Betting On Hot Weather (Odds & History, Record Breakers)

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The bookmakers are aware of our interest and concern in the weather and now offer betting odds on a variety of weather-related markets. From hottest to coldest and a whole lot in between, betting on the weather is a growing phenomenon.

Betting On Hot Weather (Odds & History, Record Breakers)
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Hottest Day Headlines

  • The UK may see the hottest day ever recorded in July 2022.

  • Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July are predicted to be the hottest UK days ever

  • The best betting sites have odds of just 1.19 that we see the highest ever recorded temperature.

  • A leading betting exchange is odds on that we see maximum temperatures between 40.C and 41.9C 

UK record temperature to be broken in July

Record TemperatureBetting Odds

Hottest Days In The United Kingdom

The 1st image shows the top 5 hottest days ever recorded, as you can see we do get some very warm days in the UK, 

Most years the best betting sites offer odds and markets on the weather, and for a country obsessed with the sun and rain the bookmakers are expected to expand these weather markets.  

 In the summer months, they offer odds in the form of a temperature band such as the ones below.

Betting MarketFrom ToExample Odds
Highest Temperature In July
Highest Temperature in July
Highest Temperature in July95.01°F100.00°F7.0

Betting MarketFromToExample Odds
Highest Temperature Of The Year85.00°F89.99°F1.8
Highest Temperature Of The Year

Highest Temperature In The United Kingdom

Highest Uk Temperature

Highest Daily Temperature Recorded In The United Kingdom

Highest UK Temperatures

JanuaryTown/City - Country°C
10th January 1971Aber, Gwynedd, Wales18.3 °C
26th January 2003Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland18.3 °C
26th January 2003
Inchmarlo, Kincardineshire, Scotland
18.3 °C
27th January 1958Aber, Gwynedd, Wales
18.3 °C

FebruaryTown/City - Country
26th February 2019Kew Gardens, London21.2°C

MarchTown/City - Country
29th March 1968Mepal, Cambridgeshire, England25.6°C

AprilTown/City - Country
16th April 1949Camden Square, London, England29.4°C

MayTown/City - Country
22nd May 1922Camden Square, London, England
29th May 1944Regents Park, London, England32.8°C
29th May 1944Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England32.8°C
29th May 1944Horsham, Sussex, England32.8°C

JuneTown/City - Country
29th June 1957Camden Square, London, England
28th June 1976Southampton, England35.6°C

July Town/City - Country
25th July 2019Cambridge, England38.7°C

AugustTown/City - Country
10th August 2003Faversham, Kent38.5°C

SeptemberTown/City - Country
2nd September 1906Bawtry, South Yorkshire, England35.6°C

OctoberTown/City - Country
1st October 2011Gravesend, Kent, England29.9°C

November Town/City - Country
1st November 2015Trawsgoed, Ceredigion,Wales22.4°C

DecemberTown/City - Country
28th December 2019Achfary, Sutherland, Scotland.

Hottest Months Since 2015

Below we have the AVERAGE temperatures since 2015 this takes in cool and cloud days where the mercury didn't move much. 

You can see that July 2018 was the best month with AVERAGE daily temperatures hitting a peak of 18.7, (65.66 F) obviously at 9.00 am and 6.00 pm it's cooler than it would say at midday. 

Summer Month Averages

Average Daily Summer Temperatures Per Year 

Month Celsius/FarenheitYearYearYearYearYearYearYear

Online Weather Betting

There is nothing complicated about betting on the weather it is a betting market like a list of horses for the Grand National. 

We will add relevant weather betting markets on this page so that you can take advantage. 

You simply need to go to your favourite betting app and head to the TV & Specials section in the menu, then select weather. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our betting sites section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK. 

In-depth reviews will help and you can read what other users think of specific bookies 

You can then head over to the free bets page where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all UK betting sites.

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