Premier League Points Total Betting

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The firms make predictions on how many points each EPL team will achieve. Then after every game they increase or decrease their predicted points total. You can place bets at any time ahead of or during the season depending on your opinion of how many points each team will achieve.

Premier League Points Total Betting
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Premier League Points Totals Predictions

OLBG member Davidg3907 studies this EPL Points Total market and then looks to profit throughout the season buying and selling points totals. 

You can see by the table his pre-season predictions of each team's points totals  + the midpoint from the spread betting firms. 

You can see that he has highlighted teams where his point total has the biggest difference from Sporting Index and Spreadex.  

Team David G 3907 Sporting Index Spreadex Average
Arsenal 61.14 61.75 61.25 61.85
Aston Villa 48.23 47.25 48.25 48.10
Brentford 35.49 36.75 36.75 36.08
Brighton 40.35 45.75 45.75 43.75
Burnley 41.00 38.75 38.25 39.26
Chelsea 73,58 75.75 76.75 75.61
Crystal Palace 35.58 38.25 38.25 37.21
Everton 51.95 52.75 53.25 52.69
Leeds 46.52 52.75 53.75 50.96
Leicester 59.14 59.25 59.25 59.43
Liverpool 75.84 77.25 76.75 76.81
Manchester City 82.46 86.25 86.75 85.75
Manchester United 73.97 74.25 74.25 74.18
Newcastle 39.44 39.75 39.75 39.50
Norwich 36.57 36.75 36.25 36.19
Southampton 43.21 43.75 43.25 43.33
Tottenham 63.67 59.25 59.25 61.08
Watford 36.53 34.25 34.25 34.61
West Ham 52.89 50.25 50.25 51.28
Wolves 43.73 43.25 43.25 43.18

Betting on the number of points any team gains.

Firms offer a spread with an upper and lower limit (usually 1.5 pts before the season starts) and you can BUY at the top of the spread or SELL at the bottom. 

To BUY means that you will win money for EACH POINT more than the figure at which you bet, but lose money for EACH POINT should they fail to reach that target.

Similarly, with SELL, you win for EACH POINT below the starting figure and lose for EACH POINT above it.


You BUY Arsenal at 70. For every point above 70, you win the amount of your stake. So, if the team finishes with 75 points, you win FIVE times your stake (75-70). If they end up with 67 points you will lose THREE times your stake (70-67).

You SELL Leeds at 60. For every point below 60, you win the amount of your stake. So, if the team only reaches 55 points, you win FIVE times your stake (60-55). If they finish with 66 points you will lose SIX times your stake (66-60). 

These points totals are updated after each game enabling you to close a position at any time to take profits or reduce losses. 

Winnings and losses are governed not just by whether you are right or wrong, but by how much, both winnings and losses can be several times your initial stake.

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