Super Agents: Where’s the Money At?

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Mino Raiola- The Most Profitable Super Agent in Football.

He is the man who courts headlines around the world for flogging his clients to the biggest clubs around, and Mino Raiola is officially the most profitable super agent in football according to data sourced by OLBG.

The Dutch-Italian agent, who represents the likes of Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahmiovic, is suggested to make more money per deal on average than any other ‘super agent’ in world football.

There has been criticism over the rise of these agents and the influence they have in the transfer market, being accused of offering bad advice to players, encouraging moves and deliberating contracts to ensure they get as big a slice of the pie as possible.

Raiola is one of those who has come in for heavy criticism due to his willingness to speak directly to the press and discuss contract negotiations of his clients, as he has numerous times of Pogba.

Football’s most influential agents (commission and contract data provided by Forbes)

Agent Agency Commissions Contracts Percentage Commission Number of players Value of players Average player value Average contract value Average money made per deal Most Valuable Player Estimated Value
Jonathan Barnett ICM Stellar Sports £103,018,085 £1,013,530,000 10.16% 673 £1,320,000,000 £1,961,367 £1,505,988 £153,073 Mason Mount £67,500,000
Jorge Mendes Gestifute £75,290,800 £723,950,000 10.40% 149 £948,850,000 £6,368,121 £4,858,725 £505,307 Ruben Dias £67,500,000
Mino Raiola Mino Raiola £61,318,565 £613,692,415 9.99% 77 £799,000,000 £10,376,623 £7,970,031 £796,345 Erling Haaland £117,000,000
Volker Struth SportsTotal £30,261,110 £302,683,495 10.00% 80 £298,800,000 £3,735,000 £3,783,544 £378,264 Dayot Upamecano £54,000,000
Frank Trimboli Creative Artists Agency £21,428,920 £214,506,385 9.99% 504 £588,040,000 £1,166,746 £425,608 £42,518 Heung-min Son £76,500,000
Meissa N'Diaye Sport Cover £16,433,665 £164,553,835 9.99% 31 £164,590,000 £5,309,355 £5,308,188 £530,118 Wissam Ben Yedder £31,500,000

Sir Alex Ferguson was heavily critical of his role in Pogba’s original departure from Old Trafford, describing him as a ‘shitbag’, and since his return Raiola has been happy to discuss the midfielder’s unhappiness under Jose Mourinho and effectively issue an ultimatum over his future.

This feeds into the narrative that agents are too powerful in football, but what exactly do they get out of these deals they are so keen to push?

Raiola was recognised as one of the top seven football agents in Forbes’ most powerful sports agents list, but he makes the most money out of them all, making on average £796,345 per deal - comfortably more than the £530,118 made by Meissa N’Diaye of Sport Cover, second on the list.

While Raiola actually has one of the smaller client stables - his total of 77 players is fewer than anyone but for Sport Cover and Elite Project Group - he clearly gets his money worth, with his players worth roughly £799,000,000 according to transfermarkt, at an average value of £10,376,623 per player - the highest of whom is Haaland at £117,000,000.

The biggest agents (as per transfermarkt) and their players

Agent Agency Average commission per contract Number of players Value of players Average player value Most Valuable Player Estimated Value
Barry Whelan Unique Sports Management 10.09% 298 £397,040,000 £1,332,349 Aaron Wan-Bissaka £36,000,000
Björn Bezemer ROOF 10.09% 141 £544,860,000 £3,864,255 Sadio Mane £76,500,000
Vadym Shablii ProStar 10.09% 306 £195,530,000 £638,987 Ruslan Malinovskyi £27,000,000
Andy Evans World in Motion 10.09% 279 £108,740,000 £389,749 Conor Coady £22,500,000
Emeka Obasi Elite Project Group 10.09% 31 £252,720,000 £8,152,258 Jadon Sancho £90,000,000

His average player value far outstrips his rivals, with Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes and Gestifute representing 149 players at an average cost of £6,368,121, while Elite Project Group have the second most expensive stable at £8,152,258 per 31 players, with Jadon Sancho the most high profile.

Using data provided by Forbes, taking commissions and contracts into account of Jonathan Barnett (ICM Stellar Sports), Mendes, Raiola, Volker Struth, Frank Trimboli and N’Diaye, we can work out that the average commission is 10.09% of the overall contract.

It is Mendes, who has well-known links to Wolves having provided a number of Portuguese players to the club, who actually takes home the biggest percentage of each completed deal.

His total of 10.40% commission per contract is more than Raiola who earns more money per deal on average but actually takes around 9.99% of each contract. 

The Wasserman group with Ryan Harper as their chief negotiator have the biggest client stable and represent 696 players in total with an overall value of £1,270,000,000 while ICM Stellar Sports have 673 players on their books at £1,320,000,000 overall.

Barnett has represented Gareth Bale through the biggest moves of his career and is ranked by Forbes as the richest and most powerful football agent currently, making a suggested £102,665,893 in commission in 2020 and £1,010,065,000 overall in contracts thanks to high profile players such as Mason Mount and Jack Grealish.

Methodology & Disclaimer 

The above data was compiled using sources including Forbes most powerful sports agents list and transfer market. These figures give us an idea of what the earnings from the super agents could be. The full details of the commercial contracts with each player will differ and may be closely guarded. 

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