Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends

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Contested over a distance of 1m4f is the Yushun Himba which is scheduled to take place at Tokyo. Below we have detailed past winners along with both trainer and jockey records in the race and see which trends have been set based on past winners of the Yushun Himba.

Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends
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2024 Yushun Himba Preview

Scheduled to take place in May of each year at the Tokyo Racecourse is the Yushun Himba, the Japanese Oaks.

The Grade I race is restricted to three-year-old fillies and is run over a distance of 2,400m (Twelve Furlongs).

The race carries a purse of over £1.6m with runners getting entries from the Oka Sho (Top 5) run at Hanshin, the Flora Stakes (Top 2) and the Sweetpea Stakes (Winner) which are both run here at Toyko.

Winners of this race often go on to run in the final leg of the Japanese Fillies' Triple Crown, with the Oka Sho being the first leg, this race being the second leg and the Shuka Sho being the final leg.

Only eight fillies' have gone on to win the triple crown, the last of those coming in 2020 when the Yoshito Yahago trained Contrail went on to win all three races.

Yushun Himba Information:

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How competitive is the Yushun Himba market? When looking at the over-rounds for the last 10 renewals, the most competitive market was in 2014 when the race had an over-round of 121%. The race in 2020 was a race that was most in the bookie's favour with an over-round of 129%, whilst on average over the last 10 renewals of the Yushun Himba, the over-round has been 127%, which means the bookie expects to pay out £100 for every £127 which is bet.

Yushun Himba Trends:

Looking at the future form, is the winner worth following next time out? From the past 10 if you had followed the winner of the Yushun Himba next time out then you would have backed a total of 5 winners. Backing all 10 runners who have been out since to win at SP next time out, would have returned an LSP of -2.10. See which other runners are being backed today on the racing predictions page.

Over the last 10 renewals, it was Loves Only You, trained by Yoshito Yahagi and ridden by Mirco Demuro who set the fastest winning time in the Yushun Himba, the runner won the race in a time of 2:22.80 when winning the race in 2019. At the other end of the scale, it was the combination of trainer Makoto Saito and jockey Yasunari Iwata with Nuovo Record who set the slowest winning time, the race-winning time was 2:25.80 in the 2014 renewal.

These are the top three quickest-run Yushun Himba over the last 10 renewals:

  1. Loves Only You (2:22.80) in 2019
  2. Liberty Island (2:23.10) in 2023
  3. Almond Eye (2:23.80) in 2018

Yushun Himba Past Winners

Here are the Yushun Himba past winners for the last 10 renewals. Each row details the year of the race, the horse which won along with the age & weight of the horse. Also detailed is the stall where the horse came from and the total number of runners in the race. The trainer of the horse at the time of winning the Yushun Himba as well as the jockey is also displayed along with the starting price the horse was sent off.

YearHorse (Drawn)Info
Liberty Island (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (5 of 18) 2/5F
Yuga Kawada
Mitsumasa Nakauchida (JPN)
Stars On Earth (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (18 of 17) 11/2
Christophe-Patrice Lemaire
Mizuki Takayanagi (JPN)
Uberleben (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (9 of 18) 79/10
Mirco Demuro
Takahisa Tezuka (JPN)
Daring Tact (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (4 of 18) 3/5F
Kohei Matsuyama
Haruki Sugiyama (JPN)
Loves Only You (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (13 of 18) 3/1F
Mirco Demuro
Yoshito Yahagi (JPN)
Almond Eye (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (13 of 17) 7/10F
Christophe-Patrice Lemaire
Sakae Kunieda (JPN)
Soul Stirring (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (2 of 18) 7/5F
Christophe-Patrice Lemaire
Kazuo Fujisawa (JPN)
Sinhalite (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (3 of 18) 1/1F
Kenichi Ikezoe
Sei Ishizaka (JPN)
Mikki Queen (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (9 of 17) 58/10
Suguru Hamanaka
Yasutoshi Ikee (JPN)
Nuovo Record (JPN)
3yo 8-9 (9 of 18) 44/5
Yasunari Iwata
Makoto Saito (JPN)

Yushun Himba Trainer Statistics

Here are the Yushun Himba trainer statistics over the last 10 renewals for trainers who have entries in the 2024 renewal, those not listed have not had a runner. (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Sakae Kunieda7-1-3-5.30-4.65
Mitsumasa Nakauchida6-1-1-4.60-4.80
Tetsuya Kimura4-0-0-4.00-4.00
Tomokazu Takano3-0-3-3.00-1.50
Takanori Kikuzawa3-0-0-3.00-3.00
Takashi Saito2-0-1-2.00-1.50
Manabu Ikezoe2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Yoshinori Muto2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Yasushi Shono1-0-0-1.00-1.00

Yushun Himba Jockey Statistics

The leading jockey in the Yushun Himba over the last 10 renewals is Christophe-Patrice Lemaire who has won the race three times with those three winners coming from Soul Stirring (2017), Almond Eye (2018) and Stars On Earth (2022). The only other jockey to have recorded multiple wins in the Yushun Himba is Mirco Demuro (2 wins).

Here are the Yushun Himba jockey statistics over the last 10 renewals for jockeys who have entries in the 2024 renewal, those not listed have not had a runner. (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Christophe-Patrice Lemaire8-3-5+2.60-0.20
Mirco Demuro9-2-4+3.90-0.55
Yuga Kawada9-1-3-7.60-6.80
Yasunari Iwata7-1-1+2.80-1.60
Kohei Matsuyama3-1-1-1.40-1.70
Keita Tosaki9-0-2-9.00-8.00
Yutaka Take8-0-0-8.00-8.00
Hironobu Tanabe6-0-0-6.00-6.00
Kosei Miura6-0-0-6.00-6.00
Hiroshi Kitamura3-0-1-3.00-2.50
Takeshi Yokoyama3-0-1-3.00-2.50
Akihide Tsumura2-0-1-2.00-1.50
Ryusei Sakai2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Kazuo Yokoyama2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Yukito Ishikawa2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Miyabi Muto1-0-0-1.00-1.00
Mirai Iwata1-0-0-1.00-1.00

Yushun Himba Trend Analysis

The trend factor which had produced 5+ winners and shows the best LSP, an LSP of +5.50 is when runners had 1 career place in the class. The worst performing factor that has failed to produce a single winner is when runners had 0 places in the past 180 days, when backing these the trend shows a record of 0-57.

Here are the most recent winning draws along with the further placings in brackets:

  • 2023: Winner in 5 (12,13) [18 Runners]
  • 2022: Winner in 18 (2,8) [17 Runners]
  • 2021: Winner in 9 (7,8) [18 Runners]
  • 2020: Winner in 4 (16,7) [18 Runners]
  • 2019: Winner in 13 (10,2) [18 Runners]

The course which has produced the most winners of the Yushun Himba is Hanshin, there has been a total number of 7 winners of this race who ran at Hanshin last time out.

Looking over the past renewals, these are the stallions whose offspring have produced multiple winners of the Yushun Himba:

  • Deep Impact (3 Wins)
  • Duramente (2 Wins)

These are the stallions whose offspring have not produced a winner of the Yushun Himba despite multiple attempts:

  • King Kamehameha (0 Wins from 11 runners)
  • Harbinger (0 Wins from 10 runners)
  • Kizuna (0 Wins from 7 runners)
  • Rulership (0 Wins from 7 runners)
  • Daiwa Major (0 Wins from 6 runners)

Looking at the winning odds over the last 10 renewals, the biggest-priced winner was Nuovo Record in 2014, winning for Makoto Saito at odds of 44/5 under the guidance of Yasunari Iwata. Looking at the runners at the head of the market over the last 10 renewals there have been 6 winning favourites in the race. All figures and trends above, such as the horse's previous runs are based on the information that is available on the racing post.

Yushun Himba Trend Shortlist

Tokyo will host the 2024 renewal of the Yushun Himba which will be run at 7:40 am on Sunday 19th May 2024 and these are the runners who perform best based on the trends along with the trainer and jockey and their record in the race (Runs-Wins-Places Win LSP / EW LSP):

  • 15/15 Stellenbosch (6/5)
    • Sakae Kunieda (7-1-3 -5.30 / -4.65)
    • Keita Tosaki (9-0-2 -9.00 / -8.00)

Others: Light Back (14/15), Hohelied (13/15), Mi Anhelo (13/15), Tagano Elpida (13/15), Ethelfleda (12/15), Admire Belle (11/15), Cervinia (11/15), Queens Walk (11/15), Koganeno Sora (10/15), Lavanda (10/15), Safira (9/15), Windstille (9/15), Lance Of Queen (8/15), Sweep Feet (8/15), Shonan Manuela (7/15), Pareja (6/15) and Sunset View (6/15).

*Trainer & Jockey numbers are Runs-Wins-Places Win LSP / EW LSP, Runners, Odds and Trends Passed/Failed correct at the time of posting (6:04 pm Friday 17th May 2024), if no odds were available at the time of posting then forecasted odds are used.

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