The Ashes Preview & Betting Guide

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We look ahead to the 74th Ashes series which will take place in 2025 & 2026 in Australia with the hosts looking to retain the Ashes that they have held since 2018.

The Ashes Preview & Betting Guide
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The Ashes 2025-26 Preview

The 2025-26 Ashes will be the 74th series and will be played over the regular five tests starting in November of 2025 and finishing in January 2026.

The five tests will take place at five different grounds which will be finalised closer to the start date, however, it will be expected the usual stadiums will host which are The Gabba, Adelaide Oval, Perth Stadium, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sydney Cricket Ground.

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As already mentioned, it will be the usual five-test series and because Australia is the current holder of the Ashes, they need to make sure they do not lose to retain the Ashes, if England wants to claim the Ashes then they need to win, a draw would see Australia retain them.

Australia won 4-0 (1x Draw) the last time it was hosted in Australia, a 9-wicket victory at the Gabba, a 275-run victory at the Adelaide Oval, a massive innings and 14-run victory at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and a 146-run victory at the Bellerive Oval, the game at the Sydney Cricket Ground resulted in a draw.

Ashes Series 2025/26 28 May @ 21:19 - Outright Winner
Australia 1.91
England 3.60
Draw 7.00

The 2024 Ashes Schedule

As previously stated, the schedule will be announced much closer to the start date which will be in November of 2025, once it is we will add the schedule here.

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The Ashes Betting Tips & Predictions

First, are you not of the million downloads of the OLBG App? Then make sure you install it ahead of The Ashes to ensure you have everything to hand over the five tests to see what the expert cricket tipsters are backing.

For the 2025-26 Ashes, we will have the outright market available, who will the tipsters be predicting to win? Australia to retain the Ashes or could England take the home? There will also be betting markets for all five tests.

If you want to see what the crème de la crème of cricket tipsters are backing then head over to our Best Cricket Tipsters page, here we only display cricket tipsters who have shown a profit over the past year for their cricket predictions.

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Indian Premier League (IPL) Betting Statistics

To see all of the Ashes predictions then head over to the Cricket Betting Predictions page, in addition to the outright market on who will win the Ashes series, each individual test match will also be available on that page which will highlight the predicted outcome.

Also, you can click on the events on that page and it will load up all markets available, each outcome will highlight how many cricket picks are supporting that outcome and any cricket tipsters who have left comments on the market, you can read their thoughts on that page too.

The Ashes Last Ten Winners

When looking at the last ten Ashes, one thing is plain to see, of late having home advantage has been a massive advantage! The only time the hosts were beaten was back in 2010-11 when England won in Australia to retain the Ashes, seven of the other nine series were won by the hosting country, the only other exceptions were in 2019 & 2023 when the series was tied in England both times.

Here are the last ten winners of the Ashes:

SeriesYearsHostMatchesAUS WinsENG WinsDrawsWinnerHolder

The Ashes Team Performances

In terms of the number of test matches won, it's Australia who leads the way with 142 wins, that is over 40% of the matches and won thirty-two more than England (110) have won with 99 of the matches ending in draws which shows how competitive the matches can be. On home soil, Australia's strike rate increases up to over 52% (90 wins from 172) and there seem to be fewer draws in Australia than in England with only 26 down under compared to 67 in England, the weather obviously plays a big part in that.

All Ashes Tests (345)

  • Australia 142 (41.2%)
  • England 110 (31.9%)
  • Drawn 99 (27%)

Ashes Tests in Australia (172)

  • Australia 90 (52.3%)
  • England 56 (32.6%)
  • Drawn 26 (15.1%)

Ashes Tests in England (173)

  • Australia 52 (30.1%)
  • England 54 (31.2%)
  • Drawn 67 (38.7%)

When it comes to under of Ashes series won, there is not a great deal between the two countries, Australia has 34 series wins whilst England has 32 series wins so just one separates them and you don't get many series draws with just the seven over the course of the history of the Ashes. As one would expect, on home soil, the Aussies have the upper hand with twenty series wins compared to England's fourteen and there have only ever been two drawn series in Australia.

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All Ashes Series (73)

  • Australia 34 (46.6%)
  • England 32 (43.8%)
  • Drawn 7 (9.6%)

Ashes Series in Australia (36)

  • Australia 20 (54.3%)
  • England 14 (40.0%)
  • Drawn 2 (5.7%)

Ashes Series in England (37)

  • Australia 14 (37.8%)
  • England 18 (48.6%)
  • Drawn 5 (13.5%)
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The Ashes Records

Highest Innings Total

There have been plenty of high-scoring innings, twenty-two in the six-hundreds, there has been two in the seven-hundreds but the highest-scoring innings was a massive 903/7 by England in 1938 in a match which England won by 579 runs, Leonard Hutton hit 364, the best ever individual score in this series, Maurice Leyland hit 187 and Joe Hardstaff hit 169 not out whilst Australia holds the next six highest scores.

Highest Match Aggregate

There were two matches in which over 1,700 runs were scored, at Headingley in 1948 the two teams notched up a total of 1,723 runs in a 7-wicket victory for Australia they hit 458 & 404/3 to England's 496 & 365/8d but with thirty more runs, the highest aggregate came in 1921 at the Adelaide Oval when 1,753 runs were scored on a 119 run victory for Australia, with innings of 354 & 582 England was set a total of 490 to win having scored 447 in the 1st innings but could only manage 370.

Highest Win Margin

There have been thirty victories by over an inning, the best of those is from a match already mentioned, that would be the one from 1938 where England scored 903/7 and went on to win that match by an inning and 579 runs, the closest to that victory is over two-hundred runs short. In terms of victory by runs, it was England's victory at the Exhibition Ground in 1928 when beaten the Aussies by 675 runs.

Lowest Innings Total

There have been plenty of innings to forget between these two, four of those under 50 with the Aussies holding the record for the three lowest scores, 44 in 1896, 42 in 1888 and their lowest score of just 36 scored in 1902, Victor Trumper scored 18 that day meaning the others scored 18 between them! England's worst innings was their 45 scored in 1887, they were even 29-8 at one point and despite the low score, it was a match that they still went on to win by 13 runs!

Lowest Match Aggregate

The lowest three-match aggregates all came in the same year, 1888 was not a great year for the series, the lowest of those is the only ever one which recorded under 300 runs, there were only 291 runs scored with the fall of all forty wickets, Australia scored 116 & 60 whilst England scored 53 & 62 with the Aussies winning by 61 runs.

Lowest Win Margin

In terms of winning by runs, there have been four matches where the winning margin was less than ten runs, the lowest being a 2 run victory by England in 2005 at Edgbaston. There have been three one-wicket victories in the history of the series, all of which were in favour of England, 1902 at The Oval, 1908 at Melbourne and more recently in 2019 at Headingley, a match which saw a masterclass from Ben Stokes.

Contribuitor Information

We take great pride in the information provided in our cricket betting previews and the The Ashes Preview & Betting Guide is no exception. James and Dan work seamlessly together to collate and present the data in this superb guide to this event

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