By Election Betting Odds

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By-Elections occur between General Elections when a seat becomes vacant. An MP could resign or be sacked or die meaning a new MP needs to be voted in. The best betting sites offer markets and odds on all By-Elections in the UK.

By Election Betting Odds
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UK By Elections

  • By-Elections often alert a Government to change its path.
  • By-Election betting has grown over the last twenty years with the best betting sites offering a range of markets. 
  • The Chester and Stretford & Urmston By-Elections will take place in December 2022.  

Stretford and Urmston By Election

The Labour Party got 60% of the vote in the seat at the 2019 General Election. The bookmakers have Labour at a very short price to hold the seat at the By-Election.

By Elections in the UK

Date Constituency Sitting MP Party Reason Result Winning MP
15th December 2022 Stretford and Urmaston Kate Green Labour Resignation    
1st December 2022 City of Chester Christian Matheson Labour Resignation    
TBC West Lancashire Rosie Cooper Labour Resignation    
24th June 2022 Tiverton & Honiton Neil Parish Conservative Resignation Liberal Democrat Gain Richard Foord
24th June 2022 Wakefield Imran Ahmed Khan Conservative Resigned Labour Gain Simon Lightwood
3rd March 2022 Birmingham (Erdington) Jack Dromey Labour Death Labour Hold Paulette Hamilton
3rd February 2022 Southend West Sir David Amess Conservative Death Conservative Hold Anna Firth
16th December 2021 Shropshire North Owen Paterson Conservative Resignation Liberal Democrat Gain Helen Morgan
6th May 2021 Hartlepool Mike Hill Labour Resignation Conservative Gain Jill Mortimer
North Shropshire Shock

In 2021Conservative MP Owen Patterson resigned after a report by the Parliamentary Commissioner For Standards. The subsequent By Election saw the Tories lose the seat by a landslide.

Day Of The Week

In the United Kingdom, the majority of General Elections and By-Elections are held on a Thursday.

Why are By Elections Held?

A By-Election is held when a parliamentary seat becomes vacant in between General Elections. 

The voting for a new MP allows that parliamentary seat (Constituency) to have representation in the House of Commons. 

The reasons  By-Elections take place could be for any of the following reasons:

  • Death 
  • Resignation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Moves to the House Of Lords
  • Convicted of a criminal offence

Until the election is held the MP from the neighbouring constituency looks after the vacant seat. 

By Election Betting

The best betting sites that feature on will offer By-Election odds. 

There is normally at least a month when prices are available for the candidates. 

The odds will fluctuate with media reporting every gaffe made. 

Only twice since the 1980s has the party in government won a By-Election (1982 Mitcham and Morden & 2021 Hartlepool).

The Government of the day normally loses By-Elections with voters giving them a bloody nose as a protest against their Westminster policies. 

The Biggest By Election Swing

In 1982 a swing of just over 44% secured victory for the Liberal Party in Bermondsey which had been a safe Labour seat.

Placing A By Election Bet

How To Place  A By-Election Bet

There is nothing complicated about betting on a By-Election, it is another betting market like a list of horses for the Grand National

You simply need to go to your favourite betting app and head to the Politics section in the menu and select the By-Election you are interested in. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our best betting sites section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK.

We have in-depth bookmaker reviews so you can see what other users think of them before deciding, or head over to the free bets page where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all UK betting sites. 

  • All you need do is click on the candidate or party. 
  • This will open up the bet slip, at which point you will see confirmation of the betting odds being offered
  • Now you choose your stake - most betting sites will show you how much you can expect to have returned if your prediction is correct.
  • If you are happy, simple hit, PLACE BET, to confirm your selection, stake, and bet.
  • You will be given a receipt for your bet and it will appear in your open bets in your account details.
  • Then it's just a matter of waiting to see who wins the By-Election.  
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West Lancashire By-Election

The 2019 General Election saw the Labour Party hold the seat albeit with a reduced majority. 

The Conservatives did better in 2019 but could not replicate other successes they made in the north. 

Both the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats between them took around 10% of all the votes.

There will be no Brexit Party in this By-Election so you would expect the Liberal Democrats to increase their support. 

However, it is likely that Labour will increase their hold on the West Lancashire seat without too much bother. 

The West Lancashire By-Election is likely to be held in Autumn 2022.

2019 West Lancashire General Election Result

Party Votes Percentage
Labour 27,458 52.10%
Conservative 19,122 36.30%
Liberal Democrats 2,560 4.90%
Brexit Party 2,275 4.30%
Green Party 1,248 2.40%

For breaking political stories please visit the OLBG news pages.

Responsible Gambling

On OLBG we have always trumpeted responsible gambling.

You should NEVER gamble more than you can afford. 

Betting markets can be volatile, rumours are everywhere and it is very easy to make a bad betting decision.  

Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

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