Coldest Weather Betting Odds

Weather Odds are now being offered by more and more of the best betting sites. They tend to offer markets on the wettest, coldest, driest and hottest months of the year, and those who are informed can benefit from this weather knowledge.

Coldest Weather Betting Odds

Snow Headlines

  • The UK Could see Snow in the week leading up to Valentines Day 2022. 

  • Temperatures will plummet across the country. 

  • An Arctic blast will bring a severe frost. 

  • The best betting sites are on alert for the lowest temperature of the year. 

    Lowest Temperature

Arctic Conditions On The Way

Weather forecasters are predicting arctic blasts in early 2022 with temperatures expected to plummet. 

Temperatures could plunge to as low as -5C along with prolonged flurries of snow. 

The best betting sites are offering odds of 4/5 that January could be the coldest on record, with large parts of the country seeing some of the white stuff.

We remember the Beast From The East in  February 2019 when temperatures dropped to an icy -11 in places, with Scotland as usual hardest hit, and we may see something similar this year. 

London which really gets snow is at betting odds of just 1/2 to have snow this month, with other parts of England at similar odds. 

The forecasters are unsure on whether it will just be very cold and dry or very cold and snowy, both scenarios however will mean the heating needs turning up. 

Scroll down to see the coldest weather tables for the UK and the World. 

The Winter Of 1947

Snow fell for 55 days in a row between January and March 1947. Temperatures rarely rose above 0.0°C.

Record-Breaking Weather Conditions

The winter of 1963 was the coldest since records began with temperatures recorded at -20°C. Lakes and Rivers froze, even sea water in places turned to ice.

Coldest Weather Records

The coldest days ever recorded in the United Kingdom was unsurprisingly in Scotland at -27.2 (-17.0 Fahrenheit). 

The Eastern UK

The eastern side of the UK is especially prone to extreme cold, with Aberdeenshire in Scotland and Norfolk in England regularly towards the top of the minimum temperature records.

Scotland Lowest Temperature

Coldest Temperature Town Date
-27.2 Degrees Centigrade (-17F) Braemar, Aberdeenshire 10th January 1982
-27.2 Degrees Centigrade (-17F) Braemar, Aberdeenshire 11th February 1985
-27.2 Degrees Centigrade (-17F) Altnaharra, Sutherland 30th December 1995

The chilly record is held by two towns Braemar in Aberdeenshire and Altnaharra in Scotland. 

England Lowest Temperature

Coldest Temperature Town Date
-26.1 Degrees Centigrade (-15F) Newport, Shropshire 10th January 1982

This temperature in England took forecasters by surprise, the country did experience very cold weather in Jan 1982 but -26.1 was not expected. 

Newport generally has a mild average climate but that winters day climatic forces aligned to drop the mercury in this rural location.  

Wales Lowest Temperature

Coldest Temperature Town Date
-23.3 Degrees Centigrade (-9.9F) Rhayader, Radnorshire 21st January 1940

The Mid Wales market town with its open hills fell to a low of 23.3 degrees in 1940, it has not been as cold since. 

Northern Ireland Lowest Temperature

Coldest Temperature
-18.7 Degrees Centigrade (-1.7F) Castlederg, County Tyrone 24th December 2010

Northern Ireland because of the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean tends not to regularly get extreme cold, winters, as you can see by the tables above 

The coldest day in Northern Ireland was -18.7 nearly 10 degrees warmer than Scotland's coldest day.  

Coldest By Month

Lowest Daily Minimum Temperature

Naturally, the coldest months are November through to February, but -5.6 in June would have been a surprise for residents in Santon Downham, Norfolk, England. 

Month Lowest Daily Minimum Temperature Date Town - Country
January -27.2 10th January 1982 Braemar - Scotland
February -27.2 11 February 1895 Braemar -Scotland
March -22.8 14th March 1958 Logie Coldstone -Scotland
April -15.4 2nd April 2017 Eskdalemuir -Scotland
May -9.4 4th May 1941 Lynford - England
May -9.4 11th May 1941 Lynford -England
June -5.6 1st June 1962 Santon Downham -England
June -5.6 3rd June 1962 Santon Downham - England
June -5.6 9th June 1955 Dalwhinnie - Scotland
July -2.5 15th July 1977 Lagganlia - Scotland
August -4.5 21st August 1973 Lagganlia - Scotland
September -6.7 26th September 1942 Dalwhinnie - Scotland
October -11.7 28th October 1948 Dalwhinnie - Scotland
November -23.3 14th November 2019  Braemar - Scotland
December -27.2 30th December 1995 Altnaharra - Scotland

Coldest Months

Average Monthly Temperature Since 2015

Month Average Monthly Temperature 2015-2021 
January 4.89°C
February 5.3°C
March 6.8°C
April 8.7°C
May  11.8°C
June 15.07°C
July 16.92°C
August 16.5°C
September 14.5°C
October 10.8°C
November 7.6°C
December 6.5°C

Coldest January

January 2021 was the coldest month in 10 years with an average temperature of just 2.2°C. The coldest January on record was 0.9°C in 1963.

Coldest Worldwide Temperatures

Many of those interested in weather betting always want to know  What is the coldest temperature ever recorded? the table below answers that temperature question. 

Being close to the poles, a clear sky and away from any of the oceans can lead to the perfect conditions for extreme cold. 

Town/Country Date Temperature °C Temperature °F
Vostok, Antarctica 21st July 1983 - 89.2°C
Vostok, Antarctica
24th August 1960 -88.3°C
Plateau Station, Antarctica 20th July 1968 -86.2°C
Dome Argus, Antarctica July 2005 -82.5°C
Verkhoyansk, Russia February 5th 1892 -67.8°C

Weather Betting

There is nothing complicated about betting on the weather it is a betting market like a list of horses for the Grand National. 

You simply need to go to your favourite betting app and head to the TV & Specials section in the menu, then select weather. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our betting sites section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK. 

In-depth reviews will help and you can read what other users think of specific bookies 

You can then head over to the free bets page where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all UK betting sites.

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