Women's Cricket World Cup Preview & Betting Guide

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For the 2025 Women's Cricket World Cup, we have a look at past winners and statistics for the Women's Cricket World Cup in this blog as well as a preview of the 2025 tournament.

Women's Cricket World Cup Preview & Betting Guide
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Women's Cricket World Cup

In this Women's Cricket World Cup blog we will look ahead to the 2025 tournament, last at past winners and statistics and also give you links to where you will be able to find the Women's Cricket World Cup betting tips.

Women's Cricket World Cup Quick Links

2025 Women's Cricket World Cup Preview

The 2025 Women's Cricket World Cup will feature eight countries' competition over thirty-one matches, the hosts are yet to be announced, when they are we will update it here.

The tournament takes place every four years, the 2021 tournament, however, due to circumstances, was postponed and then was rescheduled to take place in 2022 meaning only three years between that and the 2025 tournament.

Women's Cricket World Cup Format

As already briefly mentioned, there will be a total of eight countries competing at the twelve Women's Cricket World Cup and they will make up a total of thirty-one matches to be played in the space of around thirty days.

The tournament starts off with all eight countries in one group, there will be seven rounds which will result in each country playing the other seven countries once.

After the seven rounds, the top four will advance into the knock-out stages.

Women's Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

During the tournament, the OLBG cricket tipsters will have you covered, over on the main cricket tips page you will find Women's Cricket World Cup Predictions over the thirty days from all of the group matches through to the final.

Each match will be listed on that page along with the most tipped outcome for the match, additionally, you can click on the match and you will be redirected to the match page, there you can see all of the cricket predictions for the game from the match-winner, the man of the match and top batsman too.

Alternatively, if you only want to see tips from the profitable cricket tipsters then head over to the Best Cricket Tipsters page, we only highlight tipsters who have open predictions on cricket and have shown a profit for the cricket predictions over the past year.

If you want a certain tipster to follow during the tournament then the most popular tipster on the OLBG App at the time of writing (Feb 2022) is Dundeeman who has a total of 7,777 users following their cricket tips and they are also the most profitable cricket tipster too.

Women's Cricket World Cup Past Winners

Australia are the most successful team have lifted the trophy in seven of the previous twelve tournaments, the next best is England who has won it on four occasions, that means those two countries have won all bar one of the tournaments, New Zealand are the only other country to win having won it when hosting in 2000.

England - 20 points
Australia - 17 points
England won on points
Australia - 6 points
England - 4 points
Australia won on points
New Zealand
Australia - 152/7 (59 overs)
England - 151/5 (60 overs)
Australia won by 3 wickets
Australia - 129/2 (44.5 overs)
England - 127/7 (60 overs)
Australia won by 8 wickets
England - 195/5 (60 overs)
New Zealand - 128 (55.1 overs)
England won by 67 runs
Australia - 165/5 (47.4 overs)
New Zealand - 164 (49.3 overs)
Australia won by 5 wickets
New Zealand
New Zealand - 184 (48.4 overs)
Australia - 180 (49.1 overs)
New Zealand won by 4 runs
South Africa
Australia - 215/4 (50 overs)
India - 117 (46 overs)
Australia won by 98 runs
England - 167/6 (46.1 overs)
New Zealand - 166 (47.2 overs)
England won by 4 wickets
Australia - 259/7 (50 overs)
West Indies - 145 (43.1 overs)
Australia won by 114 runs
England - 228/7 (50 overs)
India - 219 (48.4 overs)
England won by 9 runs
New Zealand
Australia - 356/5 (50 overs)
England - 285 (43.4 overs)
Australia won by 71 runs

Women's Cricket World Cup Statistics

Considering they have won the tournament the most, it's no surprise to see Australia with the best win rate at the tournament and they are followed by England who has won the second most title.

New Zealand which has one title to their name has the third-best win rate whilst India has a win rate of over 52% despite never lifting the trophy, Bangladesh only made their debut in 2022.

Team Performances at the Women's World Cup:

New Zealand128754302162.07%
South Africa74620230443.48%
West Indies74616280234.78%

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