What Is The Wettest Day On Record In The UK?

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We know it rains a lot in the UK with our summers getting shorter and shorter and gloomy wet days seemingly occurring more often. Weather betting odds are now available on what will be the wettest month and day of the year.

What Is The Wettest Day On Record In The UK?
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Wettest Day Records

On Saturday 3rd October many weather stations across the country recorded the biggest amount of rainfall ever in one day. 

In Oxfordshire, 60 millimetres were registered and in Aberdeenshire, 66 millimetres was measured.

That daily amount of 60/66 millimetres is around 25% of the total average October rainfall, remember that happened on 1 very wet day. 

The average rainfall on the 3rd of October across the entire UK was 31.7 mm (1.25 inches) which was well ahead of the previous high of 29.8 mm (1.17 inches) which occurred on the 25th of August 1986.  

The 3rd of October 2020 needs to be a date that we all remember when the question comes up what is the wettest day in the UK?

Top 3 Wettest Days In the United Kingdom

Date Year Average Daily Rainfall 
3rd October 2020 31.7 mm
25th August  1986 29.8 mm
15th February 2020 27.2 mm

Average Monthly Rainfall

Monthy Rainfall Graph

Weather Betting

The best betting sites are never slow to offer a market if they think there will be bets placed, this has happened in a big way when it comes to betting on the weather. 

Weather Records

As we have read 2020 saw the wettest day ever in the UK. In 2019 we saw the hottest day of the year, back-to-back record breakers.

We of course have White Christmas Betting which experiences great interest from punters, but now climate odds for Spring, Summer and Autumn have started to be priced up by the bookies. 

You can now place a bet in the summer that we will see a White Christmas in 2022. (around 7/2 at time of writing).

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

Individual monthly temperature Highs and Lows are now regularly being offered by the bookies.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

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