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Football Tips - The Top 10 Alternative Football Betting Markets

Published: Nov 24, 3:33pm Last Updated: Nov 25, 9:44am Other Football 0 Comments 12 Views

Alternative Football Betting Markets

Many years ago  OLBG member Tommy Buckley produced  Football Tips - The Top 10 Football Tipping Markets and it has stood the test of time. 

In this blog, I thought I would look at some alternatives to the top tipping markets that are available from the best online betting sites

I checked an EPL match between Crystal Palace and Aston Villa to get some idea of the kind of odds you can expect in a game, obviously, odds in different matches will wary depending on the strength of the sides. 

Many of these markets can be used to build a bet or request a bet, it is important to always get the best odds from the bookies. 

I have left a space for numbers 9 and 10 as we are currently running a survey of  OLBG members on their most popular alternative football bet. 

Number Alternative Football Betting Markets
1 Match Result and Both Teams To Score
2 To Be Shown A Card
3 Winning Margin
4 Score/Win Double
5 Win To Nil
6 To Win From Behind
7 To Score A Penalty
8 Most Corners

Betting At Home

Match Result and Both Teams To Score

First off the bat is Match Result and Both Teams To Score and you should note that this is really two bets.

You need to decide which team you are siding with and should always look at the 1X2 odds to compare the odds. 

Look to previous meetings between the teams, their current form, team news and any pronouncements by the managers. 

In the last 3 EPL seasons, 50% of games ended with both teams scoring.  

EG 1

Team  1X2 Odds
Crystal Palace 2.28
Draw 3.45
Aston Villa 3.47

E.G 2 

Team  Match Result and Both Teams To Score Odds
Crystal Palace 4.5
Draw 4.5
Aston Villa 6.5

To Be Shown A Card

On OLBG we have a dedicated yellow card blog where we recorded the players with the most yellow cards in that particular season, this can be a good guide to placing a bet on this market. 

Often you will not see odds being offered until later in the week (For weekend games) as the bookies are wary of supplying odds for players who will not start or alternative players who may be brought into the 11 who are known to "like a tackle" or have a short fuse. 

The favourite players to be booked in individual EPL matches are normally between 6/4 and 2/1, with the outsiders around the 10/1 mark. 

Winning Margin

Once you have worked out how you think the game will go you may have considered a correct score bet, the winning margin can give you an alternative. 

You could split between the two bets, or if you are convinced of on teams superiority cover a couple of options in this market, say Team A by 1 goal and 2 goals. 

Betting Market
Team A to win by 1 goal
Score Draw
Team B to win by 1 goal
Team A to win by 2 goals
Team B to win by 2 goals
0-0 Draw
Team A to win by 3 goals
Team B to win by 3 goals. 
Team A to win by 4 goals or more
Team B to win by 4 goals or more

Online betting

Score/Win Double

Like match result and both teams to score but here you need to be specific with a player to score and that team to win. 

However most of us regularly have a team in mind that we think will win, you just then need to find a player to get on the scoresheet. 

As an example of this we checked the odds on Score/Win Double versus the Match Result/BTTS  on a game. 

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Market Betting Odds
Wilfred Zaha Score/Win Double 3.8
Match Result /BTTS Score  4.5
Ollie Watkins Score/Win Double 5.5

Win To Nil

Another bet that over the years has proved very popular, thanks in part to the excellent blog written by OLBG member monkey tennis way back.

You can often double the odds of the 1X2 market when selecting a team to win to nil. 

Again splitting your stakes between the straight win and the win to nil is a route many punters favour. 

Teams Win Win To Nil
Crystal Palace 2.26 3.9
Aston Villa 3.5 6.0


Betting Online

To Win From Behind

Does what it says on the tin, if a team goes behind in a game do they have what it takes to fight back and win the game. 

The odds can be generous as you can see by the table in our featured EPL game. 

Team To Win From Behind Betting Odds
Crystal Palace 12
Aston Villa 17

Betting Odds

To Score A Penalty

You can normally get a market on a team to score a penalty, often around the 5/1 mark. 

So far in the 2021/22 season, 120 games have been played and there have been 31 penalties awarded. 

Around 80% of awarded penalties are scored, the bookies get out of jail when a spot-kick is missed. 

A study of the EPL referees penchant for awarding spot kicks is time well spent for those who want to profit in this market. 

Most Corners

Home sides are predominately the favourites in the corners market as in theory they should be doing more attacking, however, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea who are riding high tend to buck this when away from home. 

You can also get tie odds which tend not to happen. 

Most Corners Odds
Crystal Palace 1.9
Tie 7.5
Aston Villa 2.5


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