays at home is sold out with 55,000 people at every match seeing good football, good results and talented players.”

Q: What is the manager Edward Iordanescu like?Biser Todorov, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

CP: “Edward Iordanescu is a young manager but he has got a lot of experience because he started as a coach at such a young age. When the national team appointed him he wasn’t the first choice, maybe the third or fourth choice, but he’s very dedicated.

“He likes discipline, which was the most important factor in our results, especially during the qualifiers. He doesn’t care about big names, he doesn't care about the players who were only talented if they didn't put hard work in the team and to be part of the group. 

“He was just the guy who got rid of those players and has done a good job. Congratulations to him and to the national team staff because they have done fantastically. 

“That's why I said I'm quite confident with this tournament because they can provide quality games.”

Q: What is your prediction for Romania vs Ukraine?

CP: “I hope it will be a win but I’ve seen Ukraine and they are quite strong. I think we will draw two games and win one, so I’ll go for 2-2.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Q: What is your prediction for Romania vs Belgium?

CP: “For sure this will be the toughest game for Romania because Belgium still have very good players, they have experienced players. It will be tough. But I think 0-0 will be the result.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Q: What is your prediction for Romania vs Slovakia?

CP: “Against Slovakia, I think it will be 2-1 and Romania will go through.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Costel Pantilimon Profile

Born in Bacău, Romania, on 1 February 1987, Costel Pantilimon began his football journey with Aerostar Bacău before moving to Politehnica Timișoara in 2006. Initially the second-choice goalkeeper, he eventually became the first-choice and captained the team in several key fixtures, including their successful 2009–10 Champions League qualifying campaign against Shakhtar Donetsk.

UK Teams

Manchester City (2011–2014)

Pantilimon joined Manchester City on loan in 2011 to back up Joe Hart, with the move becoming permanent. He was integral to City’s League Cup win in 2014 and played a part in their Premier League title that season. Known for his clean sheets, he was the first-choice goalkeeper in several domestic cup matches.

Sunderland (2014–2016)

In June 2014, Pantilimon transferred to Sunderland on a free transfer. Initially a backup, he soon became the first-choice goalkeeper after some underwhelming performances by Vito Mannone, playing a crucial role throughout the 2014–15 season.

Watford and Loans (2016–2018)

Pantilimon signed with Watford in January 2016. Limited to a few appearances, he spent the 2017–18 season on loan at Deportivo La Coruña. In January 2018, he joined Nottingham Forest on loan, eventually signing a permanent deal. Later, he was loaned to Omonia and Denizlispor.

International Career

Pantilimon made his senior debut for Romania in a friendly against Georgia on 19 November 2008. He earned 27 caps from 2008 to 2017 and was part of Romania’s squad for UEFA Euro 2016, although he didn’t play in any matches.

May 2024 Interview

Speaking exclusively to OLBG, former Manchester City goalkeeper Costel Pantilimon has tipped Bayern Munich boss Vincent Kompany to replace Pep Guardiola at the Etihad.

Pantilimon has admitted that it will be hard for Manchester City stars to ignore the 115 charges and questioned Roy Keane’s recent criticism of Erling Haaland’s technical ability.

The former Romania stopper has also tipped Andre Onana to be one of the three best goalkeepers in the Premier League next season while backing Sunderland to earn promotion.

Q: Do Man City players ignore the 115 charges?

CP: “The best thing for the players would be to ignore the charges but when you are a player and directly involved you always think about these things. But I'm sure they have the right people in the club and the right experience to know how to deal with this kind of situation. 

“I don't think they would’ve made big mistakes to damage the club.They have the right experience to deal with this kind of situation and I'm sure they will prove it again and again.

“When you talk about big investments, especially now with the fair play rules and all these kinds of things, everyone is looking more carefully so I don't think they will make mistakes.”

Q: Could Vincent Kompany replace Pep Guardiola if he impresses at Bayern Munich?

CP: “Let's not forget about Vincent Kompany because he's one of the guys who left a legacy, who played a massive part of the history in the Manchester City.. 

“Guardiola already said it, I think in the future Kompnay can be one of the options. It's true, at this moment you have so many good managers, young managers who have modern concepts about football, different to how it used to be.

“I can see Xabi Alonso, Antonio Conte, Roberto De Zerbi and Julian Nagelsmann, there are so many good managers on the market. I don't know which one will fit at City after Guardiola because if I remember well Bayern Munich, even though it's a big club with a great history, they struggled a bit after Guardiola.

“So that's why I'm a bit worried, let's say, but at the same time, I know the people and they experience people on the board. I'm sure they will make the right choice.

“It would be fantastic to see Kompany get the job. He got relegated with Burnley but he had to get them promoted first and that proved himself as a manager, he also played in Germany so he knows the league and I think he can handle the pressure at Bayern Munich.”

Q: Can Andre Onana be one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League?

CP: “Andre Onana came from Serie A which is a bit different in terms of the tempo. In my opinion, I consider him a very talented goalkeeper. He's got good feet, good hands, but the pressure you get at Manchester United is a bit different than what you get at other clubs.

“Especially when the club doesn't go through the best scenario. I think he mentioned it in an interview. He didn't forget how to play football. He didn't forget how to be one of the best goalkeepers in Europe which he proved with Inter and with Ajax.

“It's just a matter of adaptation in my opinion. When I came to the Premier League at the same time as David de Gea, I remember how he struggled at the beginning because it’s much tougher and more physical. I think this season he understood more and more about football in the Premier League. Next season for sure will be one of the top three goalkeepers in the league.”

Q: What do you make of criticism of Erling Haaland?

CP: “What do you expect from a striker? You expect him to just put the ball in the net. 

“Honestly, if I was Erling Haaland’s teammate, I would be more than happy for him not to dribble past 10 people and score, just to put it in the net when he's got the chance.

“If you look at the numbers, they are quite incredible not only at Man City because he proved it everywhere, every single team he's been at.

“Even in the national team He's got the numbers. So if you're looking at the proper strikers, he's there. I'm not going to say anything bad about him, but people talk.

“I saw Roy Keane, one of the people I really respect, talking about his technical ability but honestly when you have a striker who puts the ball in the net 40 to 60 times per season you can’t really say anything.”

Q: What did you think of Roy Keane’s criticism of Erling Haaland?Editorial credit: Influential Photography / Shutterstock.com

CP: “I worked with Roy Keane and he is one of the greatest coaches I've ever worked with. I was very proud to work with him. He can be harsh but that’s his way of improving players.

“He was critical of Erling Haaland but I’m sure sees how many times he puts the ball in the back of the net and knows he is an incredible striker.”

Q: What are your memories of Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR?

CP: “We had so many doubts because when we went 2-1 down the clock was ticking but I’ve always said that if you wanted to make a movie with that scenario then you couldn’t,  it was such an amazing moment, historical.

“I don't think I can remember a team which has won the title like that but at the same time, I think we deserved it because we were the best. 

“We didn't have the experience to win a league, but individuals, good coaches, the right mindset in the club, I think we deserved it. 

“From that moment you can see now the development of the club and they are dominating everything. I'm very, very happy with the development and now they are one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Q: Was it still important to celebrate Man City’s title win after losing the FA Cup final?

CP: “I didn’t expect Manchester City to lose in the FA Cup final because of their strength in winning the title but that's football.

“They deserved to celebrate because it was a tough season.”

Q: How much will Pep Guardiola be missed if he leaves Man City next summer?

CP: “I think it would be massive. I think it will be a massive loss because everything the club has done a huge part of that is down to Guardiola. I believe that anywhere Guardiola goes, he will improve everything. The club, players, style of play, all these kinds of things.

“So I think it will be a massive loss. I don't know which manager can replace him because the club in the last eight years have followed a certain style of play and mentality”

Q: Could Mikel Arteta be the right man to replace Pep Guardiola at Man City?

CP: “You never know in football so Mikel Arteta could replace Pep Guardiola, but I think he is very close to Arsenal.

“I think his project is more based on what he has developed there. Since he took over at the club, he has changed the structure. He has based things on developing the young players, promoting them, to become better and better players. 

“I think he is not going to give up on that project easily.”

Q: Can Sunderland challenge for promotion to the Premier League next season?

CP: “I was so disappointed last season when they lost in the playoffs to come up because I know how much the people love the club and how passionate they are regarding the football club. 

“New investors have come in, the strategy is a bit different with a different mindset. They want to go up. This season was not probably the best but next season they will compete for promotion.

“Sunderland are one of the most historical clubs in England, you want to see them in the Premier League.

“I had great memories there, even though I came from City where we were fighting for winning trophies, but going to Sunderland and trying to stay up, the pressure and the love from those people and the club is something different. 

“It's something different for English football. I think they deserve to be in the Premier League.”

Next Sunderland AFC Manager Betting Odds And History

Next Sunderland AFC Manager Betting Odds And History

Q: Can Watford secure promotion under Tom Cleverley?

CP: “I hope Tom Cleverley can get Watford promoted because he's a smart guy. He was a smart player and he's a smart man who is very dedicated. 

“He was dedicated as a football player and he's very professional.

”I think in this job I can see you need a bit of luck as well as the right structure, but why not? 

“They are based on bringing young talented players there to be that kind of energetic team which provides enthusiasm and good football. 

“Good luck to him, I would love to see them in the Premier League again.”

Next Watford Manager Betting Odds And History

Next Watford Manager Betting Odds And History

Q: Can Nottingham Forest push up the Premier League table next season?

CP: “Nottingham Forest did a great job to stay up, especially with the points deduction and not knowing what's going to happen to them.

“I hope they don’t change too much this summer because every single window transfer, they always change a lot of things, a lot of changing of players.

“I'm not sure it's the right thing for them. At this moment they have a quite solid base, they are starting to be more experienced in the Premier League.

“I think they can push on because they look quite solid. So that's the first thing. I hope they keep the best players like Callum Hudson-Odoi because they need them.

“I'm sure they have the financial resources and the right knowledge to create a team which pushes for a top ten position next season.”

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Next Nottingham Forest Manager Betting Odds

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