How do fans watch their favourite teams?

Are you a die-hard fan of your team? Or do you prefer the comfort of your own home and a streaming device for watching and betting on football?

The growth of technology means that there are now more ways to watch football than simply turning up at the ground at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon - but what do the fans prefer?

We spoke to 1,000 football fans to find out their preferred ways of accessing live football.

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1) In what way do you usually watch live football?

Although most football fans prefer to watch live games at home, that trend is particularly prominent among female fans.

Just 12.3% of women said they watch football at a ground most weeks, compared to 20.3% of male respondents.

Kevin Plumb, Premier League director of legal services said:
There are serious consequences for sellers of illegal streaming devices and that the Premier League will prosecute those responsible for the piracy of our content. We are protecting those who watch Premier League content in the right way.
Key Takeaways

20.3% men vs. 12.3% women watch football at a ground most weeks.

20% women vs. 16.4% of men prefer watching football in the pub.

40% of people were unaware that unofficial online internet streams were illegal!

22.4% of people nationwide, and 58.2% of men in London, admitted they have used an unofficial stream.

9% of the UK and 40.5% of male workers in London have skipped work to watch football.

31.2% of females rely on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram for breaking news and updates, compared to 27.5% of men.