Super Agents: Where’s the Money At?

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Super Agents: Where’s the Money At?
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Most Profitable Agents

Last summer, we looked into which football agents are the most profitable in the business based on how much they earn on average per deal. With the summer transfer window now in full swing, and the untimely departure of Mino Railoa, it's the perfect time to refresh the stats with a new set of commission and contract figures courtesy of from this year.

Here’s how the stats for the most profitable football super agents stack up against each other…

Agent Agency Commissions Contracts Comission % Number of players Value of players Average player value Average contract value Most Valuable Player Estimated Value Average £ made per deal
Jorge Mendes Gestifute International £62,800,000.00 £626,300,000.00 10.03% 139 £1,080,000,000.00 £7,769,784.17 £4,505,755.40 Bernardo Silva £72,000,000.00 £779,087.41
Volker Struth Sports360 £30,700,000.00 £307,000,000.00 10.00% 89 £309,350,000.00 £3,475,842.70 £3,449,438.20 Timo Werner £31,500,000.00 £347,584.27
Jonathan Barnett ICM Stellar Group £121,100,000.00 £1,200,000,000.00 10.09% 803 £1,310,000,000.00 £1,631,382.32 £1,494,396.01 Jack Grealish £63,000,000.00 £164,633.67
Jose Otin Bahia Internacional £19,200,000.00 £191,000,000.00 10.05% 125 £104,000,000.00 £832,000.00 £1,528,000.00 Mikel Merino £45,000,000.00 £83,635.60
Thomas Kroth Pro Profil £14,700,000.00 £147,000,000.00 10.00% 159 £94,340,000.00 £593,333.33 £924,528.30 Jonathan Burkardt £15,300,000.00 £59,333.33
Fernando Felicevich Fernando Felicevich £15,000,000.00 £148,000,000.00 10.14% 154 £82,670,000.00 £536,818.18 £961,038.96 Erick Pulgar £5,850,000.00 £54,407.25

Jorge Mendes

Findings showed that Portuguese super-agent Jorge Mendes, who represents a host of extremely well-known players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva and David de Gea amongst others. Silva is his most valuable asset of the 139 clients though, with a market valuation of £72 million. 

Mendes players have a total market valuation of nearly £1.1 billion, with their contracts worth just over £626 million and his 10.03% commission fee meaning he has eared £62.8 million from those deals, which works out at £779,087 made on average per deal. 

German football agent Volker Struth

German-based agent Volker Struth placed after Mendes but brings in less than half of what his Portugese counterpart does on average per deal, with £347,584. The majority of Struth’s 89 clients operate in the Bundesliga, but the most valuable is Chelsea striker Timo Werner, moving to the Blues from RB Leipzig back in 2020 for a reported fee of just over £42 million. Currently, though, his market worth is £31.5 million, with the forward finding it tough to replicate his blistering form in Germany’s top tier into the Premier League. 

British football agent Jonathan Barnett

Photo Credit: British agent Jonathan Barnett, Image: skysports

British agent Jonathan Barnett was behind Struth in the rankings, but again, his earnings were half of the agent above him in the rankings taking home £164,633 on average per deal. Barnett is the main figure at ICM Stellar Group and currently has 803 clients in total worth just over £1.3 billion. He takes a 10.09% cut of their contracts (worth a total of £1.2 billion) meaning he has earned a staggering £121,100,000 million from those deals.

football agent Jose Otin

Jose Otin of Bahia Internacional was fourth in the table making just under £84,000 per deal from 125 players, the most expensive of which is Real Sociedad midfielder, Mikel Merino who is valued at £45 million. So far in total, he’s earned £19.2 million from a 10.05% commission from £191 million worth of contracts. 

football agent Thomas Kroth

Thomas Kroth and Fernando Felicevich rounded off the list, each having similar figures on commissions, total contract value, number of players, value of players and the average amount they make per deal - £59,333 and £54,407 respectively. Both agents had significantly lower valued players than their peers, with Kroth’s biggest client being Eintracht Frankfurts forward Jonathan Burkardt, who is valued at £15.3 million. Felicevich’s is even lower - Fiorentina’s defensive midfielder Erick Pulgar whose estimated worth is just under £6 million.

former football agent Mino Raiola

It's also worth noting that prior to his tragic death in April 2022, Mino Raiola would have been top of the list as he was last time we carried out this research. The latest figures available indicate that he was bringing in just shy of £930,000 per deal and over £62,000,000 in commissions. His empire is now in the hands of Brazilan Lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, who worked alongside Riaola for some 20 years.   

Biggest Agencies

Agency Based in No. of Players Total Market Value Average Player Value Most Valubale Player Transfer Market Value
Wasserman USA 788 £1,350,000,000.00 £1,713,197.97 Federico Valverde £63,000,000.00
ICM Stellar Sports UK 802 £1,310,000,000.00 £1,633,416.46 Jack Grealish £63,000,000.00
Gestifute Portugal 138 £1,080,000,000.00 £7,826,086.96 Bernardo Silva £72,000,000.00
CAA Base Ltd UK 554 £759,830,000.00 £1,371,534.30 Heung-min Son £67,500,000.00
One Netherlands 77 £714,310,000.00 £9,276,753.25 Erling Haaland £135,000,000.00
Unique Sports Group UK 482 £710,570,000.00 £1,474,211.62 Reece James £54,000,000.00

US-based agency Wasserman has the biggest accumulation of players with the highest market value, according to transfermarkt, with the 788 assets totalling a huge £1.35 billion. Players currently on their books include Real Madrid superstar Federico Valverde, Manchester City defender Americ Laporte and highly rated American teenager Giovanni Reyna who operates in the Bundesliga at Borussia Dortmund. 

Jonathan Barnetts ICM Stellar Sports were next with a total player valuation not far off Wasserman’s at £1.31 billion. Mendes’ Portuguese-based agency Gestifute followed with assets valued at just under £1.1 billion. CCA Base Ltd followed who are also housed in the UK, representing the likes of Tottenham Hotspur forward Heung-min Son as well as his new teammate Richarlison who signed from Everton this summer. 

The late Raiola’s One agency, based in the Netherlands, featured next holding assets with a total value of £714 million, including Erling Haaland, whose transfer market value is a whopping £135 million. Another UK-based agency Unique Sports Group completed the list with the likes of Reece James and David Upamecano on their books, with a total player value of £710 million. 

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