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It is not illegal to find, access, and play at an online casino as a resident of Australia. It is, however, illegal to offer online casino to Australian residents and allow access and gameplay. A strange situation then, which results in many Australians playing online casino at offshore casinos. What you can do is sign up with these Australian betting sites. 

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What is the law regarding online casinos in Australia?

An interesting situation is in place that differs from many countries in Europe and the US.

Under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, it is illegal to offer and accept customers from Australia for online casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and of course, online pokies. It is also illegal to advertise such online casinos via many media methods.

It is not, however illegal for an Australian resident to play at an online casino. Therefore, many Australians do open online casinos accounts at offshore based companies. 

The act is set up to protect Australians from a gambling habit 'enjoyed' by over 75% of the population. In fact, per head, no other country in the world can match Australia's thirst for a punt. With online gambling very easy to access, the government is taking some responsibility to protect the population from the associated issues that can arise. However those who want to play casino games online can quite easily seek out the offshore operators which will accept Australian citizens. 

Sports betting in Australia is however legal with Australian based companies. There is a list of the best Australian online betting sites here.

How do you choose the Best Online Casino for You (As a Aussie)

If you do decide to open an account with an online casino offshore, you should make sure that it is licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction within which it is based. Many Australians choose to open accounts with UK online casinos as the UK regulatory regime is known to be very strong.  If this is something you want to consider then see our list of best UK casino sites. 

Further to this, you should choose an online casino based on what it can offer you over the long term. Some offshore casinos will offer welcome bonuses and they can look tempting and attractive at times. However, usually, the larger the incentive to join the worse the casino really is. It needs to find another way to tempt customers to sign up other than the products it offers and the overall user experience available.

Online Casino Offers for Australians 

As an Australian looking to register an offshore account you may be excluded from such bonuses, so check out the full terms and conditions. Almost all welcome offers will have a rollover requirement of any bonus funds offered, and you can be sure, the bigger the bonus, the bigger the turnover requirement will be. 

This handy table below will demonstrate how a lower offer might be better. Although once again. please only choose the casino that suits what you are looking for, not because of the bonus being pushed your way.

Often the biggest bonus is not the best as rollovers can be high. Cross-reference this simple table to see when a bonus amount is best. And when to avoid.

Bonus Value x10 x25 x50 x100
$50 $500 $1250 $2500 $5000
$100 $1000 $2500 $5000 $10,000
$250 $2500 $6250 $12,500 $25,000
$500 $5000 $12,500 $25,000 $50,000
$1000 $10,000 $25,000 $50,000 $100,000
$1500 $15,000 $37,500 $75,000 $150,000

The table demonstrates that a $1000 bonus with 10x, requires $10,000 stakes to be placed - Whereas a $100 even with a 50x turnover requirement requires only $5,000

Which do you think you would most likely have a chance of having fund left with that could turn into cash?

Take the bonus that requires the least dollar value turnover for the best chance of turning it into real cash. As you should know, the casino will always have a house edge, and the longer you play, the less likely you are to be able to remain in profit. A huge bonus requires you to play for an extended period thus lowering your chances of turning bonus funds into real cash.

New Casino Sites

It seems every day new casino sites are appearing online. Indeed, sometimes, that is the case. Fortunately, our expert casino team here at OLBG are online testing new casino sites throughout the World, every day to see if they deserve a place in our recommended casino list. We only list licensed casinos in the country in which they are regulated. Therefore you dont see any casinos listed on this page. You can however navigate to other countries to see lists of casino sites licensed there. (hit the flags in the menu)

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