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Looking for a list of legal online casinos which you can access in WV? At OLBG we strongly recommend that you only wager with these  legal online casinos, licensed and regulated in West Virginia.

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We have reviewed all available legal options to gamble online in West Virginia. 

You do not have to live permanently in WV to be able to gamble there legally online, you just need to be physically present within state boundaries at the time of making your transactions and playing the casino games of your choice.  

West Virginia Online Casinos Overview

This page covers various topics related to the gambling industry, including land-based casinos, online sportsbooks, wagering requirements, mobile casino apps, bonus codes, retail casinos, online poker sites, loyalty programs, at online casinos such as Caesars Casino, FanDuel Casino and BetMGM casino. 

It provides information on the benefits of each and discusses a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of the West Virginia Online Casinos and how to make the most of them.

Contributors: Our Expert Casino Team

We are fortunate to have collected an extensive team of Casino Experts sourced from the industry with exceptional experience of using online casinos both in the US and for years in the UK and Europe, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in not only using casinos in real life but as part and parcel of their respective careers.


How We Review and Rank Online Casinos in WV

At OLBG, we have put together a team of experts who bring years of experience and exciting backgrounds to online casinos to provide players with an authentic and immersive gaming experience.


This page ranks commercial casinos based on three factors.

  1. Our team of online casino experts rigorously tests West Virginia online casinos that are legally licensed. We only list the ones that meet our standards.
  2. Before assigning ratings, our team of experts thoroughly reviews each casino by spending considerable time at each one. This rating becomes the foundation for our reviews.
  3. Users can provide ratings for casinos based on their personal experiences, and these ratings are used to calculate the overall rating.


Our team members have personally experienced every aspect of the casino, from registering an account to managing it and using all its features. This makes our team reliable and able to offer accurate, user-friendly advice that our users can trust.


Our team members have varying preferences when it comes to casino games such as Live Casino, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and slot games. This diversity in our team allows us to provide expert opinions on every aspect of the casino experience. For instance, our Live Casino experts possess remarkable experience and can offer useful tips on what to anticipate when accessing the Live Casino section. Our Blackjack expert is knowledgeable about the game and can guide you through the process. Our slot game expert has extensive experience playing different slot games and can suggest the best casino with top-notch slot game providers and titles, suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

Our team of writers have extensively played at various casino sites and have a combined experience of 100 years. We carefully choose to feature only the online casinos that provide the highest quality, utmost safety, and maximum security on these pages.

Criteria that have to gain a checkmark to qualify

  • Licensed within the state
  • Safe to Use
  • Secure banking transactions
  • Fair return to player odds
  • Great range of games to play
  • Must have Live Casino
  • Quick & Easy Withdrawals
  • Fair Welcome Offer


Our team has a wealth of experience with online casinos, including every step from registration to account management to games and promotions. We understand the importance of player safety and responsible gambling, and our experts understand which online casinos in West Virginia are best for a safe and secure experience.


WV Online Casino Welcome Offers

The welcome offer is listed last because it is not the primary reason to sign up. However, free spins and bonus credits can be useful for trying out a new online casino.

There are many incentives for opening a new online casino account due to the competitive market. As a player, you can benefit from various bonuses, including welcome bonuses, free spins and other promotions. These offers can help you try out a new casino.

To learn more, visit our welcome offers page for information on the various online casino bonuses available in West Virginia. Although many of the offers may seem tempting, it's important to take the time to research them thoroughly and review the terms and conditions.

Look at the terms for each offer. Sometimes, the bigger offer may not be as good because of extra terms and conditions. Understand these rules so you don't get surprised.

West Virginia Online Casino Reviews

When registering for an online casino in West Virginia, don't rely solely on the welcome offer as a deciding factor. It's important to also think about the long-term entertainment and play options that the casino brand can provide. To help with this, we suggest reading our thorough casino reviews linked above. These reviews evaluate each casino in detail, comparing them to others and outlining what they offer.

You can find all the details in the reviews if you have specific requirements for a new casino site, like games with high payouts or slots with large jackpots.

Reading this five-minute guide can save you time by helping you avoid registering for a casino that may not suit you.

The Best Online Casinos in WV We Have Reviewed

Casino Site NJ PA MI WV
Bally Casino      


Fanduel offers an online casino with daily fantasy sports integration, generous bonuses, a user-friendly interface, and advanced security measures. Customer support is available 24/7. Fanduel's unique features provide an immersive gaming experience worth checking out.

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds with Fanduel - a popular online casino with seamless daily fantasy sports integration.
  • Get up to $200 in bonus cash as a welcome bonus, plus ongoing promotions and bonuses for existing players.
  • Experience a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation on both desktop and mobile.
  • Trust in Fanduel's advanced encryption technology and strict verification processes for secure gaming and player information and funds protection.
  • Receive prompt and helpful customer support available 24/7.
  • Enhance your gaming experience with the ability to switch between casino games and daily fantasy sports contests seamlessly.
  • Don't miss out on Fanduel - a reliable and enjoyable online casino with a solid reputation.

Caesars Online Casino

  • Get an immersive and enjoyable online gaming experience with Caesars Online Casino in NJ, WV and PA. Enjoy generous bonuses, advanced security measures, and a wide variety of games with 24/7 customer support.
  • Get started with a reputable online gaming provider with Caesars Online Casino in NJ and PA.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of games including classic slots, video slots, table games, and live dealer games.
  • Receive generous bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses and ongoing rewards for loyal players.
  • Have peace of mind with 24/7 customer support available for prompt query resolution.
  • Trust in Caesars Online Casino's advanced encryption technology and commitment to player safety and security.
  • Choose Caesars Online Casino for an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience with excitement and variety.

BetMGM Online Casino

  • Join BetMGM, one of the biggest casino brands in the US, for an immersive gaming experience across NJ, PA, MI, and WV.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options, across all four legalized states.
  • Benefit from generous bonuses and promotions, including a welcome bonus and ongoing rewards for loyal players.
  • Get top-notch customer support with 24/7 assistance available for prompt query resolution.
  • Trust in their commitment to safety and security as a fully licensed and regulated provider.
  • Choose BetMGM for an enjoyable and trusted online casino experience.

New Online Casinos

There are currently only 4 states with licenses for online casino skins, but there are still many licenses available to be claimed, branded, and launched. As new licenses become available, we will review and update our list.

Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos

Four U.S. states - namely New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan - now permit online gambling. This signifies that players can safely and lawfully indulge in their favorite casino games without visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.


Players can easily access online casinos if they are located within the state's borders. This eliminates the need to travel to a physical casino to play your favorite games. The games can be enjoyed on any device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.


Online casinos in these states offer a major benefit of convenience. With an internet connection, players can enjoy their favorite games regardless of location within WV. This eliminates the need to travel to a physical casino and saves both time and money.


Online casinos offer a diverse selection of games that cater to various players' preferences. There are options to choose from, such as blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and video poker. Additionally, online casinos offer promotions like free spins or bonus cash to enhance the player's experience.


With online gambling, players have more control over their spending. This is because online casinos offer tools like self-exclusion, deposit limits, and other responsible gambling tools that help them manage their gaming habits. By setting limits for their spending, players can ensure responsible gambling while staying within their budget.


Playing online casino games in certain states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan is secure and closely monitored. This option is attractive to both seasoned and new players due to its convenience and variety. Furthermore, controlling spending and gambling responsibly assists in a positive and enjoyable gaming experience.

WV Online Casinos versus Land-based Casinos

Is it best to play on-land or Online?

Ease of Access

Registration rules in West Virginia are similar, but playing online is now within reach for more residents. You no longer have to travel far to experience the thrill of a casino when you can log in to your favorite West Virginia casinos from your home. While some may still prefer the ambiance of a physical casino, others can enjoy the convenience of playing online in West Virginia.

Choice of casino games

One of the advantages of playing online in West Virginia is the variety of games available. Online casinos offer exclusive games that can't be found in land-based casinos. Additionally, the selection of slot games can run into the thousands, which is not always the case in a physical casino.


There may be a long wait to play your favorite slot machine or casino game in land-based casinos. This isn't an issue with online slots because a seat is always available, and multiple roulette and blackjack tables with open seats can be found anytime.


Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos make it easy to switch from a slot machine to table games like blackjack or video poker. It's as simple as a few clicks, and you can start playing immediately.


If you're looking for an exciting and convenient way to enjoy card games, online casino play in West Virginia offers real money games that can be played from anywhere.


In West Virginia, online casinos offer a wide range of classic and modern games. You can find all your favorite table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and slots.


What makes online casinos in West Virginia even more exciting is the opportunity to play variations of these games that are unavailable in land-based casinos. Plus, you can enjoy live dealer casino games with real-life dealers, which is a great way to immerse yourself in the casino experience without leaving your home.


Thanks to technological advancements, the quality of live dealer casino games in West Virginia constantly improves, creating an even more realistic atmosphere.

Guide to Using an Online Casino in West Virginia

Online casinos in WV are now the preferred way for players to enjoy their favorite games at home. With many casinos offering games and promotions, new players may find it overwhelming. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for opening and using an online casino in WV, including sign-up, deposits, withdrawals, and responsible gambling tips.



Online casino gambling is regulated and legal in West Virginia, which is unique in the United States. From 2019, authorities granted several online casinos permission to offer games to individuals physically present within the state. Consequently, this move created a flourishing market, with these casinos providing differing games, promotions, and rewards to retain customers.


Step 1: Creating an Account

To access an online casino in West Virginia, download and install the online casino app on your device. After installing the app, the geolocation software ensures you are physically present within the state before allowing you to create an account. The registration process is simple, and by clicking on the "Sign-Up" or "Join Now" button on the casino's website, you can provide your name, address, date of birth, and social security number to verify your identity and age. Once you complete the initial deposit, you can play the available games with real money.


Create a username and password.

When signing up for an online casino, you can select a username or use your email address. Nevertheless, creating a secure password is imperative to protect your online banking information and prevent unauthorized access. Here are useful tips on how to create a strong password:


  1. Make it unique: Don't reuse passwords that you have used for other accounts. If someone figures out one of your passwords, they'll have access to everything that uses it.
  2. Use a mix of characters: Passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are harder to guess than those using only letters or numbers.
  3. Make it random: Avoid using obvious phrases or patterns like "password" or "123456". Instead, consider using a password manager to generate and store random passwords.
  4. Length matters: Aim for a password at least 12-14 characters long. The longer the password, the harder it is to guess.
  5. Avoid personal information: Avoid using personal information in your password, such as your name, date of birth, or address.

Above all, it's important to remember that a strong password is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your online casino account and your personal information. Ensure you follow the tips mentioned above to create a unique and random password to ensure maximum protection.


Enter your personal details.

  • To register on an online casino, you need to provide your name, address, and phone number.
  • This verification process is carried out to confirm your identity at the time of logging in. Additionally, you may receive a text message prompting you to confirm your identity. Language Code: EN-GB
  • Providing accurate information helps to protect your account and prevent unauthorized access by others. Language Code: EN-GB

Enter a promo code

  • When you register for an online casino, you could receive either a bonus cash or free spins promotion.
  • To obtain it, you may need to enter a specific promo code.
  • Unless otherwise specified, there is usually no need to enter a promotional code when clicking a link on OLBG.
  • When you sign up to receive free items, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer.

Confirm your registration

  • To verify that you are a real person and not a robot, you must confirm your registration by following the steps after creating your online casino account.
  • Previously, you may have been required to verify your account in person by presenting your ID at the casino. This is no longer the case.
  • These days, you will usually receive an email or text message to complete the confirmation process.
  • You must follow the instructions in the confirmation message to complete the process.
  • Usually, you must click on a verification link or provide a confirmation code for this process.

Upload personal documents

  • Online casinos may require extra methods to verify your identity.
  • To verify that you are the one creating the account, you might receive a request to upload a photo of either your driver's license or passport page.
  • In Europe, it is mandatory to do so and some online casinos in the United States have also started implementing this procedure.
  • This is the last step in the process to ensure that the person making the account is the actual owner of the account.
  • Although it may be inconvenient, implementing this measure ensures the safety of all individuals who partake in online casino gaming.

Step 2: Selecting a Payment Method

Once you've completed the online registration process, you can choose a payment method to deposit funds into your West Virginia online casino account.


These casinos offer various banking options, including credit/debit cards, e-checks, bank transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller.


However, reviewing the deposit and withdrawal methods, associated fees, and processing times is vital. This allows you to select the best payment option that suits your preferences. Some payment methods may not be available for withdrawals, while others may require more processing time.

Available Payment Methods for Online Casinos in West Virginia

WARNING: - Remember that using credit cards to fund your online casino account might be convenient, but it is crucial to be mindful of the potential financial problems of gambling with borrowed funds. For this reason, it is suggested to utilize responsible gambling strategies and abstain from using credit cards. Consider safer alternatives like debit cards or e-wallets instead.



Visa debit payments provide a secure and straightforward way of depositing funds to online casinos for West Virginia players. Visa is widely accepted and offers instant deposits, making it one of online casino players' most popular payment options. Along with the convenience, Visa debit payments offer extra protection for your financial information. Choosing Visa as your preferred banking option ensures safe, secure, and swift transactions when playing online casino games.



West Virginia online casinos accept Mastercard debit as a trusted and widely used payment option. With enhanced security features, Mastercard debit ensures the safety of your financial information when depositing funds into your online casino account. Mastercard debit payments offer instant deposits, which means you can start playing your favorite games as soon as you deposit funds. If you're looking for a secure and reliable payment method, consider Mastercard debit for your online casino transactions.


Paysafe card

PaySafeCard is a popular way to fund your West Virginia online casino account without disclosing personal or financial details. You can purchase prepaid cards with a specific value, which can help you control your spending and set budgets for online casino games. This payment method enables you to enjoy your favorite games responsibly while keeping your finances safe and secure from potential online threats.



PayPal is a trusted banking option for West Virginia online casinos, offering quick deposits and withdrawals to enhance your gaming experience. It provides reliable and fast transactions, allowing you to start playing your favorite games as soon as possible without any delays in withdrawing your winnings.


Neteller is a safe and popular online payment method accepted by online casinos worldwide. It offers a secure and user-friendly interface, allowing players to deposit and withdraw money without compromising the safety of their financial information. Neteller is a trusted option for online casino banking, providing enhanced security features and an alternative to traditional payment methods like bank transfers and credit/debit cards.



PayNearMe enables users to fund their West Virginia online casino account by generating a barcode via the website or mobile app and pay at participating retail stores in cash. The amount is then transferred within minutes, allowing immediate access to play. PayNearMe is a convenient option for those who don't have a bank account or those who prefer cash transactions.


Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is a secure online casino banking option, offering almost instant deposits and straightforward transactions. It is ideal for players wanting to deposit larger amounts of money or high rollers looking for substantial promotions. Wire transfer remains a reliable choice, even though withdrawals can take a little longer due to increased verification and security measures.



eCheck offers a fast and secure online casino banking option, allowing deposits and withdrawals in an electronic format. Deposits are straightforward by providing your bank details, and once entered, an instant deposit allows you to play immediately. eCheck delivers similar features for withdrawals by providing bank account information for the transfer of winnings. It is ideal for those who do not wish to use credit cards and prefer more conventional banking methods for their online casino account.


Step 3: Depositing Funds

After account creation, visit the "Cashier" section of your West Virginia online casino account to deposit funds and choose your preferred deposit method. Input the amount and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.


Once your deposit is accepted, you may get deposit bonuses, such as deposit matches, which increase the value of your deposit for free. Therefore, checking for available deposit bonuses before making a deposit is essential. The funds will immediately reflect in your account balance, allowing you to start playing any game of your choice.


Step 4: Withdrawing Funds

To cash out winnings, visit your West Virginia online casino account's "Cashier" or "Withdraw" section and choose your preferred withdrawal method. Verification of identity through various forms of identification may be required to complete the process.


Carefully review withdrawal requirements as some offer a minimum withdrawal amount, restrict frequency withdrawal, or longer processing times depending on the chosen method.


Step 5: Responsible Gambling Suggestions

Responsible gaming practices should be a top priority for individuals engaging in online gambling. Regardless of the type of gambling like casino games, poker, or sports betting, acknowledging the legal gambling age of twenty-one is crucial. Below are some tips for maintaining a fun and secure online gambling experience:


  • Establish a budget for online gambling that you can manage and make sure to stick to it. Refrain from attempting to recover losses by depositing extra money or pursuing them.
  • Remember to take regular breaks when playing to avoid fatigue and impulsive decision-making.
  • You should closely monitor your gambling habits, including the amount of time and money you spend. If you feel you are showing signs of irresponsible behavior, such as spending too much money or time on gambling, you may want to consider seeking help from a professional organization or self-excluding.
  • Reach out for help: If you have a gambling addiction and are struggling, you can find help and support from the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey. They offer resources to assist people dealing with gambling addictions.

Guide to Navigating the Online Casino Industry in West Virginia

West Virginia's online casino industry is governed by stringent state laws and regulations. The legal casino betting options include various forms of gambling, and it entails legal requirements for both the online operators and West Virginia's residents. This guide outlines the state's regulations, licensing requirements for operators, legal obligations for eligible players, responsible governmental entities responsible for online betting, monetary transactions, game limitations, and safety regulations ensuring West Virginia's online casino industry stays secure.


Licensing and Regulations for Operators

The state lottery is in charge of the casino games in West Virginia. The West Virginia Code has a section (29-22-4) that creates a group of seven people to oversee this. The governor chooses who is in this group with the help of the state Senate. Another section (29-22-5) explains what the group does and what they're responsible for.


In 2019, it became legal for licensed casinos in the state to offer casino games and poker online. They need to apply for a special license from the West Virginia Lottery Commission to do this. Only five casinos will be given a license. The cost to apply for a license is $250,000 and they need to renew it every five years, which costs $100,000.


How Do You Know New Jersey Online Casino Sites are Licensed and Legal?

Online casinos will display their licensing details either in the footer of the website or app and within the terms and conditions on site

Legal Requirements for Players

In West Virginia, players must be at least 21 years old to gamble legally online. They must also be physically located within the state borders to participate in online casino games. While it is possible to gamble on Bongi, Lottery games and racing st just 18 online casino has the higher age limit of 21


Additionally, they must provide accurate personal information during account registration and comply with responsible gambling practices, such as setting deposit limits and taking breaks to prevent overspending and addiction. Finally, players must abide by all state laws and regulations governing online casino gaming.


Limitations on Games and Payment Methods

Under West Virginia law, online casinos can offer a variety of games, including slots, table games, and poker.


Online casinos must offer a variety of payment methods that are safe and secure for their customers. These payment methods include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. However, it's important to note that not all payment methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.


Government Entities Responsible for Regulating the Online Casino Industry

The West Virginia Lottery Commission monitors the entire industry to guarantee everything runs legally and equitably.

In West Virginia, you can legally engage in online casino gaming, sports betting, poker, and horse racing. Additionally, visiting land-based casinos, sportsbooks, and racebooks is legal.


West Virginia's strict laws and regulations govern the online casino industry. Players must be 21 or older and located in the state. Online casinos must offer a range of safe payment methods and secure games, and comply with state regulations. The West Virginia Lottery Commission monitors the industry and oversees licensing for qualifying operators. Land-based casinos, sportsbooks, and horse racing are also legal under state law.


What's The Difference Between Legal And Illegal Online Casinos?

Online casinos without the required licensing in WV license are classified as illegal and do not adhere to the strict regulations and rules that govern licensed online casinos. This results in potential safety concerns, unfair games, or difficulty in withdrawing winnings.


Our users are recommended only to utilize licensed online casinos since they can be trusted to follow the set rules and regulations.

The dangers of using illegal online casinos.

When registering with unlicensed offshore online casino operators, you have no governing body to seek help from in the event of problems with payouts. Legalized online casinos operating under strict regulations provide a greater level of security for players. Betting with a licensed online casino reduces overall risk factors associated with online wagering.

Casinos Licensed in West Virginia

Five land-based casinos in West Virginia have online gambling licenses issued by the W.VLC. These casinos can also partner with other brands to create unique online gambling sites. Similar to West Virginia sportsbooks, each casino license holder can offer multiple brand options or "skins." An online casino license holder in West Virginia can establish up to three partnerships.

Casino Online Casino City Type
The Casino Club at The Greenbrier Fanduel Greenbrier  
Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races BetMGM Charles Town Racino
Mardi Gras Casino and Resort Lucky North Casino Nitro Racino
Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort BetRivers Casino & Caesars Casino Chester Racino
Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack Lucky North Casino Wheeling Racino

These are the five land based casinos with licenses in the state.

The Casino Club at The Greenbrier

The Casino Club at The Greenbrier is an exceptional experience that blends gaming, entertainment, dining, and shopping to offer one of the most luxurious casinos in the world. The club features 180 modern slot machines and 30 table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker. It's only accessible to resort guests, Golf and Tennis Club members, Sporting Club members, and event attendees, and does not allow smoking. Evening attire is required after 7:00pm. Being private, it's the only casino of its kind in America.

Hollywood Casino at Charlestown Races

The Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in West Virginia is a complex that includes a casino, hotel, and thoroughbred horse racing track. Originally built in 1933 by the Shenandoah Valley Jockey Club, the track was sold several times over the years due to fluctuating attendance. In 1996, a successful vote added video lottery machines, and in 2010, table games were approved. The track hosts numerous high-stakes horse races, including the Charles Town Classic, as well as hotel accommodations and a variety of dining options. Starting in 2018, the casino began offering sports betting, the first in West Virginia to do so and is now is licensed for online casino operations in West Virgina

Mardi Gras Casino and Resort

Mardi Gras Casino and Resort is a casino and greyhound racing venue in Nitro, West Virginia. The casino offers table games, slots, live greyhound racing, off-track betting, and dining and hotel accommodations. Since 2008, it's expanded its poker room and table game offerings. The facility was previously known as Tri-State Racetrack before the addition of table games, and later, Tri-State Casino. In 2010, it was renamed Mardi Gras Casino to reflect its theme. In 2018, it was acquired by Delaware North, making it one of only two remaining greyhound venues in the US.

Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort

Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort is a thoroughbred racetrack and casino resort located on the Ohio River north of New Cumberland, West Virginia. It is owned by Vici Properties and operated by Century Casinos. It is notable for being the first race track in the United States to get slot machines and become a racino. Since its inception in 1937, the track has hosted many prestigious races, including the West Virginia Derby. It has 3,200 slot machines and 50 casino table games, as well as offering many overnight handicaps and stakes races.

Wheeling Island, Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is a greyhound racino situated on Wheeling Island in the Ohio River, owned by Delaware North. It offers slot machines, live greyhound racing, and off-track betting for both greyhound and horse racing, as well as table games such as poker and blackjack. The racino also features restaurants, live concerts, and boxing. It is located off the Wheeling Island exit of I-70, about 40 minutes west of Washington, Pennsylvania, and about two hours east of Columbus, Ohio.



West Virginia online casinos were given the green light in 2019, allowing licensed casinos in the state to offer online casino games and poker. To do so, interested operators must first apply for an interactive wagering license with the West Virginia Lottery Commission. The state allows no more than five interactive wagering licenses, each requiring a hefty $250,000 application fee. Licenses are subject to renewal every five years for $100,000.


In July 2020 the first online casinos began trading.

West Virginia Online Casino Handle and Tax Revenues

There is no doubt about the popularity of online casino options in New Jersey and the growth of the online gambling market.

Monthly Online gambling sites' revenues have exploded since 2019.

Revenue from online casinos in NJ in December 2019 was just under $50m, and by May 2020 it had exceeded $85. This figure has been relatively static throughout the rest of the year.



The first few months of the year saw online casino handle rise from $555,499 in August to $3,130,634 in December.



was the first full year of online casino trading and saw a total handle of over $61 million - October 2021 providing the record figure for a single month with over $8m gambled at online casino skins. Each month saw growth on the previous prior to hitting thanksgiving season.



A Figure of $112,306,320 saw almost a doubling of the 2021 figures, with the state receiving a helpful $16m ion tax revenue. The continued monthly growth was maintained as November 2022 saw more than $13m wagered.



7 figure monthly handles are the norm as we move through 2023, March providing the highest single monthly handle to date since launch at over $16m


West Virginia Online Casino Revenue Data, & Taxes

Year Month Betting Handle growth Online Casino Revenue
2023 August -5.51% $10,952,715.32
2023 July -25.50% $10,485,036.03
2023 June -13.70% $13,627,808.67
2023 May -18.76% $10,425,417.87
2023 April -21.58% $12,148,142.01
2023 March 28.54% $16,298,985.04
2023 February -7.82% $12,415,453.95
2023 January -16.71% $10,933,010.38
2022 December -35.64% $10,888,842.82

Online Casino Games in WV

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to online casino games. Some folks might fancy themselves some roulette, while others wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole but swear by Blackjack instead.


If you're aiming to get the most bang for your buck, then Blackjack is the way to go since its house edge is the lowest. And, if you wanna get up close and personal with a live dealer, then live dealer Blackjack is the game for you.


Now, when it comes to slots, you want look for that "Return to player" percentage, or RTP for short. That little number can tell you which slots are the best bet for payout in the long run, based on how much you wager. The RTP can range from a measly 90% to a whopping 97%.


Some of them West Virginia online casino sites got over a thousand different slot games to choose from. That's more options than you'll find at most brick-and-mortar casinos.


And get this: the stakes can range from mere pennies to a whole lotta dollars. So whether you're ballin' on a budget or rollin' in dough, there's something for everyone.


Now, don't you be surprised if slots are front and center on websites and apps, because they're the ones rakin' in the big bucks for online casinos. They'll lure you in with all sorts of promotions, free spins, and new games comin' out left and right.


If you're a fan of slots, you're in for a real treat. Online casinos got all sorts of reel types, bonuses, and features that'll keep you entertained for hours on end.


Live Dealer

Now, listen up, - I know it might seem a little shady at first, playing casino games online with real folks dealing the cards and spinning the wheels. Even I had doubts when I first saw it a few years back.


What you see on your screen is a live stream coming straight from a real casino studio, with all sorts of fancy cameras to give you different views of the playing area and the dealer.


It's just like playing at a regular old casino, except you're doing it online. You bet just like you would in person; watch as the cards are dealt or the wheel is spun, and your balance is updated in real-time as you go.


And hey, whether you're winning big or just breakin' even, your winnings will be added to your balance immediately. So don't worry none; online casino games with live dealers are as legit as can be.

Table Games

You will find most casino table games that you are familiar playing at a bricks and mortar casino available online, and if you don't find them with a live dealer you'll find plenty of video versions of the most popular games available too.



When you're playin' online, you're gonna run into different versions of the game. Some might have funny-sounding names, but they're all based on the classic game you know and love.


At one online casino I checked out in West Virginia, I counted seven different versions to choose from in addition to the live dealer tables.


But here's the trick, folks: each version might have slightly different rules, so keep your eyes peeled to ensure you're playin' the one you want. And some might have different house edges, which means your chances of winning might be better or worse depending on the game you choose. As well as the way you play of course.


Don't be afraid to try out some other versions, too - who knows, you might find a new favorite!


It's one of the hottest casino games on mobile apps, and there's all sorts of versions out there to choose from.


You got your classic versions, like the American with double zeroes or the European with just one. And then there are all sorts of fancy variations, with different rules, features, and even multiple balls!


If you're serious about your casino wagering, I recommend sticking to traditional roulette games. They have the best odds and the most chances for you to hit it big.


The other versions might be fun for a little entertainment, but if you're betting the big bucks, you want to stick with what you know. So go on and spin that wheel, but remember - stick to the traditional version for serious play.

Online Poker

Whether you like to play Texas Hold'em, Omaha, or 7-card Stud, you'll find 'em all right there at your fingertips. Most online casinos in WV will even have a separate section just for poker, with cash games and tournaments to keep you entertained.


But listen here, folks - when it comes to online poker, Texas Hold'em reigns supreme. It's the most popular version of the game online, and you'll find it in live dealer rooms too.

Novelty Games

I'm not one for those novelty casino games myself, but I know some folks out there might be looking for a little break from the usual stuff.


There are all sorts of funny little games out there, like Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live, that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. But these games are meant for entertainment purposes only.


You might want to think twice before betting big on them because the odds might not be in your favor. So go on and have some fun, but don't you be breakin' the bank for them


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Casino Sites West Virginia FAQ's

  • Can you gamble online in West Virginia

    With West Virginia's gambling laws opening up to the possibility of online casinos, DraftKings Casino was the first of a few to open in Mountain State.They are joined amongst others by BetMGM which allows players located in the state to gamble at online casinos in the state legally

  • Are online Casinos safe in West Virginia?

    The safest way to use an online casino in the mountain state is to use one that has a license to operate from the state itself. using an offshore casino is generally safe, but there are no guarantees of the security of your funds

  • Do I need to live in West Virginia to play at an Online Casino?

    State gambling laws stipulate that you must be physically located within the state of West Virginia in order to register an online account, add funds and make bets at a licensed WV online casino

  • How to sign up for an online casino site in WV

    The sign-up process at a West Virginia online casino is simple. Head over to the website of any online operator, register for an account and collect whatever bonus offers are available when making a deposit to fund your account. The steps typically require personal information such as date of birth or identity card number along with either the last four digits from your Social Security numbers well as adding security info like a password.

  • How do I deposit money into my West Virginia online casino account?

    You can deposit money into your West Virginia online casino account using various methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, PayPal, and bank transfers.


  • What are the withdrawal options at West Virginia online casinos?

    The withdrawal options at West Virginia online casinos vary but may include e-wallets, bank transfers, and check payments.

  • What types of games can I play at West Virginia online casinos?

    You can play various types of games at West Virginia online casinos, including slot machines, table games (such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat), video poker, and live dealer games.

Warning About Addictive Gambling

Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Gambling can become addictive and lead to compulsive behaviour. If you feel that you are no longer enjoying gambling, are betting too much, are not in control, then seek help immediately. 

There is a huge amount of help out there for you. 

1-800-GAMBLER - click the link to visit their site or call or text 1-800-GAMBLER from West Virginia. Treatment and support are readily available. 

NCPG National Council on Problem Gambling - click the link or call 1-800-522-4700 - a 24 hour confidential helpline to chat with someone who is ready to listen and help. 

Gambling participation is for over 21's only. Do not attempt to bet if you are under 21.

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