Canadian Liberal Leadership Betting Odds

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Canadian Liberal Leadership Betting Odds
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Regardless of who you want to win the election, you can still bet on who’s going to lead their respective party. You don’t even have to bet on the general winner of the Canadian elections, as the betting lines aren’t going to be as juicy when compared to something of this nature. Justin Trudeau has been leading the Liberal party since 2013, but is it time for a change?

If you feel like it is, you can put your money where your mouth is and bet on the Liberal Party of Canada’s leadership. You may not even know who else could be a leader of the Liberal party, or understand how to bet on this, which is why we’re here today. 

Let’s look at who else could potentially take the reins and some of the most popular betting lines available for Canadian Liberal leadership betting.

Canadian Liberal Leadership Betting Odds

No need to search high and low for Canadian Liberal leadership betting odds – we’ve compiled all of the best ones for you right here in this article. Check out the table below to see if there’s anything that piques your interest!


What is Betting on The Canadian Liberal Leadership

It sounds relatively straightforward, and that’s because it is. You’ll be placing a bet on who you think is going to lead the Liberal political party during the elections in Canada. Like his father before him, Trudeau has come to embody the Liberal Party for many Canadians. But after almost a decade in charge, what does the future hold for the Liberal political party? 

This is a great way to add some spice to the political debates or anything else that comes along with election time; you can also make some cash if you happen to get it right.

The Canadian Liberal Leadership Betting Markets

Betting on new Liberal leadership is much more popular than you may think. Not only that but there are a few different markets to choose from. You don’t have to settle for just one wager. You wouldn’t think that there was so much action going on with political party leader betting, but you’d be surprised.

You can bet on stuff like the overall Liberal leader, how much they win by (winning margin), and many other options if your bookmaker offers it. One thing to note is that not every bookmaker will offer lines, and many will only offer one or two markets. 

Liberal Leader Betting

This is where you’ll be betting on who becomes the overall leader of the Liberal party. There are favourites who are likely candidates for most Canadians, but there are also plenty of others to choose from; most of which will offer a much larger payout in comparison. There’s no telling how it’s going to play out, but there are definitely a few new faces in the Liberal party that could give Trudeau a run for his money.

Other than that, trust your instincts and make your bets accordingly. If you think the current leader is going to reign supreme again, so be it! Put your money down and hope that luck is on your side when election time rolls around. 

Liberal Leader Winning Margin Betting

In this market, you’ll be betting on the margin by which the victorious Liberal leader candidate wins. Betting the winning margin is a neat way to add juicier odds into the mix, as simply choosing the Liberal leader may not be enough for some people. When you try to predict the winning margin as well, you’re guaranteed a larger profit if the bet hits. If you’re looking at your bet slip and wondering why the odds aren’t higher, chances are you’ve overlooked this betting market entirely. 

Of course, this is much trickier to get right. Party leadership contests can be complicated and involve multiple rounds of voting, so there’s a lot involved in this particular bet. Nonetheless, if you’re a real politico with a sense of which way the wind is blowing, this could be a market for you.

Liberal Leader Gender Betting

Though this may seem like an unconventional market, many bookmakers are offering betting lines for the gender of the next Liberal leader. It makes sense, as there are plenty of influential and powerful women in federal Liberal politics that could end up becoming the Liberal leader (which we’ll talk about in our top contenders section). 

Not all bookmakers will offer this market, and the betting lines will vary from site to site – be sure to keep this in mind before you even think about placing your bet.  

How to Bet on The Canadian Liberal Leadership

You can often find these betting lines on the same sportsbook websites that you normally go to for sports. Check out places like DraftKings, FanDuel, or even Bet365 to see if they offer any Canadian political betting lines. However, these betting lines might prove hard to find, and it’s possible you’ll have to look at lesser-known sportsbooks.

Beyond that, you can always check out PlayNow (for BC residents only!), as they’re quite consistent when it comes to offering political or novelty betting markets. 

The Canadian Liberal Leadership Candidates to Know

Not sure where to start? Never fear, as we’re going to talk about the top contenders for leading the Liberal party. You don’t have to be an expert in politics to bet on them, especially when you have an article like this to reference before placing one. 

Candidate - Justin Trudeau 

European Parliament from EU, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Justin Trudeau is a familiar face for all Canadians, as he’s been the Prime Minister of Canada for two terms now, and led the Liberal Party of Canada since 2013. He’s considered the face of the Liberal party, but that’s bound to change over time. When it comes to betting odds, he will most likely have the highest ones available; that said, he isn’t a sure winner.

Some people have grown tired of Trudeau and that means even if the Liberals stay in government over the next couple of election cycles, he still runs the risk of being replaced by his own party. There are a number of other candidates that could hope to lead the Liberal party, but as it stands, Trudeau should have the highest odds of winning. 

Candidate - Mark Carney 

Mark carney liberal candidate at press conferencePolicy Exchange, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

There are certainly those who think Mark Carney, a highly renowned economist, could be a candidate for the Liberals in the future. He was the head of the Bank of Canada for five years, and then went on to head up the Bank of England, too, so he has a reputation all over the Commonwealth. Whether Carney himself is interested remains to be seen, but his name is often bandied around in discussions of new LPC leaders.

There’s no question that Mark Carney is a worthy opponent for Trudeau, but time will tell if the Liberal party is ready to welcome him as their new leader. Carney’s leadership of the Bank of Canada coincided with the financial crash in 2008. On the one hand, this reflects well on Carney’s ability to lead during difficult moments, though may have left a sour taste in some mouths. 

Candidate -  Chrystia Freeland

By Hildenbrand / MSC -, CC BY 3.0 de,

Chrystia Freeland is another person that you’ll hear about quite a bit when it comes to discussions about the Liberal Party’s future. She’s the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister on top of that, making her closest to the job compared to everyone else. This position has put her in the public eye and on the international scene, as the main negotiator when conducting trade deals (with North America, Europe, and the rest of the world). She’s popular among many Canadians, and could well mount a challenge for the leadership.

Freeland has all you need to make a run for leadership, but we’ll have to wait and see if she’s ready to make the commitment. She had a career before politics that will serve her well as a leader, and if you ask most Liberal supporters, she’s the leading candidate to take over. 

Francois-Philippe Champagne

Could there be another French-speaking leader for the Liberal party? This candidate used to be a foreign minister and is now in charge of innovation, science, and industry within Canada. Champagne is another well-known name, especially within the French community – the same can be said for Trudeau, though. Since he’s from Quebec, they may be able to take away French voters from the Bloc Quebecois party, which would increase his ability to win leadership even more. 

Champagne’s credentials are good, though it’s possible his limited time in Canadian politics could hold him back. He used to work as a lawyer, and that career took him all over the globe, so there’s no question that he’s well-traveled. The only question that people have is whether he’s ready to take on the role or not. If you think he is, you’ll likely find some juicy odds for him and turn a reasonable profit should he win. 

Things to Consider When Betting on The Canadian Liberal Leadership

If any of the past leaders are still in running, you have to consider them as serious contenders. The changing of leadership for Canadian politics isn’t a small act by any means, as it’s essentially a changing of the guard. Once the current leader gets too old or their politics become stale, another one will be voted in. Until then, if they’ve led for multiple terms, you can expect the current or past leaders to have a better chance at winning (when compared to other candidates).

This doesn’t mean that there’s no reason for you to bet on someone who hasn’t won in the past, but you should always do so with realistic expectations. 

Check the News

The news is your best friend when betting on anything political, especially who’s going to become the new Liberal leader. If there are any updates or new information, you’re bound to see it on the news. Whether it’s on television or through an online source, you should look at political news articles before making any bets. 

You owe it to yourself to do at least a little bit of research, otherwise, you may just be throwing money away.

Betting Odds

The betting odds that bookmakers offer can tell a story in their own right, as the bookies are “never wrong”. Making money as a gambler can seem like you’re betting on a favourite most of the time, and that’s because it’s true. There’s a reason why some candidates will have a higher chance of winning than others, and the one that has the highest odds of winning will likely come out on top.

That’s not to say that you can’t win with an underdog, as it happens all of the time in sports betting. Political betting is different as it doesn’t happen every day, and you aren’t relying on random variables to help you win. In shorter terms, the favourites are that way for a reason and bookies have inside info you never will! 

Who’s Going to Lead the Liberals Next?

Want to get even more invested in who’s going to become the next Liberal leader? Put some money down so you can enjoy watching political debates for once. You can’t call a political debate boring when it has a chance to win you some money, right? 

Whether you plan on getting more into politics or not, betting on the next Liberal leader is certainly worth a look for any Canadian. 

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