The Cost of Sports Kits | What will a New Jersey for Your Team Set You Back?

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The Cost of Sports Kits | What will a New Jersey for Your Team Set You Back?
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With the recent excitement of the Superbowl, the NBA Championships in full swing, and the return of major league baseball next month, there’s always something to keep you on the edge of your seat, and what better way of showing your support than buying your favorite team’s kit? 

It’s no secret that new jerseys for football, basketball, and baseball are expensive these days, but which teams, leagues, and manufacturers are charging their fans the most? The sports team at OLBG has delved into the data to find out.  

Which teams and leagues charge the most for new replica sports kits and jerseys?  

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, like wagering on your team with a legal US Sportsbook or just enjoy watching the occasional game, you know that team kits can be pretty expensive. But how much do they really cost, and where do the prices vary? 

We did some research to find out! Keep reading for an in-depth look at the cost of sports kits across different leagues and teams. Spoiler alert: Green Bay Packers Sports Kit fans might not be happy with the findings!

NFL Sports Kits Cost

Lets start with the National Football League given we are coming off the back of the Superbowl

NFL jersey and kit cost

The most expensive national football league jerseys

The Green Bay Packers were found to be selling the most expensive jerseys in the NFL, with this seasons’ replica kit costing fans $131.82. The upper midwestern team is one of the most successful NFL teams in the history of the sport winning 13 league championships, so it's no surprise their jerseys are in high demand and more expensive as a result.  

Green Bay Packers

Over $130 for a Packers Jersey makes it the most expensive team jersey in the NFL

Next up is the Baltimore Ravens, formed by the owner moving his franchise from Cleveland. With just two Super Bowl wins under their belt, fans are prepared to shell out just over $123 for this season’s replica shirt. 

The next price down was $120, which is what you’ll have to pay for a replica jersey for teams on opposite sides of the country and in different leagues, the Buffalo Bills and the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The greatest number of football picks in our Superbowl tipping competition were the winner, LA Rams whose jerseys come in a dollar cheaper at $119

Rank Team League Brand Jersey Cost ($)
1 Green Bay Packers NFC Nike $131.82
2 Baltimore Ravens AFC Nike $123.00
3 Buffalo Bills AFC Nike $120.00
3 Las Vegas Raiders AFC Nike $120.00
5 Cincinnati Bengals AFC Nike $119.99
5 Cleveland Browns AFC Nike $119.99
5 Denver Broncos AFC Nike $119.99
5 New England Patriots AFC Nike $119.99
5 Carolina Panthers NFC Nike $119.99

The cheapest national football league jerseys

The Minnesota Vikings had the cheapest replica kit of all the NFL teams as fans can expect to pay $80.00 for this season's shirt. One of only 6 teams to win at least 15 of their regular-season games, the Vikings also have the most Super Bowl appearances without victory. 

Go Vikings!!!

Minnesota Vikings fans will save 50 bucks with Jerseys costing just $80 compared to the Packers $131

The Raven's rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers come in second, at $89.95 for a replica jersey. With an impressive six Super Bowl titles to their name, more than any other NFL team, it's surprising of the most successful football teams has one of the cheapest football shirts  

Taking third is the Indianapolis Colts, who had a disappointing 2021 season after losing to the Jaguars, leading to them losing out of the playoffs. A replica Colts shirt will set fans back by $89.99 only 4 cents more than the Steelers.

NBA Sports Kits Cost

As a fan of the NBA, you know that buying a jersey is a must-have for game days. But did you know that the cost of jerseys can vary depending on the team you choose? In this blog post, let's take a look at the prices. So whether you're in the market for a new jersey or just curious about what your favorite team might cost, read on!

Cost of NBA jerseys and kits by team

The most expensive national basketball association jerseys

Taking the top spot for replica NBA jerseys are the Toronto Raptors, the only Canadian team in the league that won their first eastern conference title and their first championship in the same year, 2019. A replica Raptors jersey will cost fans an eye-watering $149.99

Read and Weep Raptors Fans

You guys have to cough up 25 bucks more than any other site to own your team Jersey at $150

Taking second place is the LA Clippers with the team charging $125 for a jersey. This is surprising as despite being popular with their fans the Clippers have yet to win a championship or conference title in their 52-year history. 

In third place is Oklahoma City Thunder, playing in the North West conference, the team has only resided in Oklahoma since 2008, after its move from Seattle. Since its inception, the team has gained popularity by winning over 10 division titles, as well as a championship.  

Rank Team League Brand Jersey Cost ($)
1 Toronto Raptors Atlantic Nike $149.99
2 LA Clippers Pacific Nike $125.00
3 Oklahoma City Thunder Northwest Nike $124.99
4 Golden State Warriors Pacific Nike $119.99
5 Utah Jazz Northwest Nike $110.00
5 Atlanta Hawks Southeast Nike $110.00
5 Miami Heat Southeast Nike $110.00
8 Houston Rockets Southwest Nike $109.00
9 Denver Nuggets Northwest Nike $108.60

The cheapest national basketball association jerseys

Competing in the eastern conference central division, the Indiana Pacers have struggled in the recent past, going through three head coaches in as many seasons which could contribute to their popularity as a team waning and resulting in their jerseys costing $49.99.

Fair Pricing from the Pacers

You'll only have to Slam-Dunk down $50 for a Pacers Jersey - 100 bucks less that the Toronto Raptors

Next up, a Milwaukee Bucks jersey will set fans back $65. Despite having some of the best defensive players in the league including Giannis Antetokounmpo and winning the 2021 NBA finals, the small-market team comes second to last in jersey prices. 

In third place are the Minnesota Timberwolves, playing in the Western Conference Northwest Division. Another small market team, Timberwolves fans can expect to pay $70 for a replica jersey.

MLB Sports Kits Cost

Did you know that the cost of an MLB sports kit is not cheap? Jerseys, hats, and other gear can rack up a pretty penny. Let's take a look at some of the most expensive team kits in the league and see just what fans are paying to support their favorite teams. Whether you're a diehard fan or just like to wear your team's colors on game day, you'll want to read on!

MLB jersey and kit costs by team

The most expensive major league baseball jerseys 

Taking the top spot are Cleveland Guardians jerseys, which fans are willing to stump up $114.99 to wear. The Guardians (previously known as the Indians) have won six pennants and two World Series titles over their 121 years as a major league team, which could explain their popularity with fans and resulting high jersey price. 

No guarding your money in Cleveland!

The only team with a jersey costing more than $100

Tying in second place are the Tampa Bay Rays and the Atlanta Braves, with jerseys costing $99 for each team. This is no surprise as both jerseys are made by the same manufacturer, Profile. 

Taking third is the fellow Floridians and rivals to the Tampa Bay Rays in the Citrus Series, The Miami Marlins. The relatively young team, only joining the Major League in 1993, charges fans $89.99 for an official replica jersey. 

Rank Team League Brand Jersey Cost ($)
1 Cleveland Guardians AL Central Nike $114.99
2 Tampa Bay Rays AL East Profile $99.00
2 Atlanta Braves NL East Profile $99.00
4 Miami Marlins NL East Majestic $89.99
5 Arizona Diamondbacks NL West Mitchell & Ness $69.99
5 Colorado Rockies NL West Mitchell & Ness $69.99
7 Detroit Tigers AL Central Stitches $54.99
7 Kansas City Royals AL Central Stitches $54.99
7 Baltimore Orioles AL East Stitches $54.99

The least expensive major league baseball jerseys 

13 teams all tied for the least expensive jerseys on our list, all retailing for $49.99 and manufactured by Stitches. 

These include globally recognized teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to the lesser-known San Diego Padres and Baltimore Orioles.  

The Most Expensive Sports Kits (Leagues & Manufacturers)

The most expensive replica sports kits in $ by Sports LEague

Despite baseball’s reputation as America’s pastime, the NFL has the most in-demand and therefore the most expensive replica jerseys, costing fans an average of $100.14. Which is nearly $11 more expensive than the NBA kit in second place. 

Rank League Average Price ($)
1 NFL $100.14
2 NBA $89.53
3 MLB $59.82

The most expensive manufacturers for jerseys

The most expensive sports jerseys by manufacturer

Arguably the biggest kit manufacturer in the world, Nike takes the top spot as the most expensive, with the average jersey costing $101.58 just $2.58 ahead of Profile in second place. 

Nike is also the official supplier of replica kits to all NFL teams and some of the most popular NBA teams, which explains its ubiquity in our list. 

Rank Manufacturer Average price ($)
1 Nike $101.58
2 Profile $99.00
3 Majestic $89.99
4 Fanatics $74.28
5 Mitchell & Ness $69.99
6 Stitches $52.16


We looked at the price of an adult home shirt for each team in the NFL, NBA, and MLB, all sourced from the individual websites/online stores of the clubs themselves as of February 18th, 2022. 

We took the full recommended retail price as opposed to any reduced/sale prices, or discounted prices for kits being used in the current season.   

Note: data could not be found for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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