Best Bookmakers for Tennis Betting

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How to Decide Which Bookmakers are Best for Tennis Betting?

We serve up the ultimate best bookie for betting on Tennis, including full analysis of why they have been chosen as number one. 

With a great welcome offer, in play betting, live streams and on site stats, bet365 were very close to being rated #1

They didn't quite make it given the poor show in Tennis Odds Comparison below.

With so many other positives, they could hit the #1 spot if the odds improve over the coming months

Ranked #1 for Betting on Tennis

4.0 out of 5
based on 26 reviews
Bet Victor serve up a great offering for punters looking to bet on Tennis - With confirmed best odds and punter friendly rules, it's game, set and match
  • Best Tennis Odds
  • Favourable Player retirement payout rules
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Analysing many factors that a punter may want to consider when choosing an online bookmaker to bet on tennis..

Which bookmaker offers the best tennis odds? [September 2018]

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Straight match bets on Tennis can have regular low odds.

Getting just 5% better odds somewhere makes a huge difference

Let's see how it adds up by looking at the difference of 5% better odds

  • 5 x 1.50 bets in an accumulator pays just about 8.00
  • 5 x 1.575 bets in an accumulator pays 9.70
  • That's now 21% more return for the same bet

Just getting 5% better odds can make a HUGE difference

Do you want to make sure you are getting the best odds EVERY time you Bet on Tennis?

Each month we record tennis betting odds on a daily basis from a range of top tennis bookmakers. 

We highlight on a daily basis which bookmaker has the best tennis odds and display them in the chart below.

Every day you don't get the best odds, it is costing you money

In the simple example above, you could be £20 worse off for every bet on Tennis you make if you DONT use the recommended Best Tennis Odds Bookmaker

The information is up to date tennis odds comparison and displayed with how often, in percentage terms, you would get the best tennis odds daily with each bookie

If you only wanted one bookmaker account, you now know which offers the best tennis odds, most often

Best Odds Bookie Rank for Tennis


Data based on a daily snapshot of Bet365, Betfair, Bet Victor, Paddy Power, Betway, Ladbrokes & William Hill during August 2018

Odds were sampled for the Win Match market from all popular events where all bookies had odds available to determine if a bookmaker had outright or joint best odds.

Note that the Betfair odds are from the Betfair sportsbook. 

On occasion and often in play, you can find better tennis betting odds on the Betfair exchange

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Best Tennis Odds Comparison

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Which bookmaker covers the most tennis events?

All the traditional bookmakers offer odds on all of the bigger events events. If there is a smaller event that isn't covered by the traditional bookmakers then your best chance of getting a bet on would be the Betfair Exchange - as long as the liquidity in that market is good enough.

In terms of covering an event first, Paddy Power can often be quick to form a market on a future market so if you are struggling to find the betting on a market for an event the best part of a year into the future then Paddy Power is always worth checking out - they priced up the tennis event in the 2016 Rio Olympics months before their competitors!

Which bookmaker offers the most tennis markets?

All of the major bookmakers will offer all of the major markets on tennis events and matches but there do tend to be some markets offered only be a few bookmakers. Paddy Power are normally excellent at pricing up as many markets as possible on tennis. For the 2016 French Open matches they were offering 7 different options for the games handicap market whereas no one else offered any more than 3 different options. For French Open matches Paddy Power were generally offering 37 markets whereas Ladbrokes had 24, Coral had 21, and Bet365 were only offering 13.

When it comes to tennis specials Paddy Power and Bet365 are nearly always ahead of the competition. They offer many specials throughout the tennis season that simply aren't offered anywhere else. Bet365 are great for pricing up markets for number of grand slam wins for individual players for that season.

What are the different bookmaker rules for player retirements?

One of the most important bookmaker settlement rules to note for anyone who bets on tennis matches is what the bookmakers will do in the event a player retires during the match.

You may think the fairest thing to do is to declare the player who progresses to the next round as the winner for betting purposes but that isn't always what happens.

Best bookmakers to use for betting on favourites in tennis matches

If you are betting on favourites you probably don't want the risk of a short priced bet losing because that player picks up an injury during the match. Therefore you'll find these bookmakers the most likely to declare a match void if a player retires during a match:

Bet365 - all bets are void unless a player is disqualified during the match.
BetVictor - all bets are void unless a player is disqualified during the match.
Betway - all bets are void unless a player is disqualified during the match.
Paddy Power - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.
Stan James - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.
William Hill - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.
Winner - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.
Boylesports - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.
10Bet - all bets are void if the match isn't completed.

Best bookmakers to use for betting on outsiders in tennis matches

If you are betting on outsiders you most likely want bets to be settled in the favour of the player who progresses so that you don't miss out on a big priced winner due to a technicality. Therefore these bookmakers, who are less likely to declare a match void if a player retires during the match, should be considered:

BetBright - Bets stand once the match has begun.
Betfair - If the first set is completed bets stand.
888sport - If the first set is completed bets stand.
Ladbrokes - If the first set is completed bets stand.
Coral - If the first set is completed bets stand.
Betfred - If the first set is completed bets stand.

Which bookmakers offer tennis in play betting?

As tennis is such a popular sport all of the major bookmakers offer in running betting on tennis. Tennis can move pretty quickly compared to other sports resulting in some fairly swift market changes so always be sure that the action you are watching is not on any sort of delay.

The following bookmakers all offer in play betting for tennis:

William Hill
Paddy Power

OLBG member 'Inside Man' is someone who rates Betway's in play betting very highly, having this to say in his review of the bookmaker:

"Another thing I thought was good was when I decided to have an in-play tennis bet, the player in question ended up being injured and the game was stopped but I never expected to be refunded on my bet but that is exactly what Betway did and I was surprised at that."

Which bookmakers offer tennis stats for betting research on their websites?

There are many excellent sites out there to research your tennis bets and amongst those are some of the bookmaker websites. They offer some in depth stats for tennis and the transition from research to placing your bet often couldn't be any easier.

The following bookmakers have tennis stats on their websites:


Which bookmakers offer live tennis streaming?

Tennis is one of the best covered sports after football as far as live streaming is concerned with many top bookmakers making it available to customers who have had a small bet.

The following bookmakers offer live streaming on their sites for tennis events:

William Hill
Paddy Power

Which bookmakers offer the biggest tennis payouts?

All bookies have payout limits and these will usually vary between different sports. You must be aware of these tennis payout limits as you could include selections in your bets that take you over the maximum payout - increasing the risk of your bet losing for no extra reward.

These are the top bookies and their maximum payouts for tennis at the time of writing, please check out their latest terms prior to placing any tennis bets:

Bet365 - £500,000 for full ATP tour outright tournament winner and match winner, £250,000 for full WTA tour outright tournament winner and match winner, £25,000 for all other Tennis markets/Tournaments (this includes all ITF, ATP Challenger, WTA Challenger and ATP Qualifying events).

Ladbrokes - £500,000 for all markets.

Betway - ATP/WTA Full Tour - Match Winner and Tournament Winner markets £250,000, ATP/WTA Full Tour - all other markets £100,000. Any other tournament - Match Winner and Tournament Winner markets £100,000, Any other tournament - any other markets £25,000.

Paddy Power - Singles events only, Grand Slam Events Post Qualification, ATP Masters Series, WTA Tour Championship , ATP or WTA events post qualification with prize fund over £200,000 - match betting and set betting - £200,000, all other markets £50,000. All other tennis event types - match betting £25,000, all other markets £1,000.

BetVictor - £100,000 for all markets except on Indian Premier League Tennis which has a £25,000 limit.

Betfair - ATP/WTA Tennis 3rd Round Onwards - match odds, game x betting, set x winner £100,000, ATP/WTA Tennis 3rd Round Onwards - all other markets £50,000. WTA/ATP Qualifying 1st or 2nd Round Matches, All Challenger Tennis - match odds, game x betting, set x winner £25,000. WTA/ATP Qualifying 1st or 2nd Round Matches, All Challenger Tennis - all other markets £15,000. ITF Tennis - match odds, game x betting, set x winner £25,000, ITF Tennis - all other markets £15,000.

Coral - £100,000 for all markets.

BetBright - £50,000 for all markets.