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Miss World Betting Odds And History Of Winners

Published: Oct 12, 10:12am Last Updated: Oct 15, 12:43pm Specials 0 Comments 22 Views

Miss World Headlines

  • The 2021 Miss World Pageant will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in December. 
  • The holder is Miss Jamaica who won the contest in London in 2019, this was the fourth win for the Caribbean Island having triumphed in 1963, 1976, and 1993. 
  • The two most successful countries since 1951 when the contest was first held are India and Venezuela, girls from those countries have worn the Miss World Sash a record 6 times. 
  • The  Best Betting Sites will have all the Miss World odds as the contest draws nearer. 

Miss World Winner

Miss World History Of Winners 1980 -2019

Miss World Anniversary

There was no Miss World contest last year due to the global pandemic, 2021 will be the 70th anniversary of the Miss World Pageant.

Miss World Year Miss World Winner
2019 Miss Jamaica 
2018 Miss Mexico
2017 Miss India
2016 Miss Puerto Rico
2015 Miss Spain
2014 Miss South Africa
2013 Miss Philippines 
2012 Miss China
2011 Miss Venezuela
2010 Miss USA

Toni Anne Singh - Miss World 2019

Miss Jamaica -Toni Anne Singh - Miss World 2019

Miss World Year Miss World Winner
2009 Miss Gibraltar
2008 Miss Russia
2007 Miss China
2006 Miss Czech Republic
2005 Miss Iceland
2004 Miss Peru
2003 Miss Ireland
2002 Miss Turkey
2001 Miss Nigeria
2000 Miss India

Miss World Year
Miss World Winner
1999 Miss India
1998 Miss Israel
1997 Miss India
1996 Miss Greece
1995 Miss Venezuela
1994 Miss India
1993 Miss Jamaica
1992 Miss Russia
1991 Miss Venezuela
1990 Miss USA

Miss World Year Miss World Winner
1989 Miss Poland
1988 Miss Iceland
1987 Miss Austria
1986 Miss Trinidad and Tobago
1985 Miss Iceland
1984 Miss Venezuela 
1983 Miss United Kingdom
1982 Miss Dominican Republic
1981 Miss Venezula
1980 Miss Germany (Resigned) Miss Guam

Miss World Resignations

Two winners have resigned from the Miss World Title after media allegations about their personal life.

Miss World History Of Winners 1951 -1979

Miss World Year Miss World Winner
1979 Miss Bermuda
1978 Miss Argentina
1977 Miss Sweden
1976 Miss Jamaica
1975 Miss Puerto Rico
1974 Miss United Kingdom (Resigned) Miss South Africa
1973 Miss USA
1972 Miss Australia
1971 Miss Brazil
1970 Miss Grenada

Miss World Year
Miss World Winner
1969 Miss Austria
1968 Miss Australia
1967 Miss Peru
1966 Miss India
1965 Miss United Kingdom
1964 Miss United Kingdom
1963 Miss  Jamaica
1962 Miss Netherlands
1961 Miss United KIngdom
1960 Miss Argentina

Miss World Year Miss World Winner
1959 Miss Netherlands
1958 Miss South Africa
1957 Miss Finland
1956 Miss Germany
1955 Miss Venezuela
1954 Miss Egypt
1953 Miss France
1952 Miss Sweden
1951 Miss Sweden

Miss USA - Majorie Wallace

The first winner from the USA was Majorie Wallace in 1973. However, she was stripped of the title after the organisers felt she wasn't fulfilling the prestigious role.

Miss World Winners By Country

37 different countries have won Miss World since 1951. 

The United Kingdom has not won since Sarah Jane Hutt from Poole in Dorset was victorious at the Albert Hall in 1983. 

The oldest winner was 26 year Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce who won in 2018, the age of the winners has got gradually older in recent years. 

India and Venezuela are the leading countries based on wins, with their last Miss World crowns being in 2017 and 2011 respectively. 

Vanessa Ponce - Miss World 2018

Miss Mexico -Miss World 2018 - Vanessa Ponce 

Miss World Countries By Wins Miss World Winners 
India 6
Venezuela 6
Jamaica 4
United Kingdom 4
Iceland 3
South Africa 3
Sweden 3
Austria 2
Argentina 2
Australia 2
China 2
Mexico 2
Netherlands 2
Peru 2
Russia 2

Do Competitions Such As Miss World Have Any Place In A Modern World ?

We Asked OLBG members Do Competitions Such As Miss World Have Any Place In A Modern World? 

Beauty has been venerated since ancient times. Maybe certain aspects of it could be outdated, but not the whole concept.

OLBG Member: Tigerled

I do believe that there is no place for pageants like this in the modern world. Women are strong and equal, they shouldn't be open to entering glamorous events like this just for show.

OLBG Member: lola1183

This is just a competition that allows an individual to showcase what he or she has in respect of their talent. I think in the modern world these competitions are just fun.

OLBG Member: Mikoone

I don't care either way in all honesty. I don't see any reason for it to stop, nor do I care if it continues. The modern world needs to stop crying about everything.

OLBG Member: JaeTea


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