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2021 NFL London Series

Published: Sep 22, 2:20pm Last Updated: Oct 17, 4:11pm American Football 0 Comments 43 Views

What is the NFL London Series?

Since 2007, the NFL has had an NFL International Series where the NFL went on the road to the UK so the NFL fans abroad got a chance to see a game live at Wembley Stadium! The first-ever NFL London Series matchup took place in October of 2007 when the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins travelled over to play in front of 81,176 fans with a pre-game show from The Feeling. The series has proved very popular in the UK, tickets have been reported as selling out nine months in advance just two days after going on sale in the past!

What NFL Teams are playing in London in 2021?

The New York Jets (1-0-0 in London Series) will be playing the Atlanta Falcons (0-1-0) on Sunday 10th October and then the Miami Dolphins (1-3-0) will play the Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4-0) on Sunday 17th October.

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Which Franchise has the best London Series record?

There are a number of teams who are unbeaten in the London Series, the following franchises have all been over twice and won both times: Vikings, Pats, Saints, Giants and 49ers. The franchise with the most wins is the Jacksonville Jaguars who have been over the most, they have played seven games but do have a 3-4 losing record.

Which Franchise has the worse London Series record?

The current SuperBowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the worst record, they have been over three times and have been defeated in all three games. The Miami Dolphins have also lost three times, they have been over four times and did pick up a win in 2014, the only time when they were designated the visitors.

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NFL London Series 2007-12 - Wembley Stadium

The NFL London Series started in 2007 with that already mentioned game between the Giants and Dolphins which finished in a 13-10 win for the Giants. The series was set up with a 'Superbowl' feel to it by getting in a music act to perform before the game although in more recent years this has become less so due to there being multiple matches.

  • 2007 - The Feeling
  • 2008 - Stereophonics
  • 2009 - Calvin Harris
  • 2010 - My Chemical Romance
  • 2011 - Goo Goo Dolls
  • 2012 - Train

For the first six years of the series, it was a single game series, each game with the exception of 2011 was watched by an attendance of 81,000+ fans live at Wembley, the 2011 game between the Bears and Bucs had 76,941 fans in the stadium.

There is always a designated home team and visiting team and the teams designated at home did not have a great record, they went 2-4 over the six years with the 'Home' team averaging just 17.1 points compared to the 27.5 points averaged by the 'Visiting' team.

Year Designated Visitor Designated Home
2007 New York Giants (13) Miami Dolphins (10) 81,176
2008 San Diego Chargers (32) New Orleans Saints (37) 83,226
2009 New England Patriots (35) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7) 84,254
2010 Denver Broncos (16) San Francisco 49ers (24) 83,941
2011 Chicago Bears (24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) 76,981
2012 New England Patriots (45) St. Louis Rams (7) 84,004

NFL London Series 2013-15 - Multi-Games at Wembley Stadium

The series up until 2012 remained a one-match series, however, in 2013 a second match was added and in 2014 it was expanded even further with a third match added which was also the case in 2015. These additional matches in 2013-15 were also played at Wembley Stadium, it was to allow even more fans to witness the NFL live in person!

In 2014 a total of 250,571 fans attended the games and in 2016 a total of 251,631 which meant in the two years, there were over half a million NFL fans attending the NFL London Series! The pre-game entertainment continued, on the whole, the exception was for the Jets/Dolphin game in 2015 which did not have any and the Ohio State University Marching Band came over in 2015 for the Bills/Jags game.

  • 2013 - Tinie Tempah / Ne-Yo
  • 2014 - Def Leppard / Little Mix / Joss Stone
  • 2015 - Ohio State Marching Band / Madness

The theme of those designated as the 'Home' team struggling continued with a 3-5 record during this period, in 2014, all three designated home teams failed to win. The visitors average 28.5 points per game whilst the home team averages 23.6 points which were both up on the previous group of games, the home team scoring much more.

Year Designated Visitor Designated Home
2013 Pittsburgh Steelers (27) Minnesota Vikings (34) 83,518
San Francisco 49ers (42) Jacksonville Jaguars (10) 83,559
2014 Miami Dolphins (38) Oakland Raiders (14) 83,436
Detroit Lions (22) Atlanta Falcons (21) 83,532
Dallas Cowboys (31) Jacksonville Jaguars (17) 83,603
2015 New York Jets (27) Miami Dolphins (14) 83,986
Buffalo Bills (31) Jacksonville Jaguars (34) 84,021
Detroit Lions (10) Kansas City Chiefs (45) 83,624

NFL London Series 2016-Present - New Stadiums

For 2016, it was announced that there would be an additional stadium added to the series, as well as Wembley, England's home of rugby, Twickenham would also host a game that would have a 75,000 capacity for the NFL.

The first NFL to be played at Twickenham was the Giants & Rams matchup, a game which had an attendance of 74,121, 98.8% of the capacity who witnessed the Giants run over 17-10 winners, the other two matches were played at Wembley that year.

2017 saw a further expansion, for the first time we have four games live in the UK, two at Wembley and two at Twickenham and again the four games were sell-outs with 316,988 fans attending the games!

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Twickenham was then dropped from the lineup in 2018 and the series was reduced back to three games, all of which were played at Wembley and all of which attracted crowds of 84k+ fans! In 2019, the new Tottenham stadium was added to the series which was expanded back to four games, two at the new stadium and two at Wembley.

The Wembley contract was up in 2020, the NFL International Series was looking to expand even further and unfortunately, no new agreement was reached with Wembley, meaning for 2021 we are reduced to two games in the UK, both of which will be played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with no Wembley games for the first time since the series was created in 2007.

Year Designated Visitor Designated Home Stadium Attendance
2016 Indianapolis Colts (27) Jacksonville Jaguars (30) Wembley Stadium 83,798
New York Giants (17) Los Angeles Rams (10) Twickenham Stadium 74,121
Washington Redskins (27) Cincinnati Bengals (27) Wembley Stadium 84,448
2017 Baltimore Ravens (7) Jacksonville Jaguars (44) 84,592
New Orleans Saints (20) Miami Dolphins (0) 84,423
Arizona Cardinals (0) Los Angeles Rams (33) Twickenham Stadium 73,736
Minnesota Vikings (33) Cleveland Browns (16) 74,237
2018 Seattle Seahawks (27) Oakland Raiders (3) Wembley Stadium 84,922
Tennessee Titans (19) Los Angeles Chargers (20) 84,301
Philadelphia Eagles (24) Jacksonville Jaguars (18) 85,870
2019 Chicago Bears (21) Oakland Raiders (24) Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 60,463
Carolina Panthers (37) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) 60,087
Cincinnati Bengals (10) Los Angeles Rams (24) Wembley Stadium 83,720
Houston Texans (26) Jacksonville Jaguars (3) 84,771
2021 New York Jets Atlanta Falcons Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars


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