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OLBG talk exclusively with former Aston Villa, Manchester United and Blackburn star and now football coach Dwight Yorke

Dwight Yorke Interview with OLBG

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New Interview 15th August 2023

Exclusive interview with Dwight Yorke: Moises Caicedo's transfer is an insane amount of money, Harry Kane will never get an opportunity to win the Premier League again and I’d consider managing Wrexham if the owners aligned with my ambitions

Speaking exclusively with OLBG, former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke spoke about the latest transfer news and reacted to the opening game week of the Premier League.

The 51-year-old thinks Harry Maguire needs to move to Aston Villa after Erik ten Hag’s public humiliation of the defender, so he can replace the recently injured Tyrone Mings.

Yorke believes no player should be £100m unless they guaranteed you goals and assists, none of which he believes Moises Caicedo, Romeo Lavia and Enzo Fernandez can produce for Chelsea.

The former striker has been critical of Harry Kane’s decision to leave England without winning a trophy before, but he believes the Englishman will never get the opportunity to come back to a title-winning team in England again. 

Please read the full interview below.

Q. Were you unhappy with the performance? Did Erik ten Hag have the wrong tactics yesterday?

DY: “There are two ways to look at Man United’s performance against Wolves. Most importantly, you want your team to win and they accomplished that, by the skin of their teeth. With the win, you want a good performance to back up the result, but I think the team will be disappointed with how they played. Man United were relatively lucky to get a result."

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Q. Andre Onana took out one of Wolves’ players and didn’t get a penalty luckily, is this a sign of what’s to come for the goalkeeper?

DY: “Andre Onana's potential foul was an example of high risk and high reward. Man United have brought in a keeper who wants to start the attacks and is more aggressive in trying to dominate teams with possession. We know the Premier League has a higher intensity, balls will be coming into the box more regularly than the Italian league where the players play at a slower pace. People have asked me why have I been so critical of Onana, I'm an individual who sees it as it is, it doesn't matter to me who or what you are. I will give Onana the benefit of the doubt, but the Premier League is different, you will get found out by playing in a high-profile team at a high-profile position. If Onana is not at the top of his game, he will get found out, and I thought he was very lucky to not give away a penalty. I listened to David Seaman, arguably one of the greatest goalkeepers in Premier League history, and he said it was a stonewall penalty. It should have been a penalty and Onana got away with one, he has to be aware that this is what the Premier League is all about."

Q. Dean Henderson, a player you’re a fan of, seems set to stay this season, can he challenge Andre Onana for a spot in the starting XI?

DY: “We've talked about Dean Henderson for a while, he's been on loan and got Premier League experience now. Whether you're a goalkeeper or an outfield player, you will always look for that opportunity the manager gives you. If Henderson stays, it clearly means Erik ten Hag thinks he's a Man United quality goalkeeper and he can be good enough to challenge for the number one spot. There will be a moment when Hendeson gets a chance in goal, but I think he'll be disappointed he wasn't given a chance to replace David de Gea when he left."

Q Man Utd have reportedly agreed a deal with Bayern for Benjamin Pavard. As a right-back, does he mark an upgrade on Diogo Dalot or Aaron Wan-Bissaka?

DY: “Benjamin Pavard would be a good signing for Man United. He had an unbelievable World Cup win in 2018, but he has gone a bit quiet since. Pavard needs a fresh start, a new chapter after being at a massive club like Bayern Munich for years. Pavard would be a good acquisition, but at the end of the day, it's what Erik ten Hag wants and for whatever reason. I'm sure Ten Hag has done his research on Pavard, he's had experience playing at one of the top clubs in Europe, so coming to Man United should not be an issue for him."

Q. Other pundits have warned Erik ten Hag to keep Harry Maguire for squad depth, do you agree?

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DY: “I don't think Harry Maguire will be an option for squad depth now, not when he's been humiliated by the manager who spoke publicly about fighting for his place. It's about being the best in your position at the club, that's what he needs to aim for, his confidence will be low after his captaincy was taken away. Imagine seeing Luke Shaw playing in your position and you're still on the bench, imagine what that would do to your confidence. Maguire might see it differently and he's entitled to, but I think him leaving Man United is a no-brainer. His respect in the changing room would have diminished, he would have been embarrassed by what's happened in recent weeks. If Jonny Evans signs a one-year contract says everything that what Erik ten Hag's intentions are with Maguire."

Q. Your former teammate, Roy Keane, told Salah to ‘sit down and shut up’ after he threw his hand tape on the floor in anger when he was substituted, what do you make of Salah's whining?

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DY: “As players, you'll be disappointed when being subbed off and you want to show your anger, especially when you're a star player like Mo Salah. The star players usually tend to stay on the whole game. I think if Roy Keane was substituted off in a big game like that, he would have reacted the same as Salah. Keane is in the media now for speaking his mind, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I don't think Keane would have been happy if he substituted in the same fashion as Salah was. It's amazing how people see things differently, it's an interesting one when it comes to Keano sometimes. Showing disappointment from coming off the pitch can come across wrongly, but I'm sure Keane would not have been pleased himself, he probably would have told the manager to not sub him off. Salah and Keane are in that bracket of players who were very consistent and great for their clubs, you always want your consistent players staying on the pitch, even when they're not at their best because they can produce magic in a flash."

Q. Ex-Man Utd forward Romelu Lukaku has been linked with Tottenham as a replacement for Harry Kane. Is he good enough? Should Ten Hag consider a cheap deal if it’s available? 

DY: “Romelu Lukaku is absolutely still good enough to play for a top-six club. I think Man United or Tottenham should take Lukaku on a short-term loan deal and agree to pay a certain amount of his wages. As much as people say about Lukaku, he has a very impressive goalscoring record and he doesn't get as much credit as he deserves. If you have a fired-up Lukaku who wants to play for you, he's a match-winner and a handful for any opponent in the world. Man United have invested heavily in Rasmus Hojlund, but if you want to compete with the best then Lukaku is that player who can score 15 to 20 goals in a season, which is priceless and hard to find in today's game. Lukaku is still only 30 years old and a proven goalscorer, I think whoever gets him on a short loan deal will have done good and subtle business."

Q. Ex-Man Utd star Jesse Lingard is training with West Ham. Is he still good enough for a top-six club?

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DY: “With Jesse Lingard, I don't know what his mindset is at the moment. I find it strange that he's still a free agent and that no one seems to want him. You can't have the season start and still not have a deal with a club sorted. The fact he doesn't have a deal with any club yet is beyond me. At 30 years old, if you can't get a club at that age then it doesn't look great for the rest of his career. Lingard is a talent that's losing it a little bit at the moment." 

Q. Man United are away to Tottenham on Saturday, how do you see that game going and what’s your score prediction?

DY: “Man United got three points after not playing well at home, that will give a bit of a boost to Erik ten Hag and his players. Tottenham will be under the cosh, there is not as high of an expectation now Harry Kane has gone. I think Man United can turn over Tottenham on Saturday, they can take confidence from the Wolves game knowing they can perform better than that and still have a good chance of winning, especially against a Tottenham team without their star player. Man United usually have a good record away at Tottenham anyway, I expect Man United to win 2-1."

Q. Was it quite a disappointing loss for Aston Villa against Newcastle and what issues did you notice within the team?

DY: “I think Tyrone Mings going off unsettled Aston Villa's back four at the early stages and that usually is the case when you lose one of your key players at the back. I think Aston Villa got off lightly with 5-1 in many aspects, Newcastle cut them open. But sometimes you need that wake-up call, and the earlier it comes, the better. There's a lot of talk and hype with Aston Villa at the moment, they're trying to break into the top four like Newcastle did. The expectations at the football club are huge, the result doesn't help but the players and the manager need to be strong to turn it around in the next game against Everton. Newcastle played tremendously too, with great energy and they took advantage of an unsettled defence. Credit to Newcastle, but Aston Villa don't need to read into the result too much as it's only the first game of the season."

Q. Tyrone Mings is out for a while and Aymeric Laporte is available, should that be the player Aston Villa get to replace him?

DY: “Aymeric Laporte or Harry Maguire would be a good fit for Aston Villa now Tyrone Mings is out for a while. Aston Villa is a big club, a bigger club than West Ham so they can attract Maguire. But there is a certain way Unai Emery will want to play and there might be a player he has lined up already that we don't know about. Laporte and Maguire should be options for Aston Villa to look out for."

Q. Tom Brady has become an owner at one of your former clubs, Birmingham City, do you welcome American ownership and do you think he can replicate Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s promotion?

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DY: “Football clubs always try to do what's best for themselves, and if a club can attract someone as iconic as Tom Brady into your football club then it will always raise your profile. They'll want to be back in the Premier League, that's the ultimate goal. Having someone like Brady on your roster can only bring high expectations at the club and their intent. We've seen Leeds sign a couple of quality American players last season like Brenden Aaronson and Tyler Adams because of the American influence they had from their manager at the time, maybe Brady can do the same. Football is globalised and a billion-dollar industry, everyone wants a piece of the Premier League, a club like Birmingham City will be aiming to make it back to Premier League and enhance their brand with Brady, who has been a super athlete and American football star."

Q. Sunderland have lost their first two games, what’s their biggest challenge this season?

DY: “Sunderland are being tested right now. They had a great opportunity last year that didn't really plan out the way they thought it would and came up short. But Sunderland have a very experienced manager in Tony Mowbray who will calm the dressing room down. It's only been two games, there's a lot of football to come and we know how easily everything can change in the Championship. Mowbray won't panic yet, he'll bring back that self-belief, the quicker they get a result then the quicker that doubt goes away. Obviously, it's not an ideal start but Sunderland can turn it around."

Q. Harry Kane has moved to Bayern Munich, you said his name will be forgotten in the conversation of Premier League greats if he went to Germany, is that still the case?

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DY: “Harry Kane has made a decision that he thinks is right. Tottenham were in a dilemma with Kane, they wanted him to stay on a new deal but he didn't want a new contract, so they had to sell him now or let Kane leave for free next summer. Kane has made the call to go to Bayern Munich and experience playing abroad. But if you look back at all the great things he's done in the last eight to nine years, he's been superb but now he's only the second-highest goalscorer in Premier League history and that's all he'll be remembered for. Kane is also Tottenham and England's all-time top goalscorer, but that doesn't give you a medal around your neck. I don't think he'll get an opportunity to win the Premier League again, but I think he'll go on to win a lot at Bayern and I hope that's the case for him."

Q. Bayern Munich lost 3-0 to RB Leipzig, a trophy they’ve won 6 times in the last 7 years, is Kane cursed?

DY: “I won't say Harry Kane is cursed because Bayern Munich lost the DFL-Supercup, but sometimes when you're chasing your dreams it doesn't happen for you. Kane will be judged by how many trophies he wins in his career now. In a conversation when comparing players, trophies are always a heavy factor. Diego Maradona was seen as the greatest Argentinian ever because of the World Cup he had over Lionel Messi, now that's not the case. If you talk to any top athlete, it's about winning and not scoring goals. But I won't be surprised to see Kane lifting a trophy by the end of the season."

Q. Arsenal struggled to hold their lead against Nottingham Forest in the last 15 minutes of their game, do you think it’s going to be a harder season now there is no surprise factor to their team?

DY: “Arsenal will have learnt a lot from last season. When you come second place, the only expectation you have is to improve and that's to be in first place this time around. Mikel Arteta has invested around £200m into the team this summer, he will be demanded to build on from last season. This is the year Arsenal need to deliver and win the Premier League. Arsenal won against Nottingham Forest even when they weren't at their best, so it shows that they'll be competing at the top yet again. Arsenal should expect teams they play against to have low blocks and defend the majority of the game, because this season, the lower teams know they can't go toe-to-toe with Arsenal. Part of the learning curve from last season, Arsenal will try to take advantage of being on top more frequently and not give away leads like they did occasionally."

Q. Bukayo Saka produced a great finish for his goal on Saturday, while Phil Foden looked rusty. There used to be a competition between those two, do you think Saka is clear of the argument now?

DY: “Bukayo Saka has taken up a leadership role at Arsenal, he's the main man at the club. When you know you'll be in the starting lineup every week, your confidence and how you play the game changes. Saka oozes confidence, it reminds me of when I played with David Platt at Aston Villa, he would walk into the changing room and get changed into his kit before the team was even picked. Platt knew he'd be in the starting XI like Saka does now. Saka knows now the team will always be him and 10 other players. Phil Foden, on the other hand, he's not confident whether he'll play because he has Jack Grealish and Bernardo Silva to compete with on the wings. As soon as that moment comes and Pep Guardiola gives Foden confidence that he'll start week in and week out, Foden will be just behind or even on the same level as Saka is now because he's a terrific player as well."

Q. Erling Haaland scored two against Burnley, does another season of 30+ Premier League goals mean he’s the best or most clinical goalscorer the league has ever seen? What does he need to do to get there?

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DY: “You can't bet against Erling Haaland anymore, he'll always score. This is why I said Man United should have bought him for £150m back in 2021. Haaland is unique, he may miss a few but he'll score most of the opportunities he gets. Other sides of Haaland's game can be developed, and it will get better because he's only 23 years old. It's frightening that he scored 36 goals and Haaland still knows he can improve to an even higher level, defenders should be worried for years to come."

Q. Kevin De Bruyne got injured once again and looks to be out for two months, do you think we’ve seen the best of him? Can Lucas Paqueta from West Ham fill his void in the team?

DY: “Kevin De Bruyne is a big loss to Manchester City, it was sad to see him go off in the Champions League final and now he's injured for a bit again. It must be annoying that he keeps having the same injury, it's a bit of a concern if they can't stop the injury. If Pep Guardiola wants Lucas Paqueta to come in and fill that void De Bruyne has left, then trust Pep, he's a treble winner and everything he touches turns to gold. You just have to watch the space when Guardiola decided to bring certain players in, because he'll get the best out of them, including Paqueta."

Q. Chelsea have signed Moises Caicedo for £115m and looked to be getting Romeo Lavia for £60m, what do you think of those transfers?

DY: “Chelsea have got crazy money at their disposal, their owners have got deep pockets. Moises Caicedo is a terrific player and he did amazing at Brighton, but £115m for him? That's a lot of money, especially for someone who doesn't contribute to many goals from midfield. Caicedo scored two goals and assisted two, for me, you need to be scoring and assisting more for that amount of money. Caicedo is a great player, brings terrific energy, can be very versatile, keeps things simple and brings an edge to the team, but he'll need to improve his goal output because that money has to be for players that win your games. Midfielders can help you win a game in a different way, but they shouldn't be anywhere near the price of strikers like Harry Kane or Erling Haaland. A £100m player has to be scoring and assisting 10 goals in a season, Romeo Lavia, Enzo Fernandez and Caicedo all can't do that,  it's insane."

Q. Would you love the opportunity to manage a team like Wrexham? Even though they’re lower league, is there a buzz there that seems quite exciting?

DY: “I'm unemployed as a manager and I'm very passionate about trying to get back into the industry. If Wrexham approached me and asked me to manage the team, I'd consider it. I have to make a decision that aligns with my ideas and ambitions. If Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney matched my mindset, then it's a good opportunity for me. There's a lot of hype around the club and that's understandable because of what the owners bring to the club. If the opportunity presents itself to me and have that initial conversation with the owners about our vision for the club, then it's a serious and exciting gig. It's a football job that you need to be your best at, not somewhere to have fun."

OLBG has sat down with ex-Manchester United, Aston Villa and Sunderland striker, Dwight Yorke, on the latest news and gossip in football.

The 51-year-old has advised Harry Kane to stay in the Premier League and win a trophy, otherwise, his name will get ‘lost’ when talking amongst the league’s greatest players. 

Yorke also said if he was in Kylian Mbappe’s shoes, he would head to Saudi Arabia, play his heart out for the reported £600m+ they’ve offered then go to Real Madrid.

On the other hand, the Man United legend was quick to criticise his former club for the treatment of David de Gea and thinks that Andre Onana will not live up to the expectations set by the same fans who wanted De Gea out.

Please read the full interview below.

Q. What areas of the Man United squad still need strengthening?

DY: "I've said before that Man United need to be careful what they wish for with losing David de Gea. For all the good De Gea has done for Man United, the way his career ended was really bad. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt Man United now they've bought Andre Onana. Be careful what you wish for. De Gea is the Golden Glove winner, a high-profile player who has made mistakes, like the rest of us. De Gea winning the Golden Glove is like winning the Golden Boot and being the top scorer at the club but still getting replaced by the football club. That does not resonate well with me. In my opinion, Onana is not as good as De Gea and people need to watch him very carefully. I've seen Onana before, the Premier League is a different kettle of fish with how fast the game is and how often you are pressured. Onana tries to be an outfield player rather than a goalkeeper sometimes. I will be watching this guy very closely, and the people who have criticised De Gea and wanted him to leave will probably be the ones who will be calling him to come back. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. 

Q. Would Mbappe at Man United create a great rivalry vs Man City and Haaland?

DY: "Man United signing Kylian Mbappe would be great for the Premier League because there would be a rivalry between both Manchester clubs and their superstars. It would probably take Man United back to the number one team on and off the pitch as well. Man United have not been the number-one team on the pitch for years now, but signing Mbappe elevates us to that status. You see what Lionel Messi has done at Inter Miami, I think that's what Mbappe would do to Man United if he ends up at Old Trafford. It would set the club apart from the others. The Premier League is already the number one league in the world, it just goes up another notch if Mbappe comes. 

"If Mbappe signs for Man United, it might make us favourites for the title. The lift it would give players would make a difference. I've played in teams where there are class players in certain positions that give you that extra 20% lift. The Man United players would get a buzz, Manchester as a city would be buzzing, the fans will be buzzing, and it would elevate the players and club to another level. I'll say for now that signing Mbappe makes Man United at least second-favourites for the Premier League title.

"Mbappe would have the same impact on Manchester as Cristiano Ronaldo did when he signed for Man United in 2021. Mbappe is the most exciting footballer in the world as we speak, obviously, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo both still have the massive following but Mbappe is on his way to being up there with them. I certainly would be extremely excited as a player and fan if he signs.

Q. Given Chelsea missed out on Andre Onana, should they turn their attention to David de Gea? Is he an upgrade on Kepa? 

DY: "It's crazy that Chelsea had Edouard Mendy and Kepa Arrizabalaga and still want another goalkeeper. We should've let Andre Onana go to Chelsea and Man United should've kept David de Gea and promoted Dean Henderson instead. These managers are forgetting the young players, they have to give them a chance. If you're not giving someone who is supposedly England's next big thing in goal when he is waiting in the wings, when will he be promoted? If it was someone like Marcus Rashford and you kept him in the under-23s, how would you know that he would be as great as he is? If De Gea is the problem, then we should've promoted Henderson. He went and got valuable experience at Nottingham Forest,  enough to make him a starter and De Gea would take a more rotated role. I won't sit here and say Onana is 100% better than De Gea. I think back to when I was a young player and trying to get in the team. If I went on loan to get experience and worked hard but still didn't get promoted, I would be frustrated. Onana will probably have to adapt to Manchester, the weather and more, when you could have given the young player, who has already adapted, a chance."

Q. There’s been some hostility between Arsenal and Man United fans after Man United comfortably won the preseason friendly game 2-0, Arsenal had a more senior team than Man United too. Is this a sign of things to come?

DY: "Pre-season is the worst way to show any indication of what's to come in the upcoming season. It's just a way of getting fit, when the Premier League starts then everything changes. Pre-season is good for building up confidence and getting sharp, but all it is is good preparation. The moment the Premier League starts, the best XI plays, managers will stop juggling with formations and stop substituting players at half-time. The players and managers in the game when Man United won 2-0 against Arsenal won't believe that's any sign of how the Premier League will play out. 

Q. Lisandro Martinez came under a bit of stick when he made a flying scissor kick type of tackle on Bukayo Saka, which could’ve easily injured him, do you think he would’ve meant it?

DY: "Lisandro Martinez is the type of player that plays in the way he trains. The tackle on Bukayo Saka shows he always plays at a very high intensity, it doesn't matter if it's a Premier League game, pre-season or training, he'd put in the same challenge anywhere. Nemanja Vidic was that type of player too, he played as he trained. For these kinds of players, there is no 'half-day', it's always full on. Martinez has to be aggressive too because of his size. As great as a footballer and how good in the air he is, the big strikers will be fancying their chances against him. If I'm a centre-forward and I'm looking at a centre-back partnership of Tony Adams and Martinez, I'd fancy Martinez. That's just the nature of football, so Martinez needs to keep that aggression consistent against attackers because of his height."

Q. Jadon Sancho looked quick and sharp for his goal too, is this his make-or-break season?

DY: "Jadon Sancho will have a very important season, I'm not sure if it's make-or-break yet. It's coming up to his third season at Man United, for that type of money he was bought for and the age he is at now, he needs to start showing consistency now. If he becomes consistent, then he can go up a bracket and fulfil his potential of being a great player. He needed that break last season for his mentality, which is absolutely fine, but ultimately he will be judged on the football pitch and he needs to produce more. Sancho needs to not only justify his price but also prove to himself he can be that great player everyone knows he can be."

Q. Harry Kane looks on the verge of joining Bayern Munich or staying at Tottenham, are both options not very ambitious? Would it be more ambitious to join Man United?

DY: "I'm not sure the thinking behind Harry Kane going to Bayern Munich. Obviously, it's one of the biggest football clubs in Europe, without a doubt, but for someone who has scored that many goals in the Premier League and still does not have an English trophy to his name is a bit of a travesty. I'd be very surprised if Kane goes to Bayern, especially when clubs like Man United and maybe even Chelsea or Newcastle would be interested in him. It's a surprising one. We talk about Kane's legacy, if he leaves for Bayern, what is it? The second-top goalscorer in Premier League history behind Alan Shearer? That's all that he'd be known for and his name would get lost in a conversation if we're talking about the greats of the Premier League. When his career ends, he'll continue to be a legend at Tottenham, but being the second-highest goalscorer won't get him anywhere. If he goes to Bayern, people will forget about him. Yes, his name will pop up from time to time, but that's because he's English. We all know that the Bundesliga is more of a one-team league where there is a heavy favourite to win the league title every year, so I don't think that decision will resonate well with fans."

Q. Bruno Fernandes is now captain of Manchester United, is that much of an upgrade on Harry Maguire? 

DY: "When captaincy is taken off of you, it probably means your time is up at the club. Harry Maguire is a high-profile player, to be stripped of the captaincy of your everyday team is a slap in the face. It will diminish his ego and make him feel upset. I don't see any comeback when that happens. I've been in football long enough for that to mean that your time is up. Maguire doesn't have the authority he once had, players see through that and will undermine him. They won't disrespect Maguire, don't get me wrong, but players won't see him in the same light when he was the main figure on and off the pitch. It's one of those things that don't usually happen, but when you're that high-profile of a player, it can happen.

"Ten Hag would've looked through his team and thought his captain should be the player who plays 95%, and Bruno Fernandes is the player most likely to play 95% of the time. Casemiro or Raphael Varane could be one of the captains too, but Fernandes has been at Man United for three years now so he knows the ins and outs of the club. Fernandes' leadership isn't the best, but as far as I'm concerned if he's winning football matches and generating results as captain, that's all that matters. The footballing world has changed a lot from when I played, people wanted players like Roy Keane to be the captain. But now, you'll get European players coming in who acts differently and criticised for not being a tough leader. Every captain has a different way of leading a team, and Ten Hag will have picked what he thinks is the best player to lead the team, which is Fernandes. Keane back in the day wasn't a saint, and some people loved that, but Fernandes annoys opposition players too but just in a different way.

Q. Best captain you played with? And who was the worst?

DY: "When I played, I never found someone to be a 'bad' captain. I was never caught up with captaincy. It was all about playing on the football pitch and producing the goods. There was mutual respect where captains wouldn't question what I do and I wouldn't question the captain's decisions, as long as I performed. It's nice to have a captain, but that title never impressed me that much."

Q. Aston Villa have now signed Pau Torres, Moussa Diaby and Youri Tielemans, is their aim to break into the top four?

DY: "I was very lucky to come across the Aston Villa owners and talked to them. I genuinely the football club has taken a step for the better. It wasn't long ago when Aston Villa were in the Championship and trying to get promoted back into the Premier League, where they belong. Now they have good backing and a great manager in Unai Emery. Aston Villa was always a top-six club before they got relegated, and now it feels like they're on their way back to that status. Youri Tielemans is a great addition to the team, he gives that midfield extra quality and grit. I haven't watched too much of Pau Torres but a defender for £45m and links to other big clubs in the past probably means he's good. This is the year for Aston Villa to try and break into the top six."

Q. Amad Diallo looks like he got a bad injury, but is still generating interest from Leeds United, will that be gutting for Sunderland joining a Championship rival?

DY: "With the market that we're in, teams will look at players that will improve their team all the time. Amad Diallo was scoring goals for Sunderland last season and now has clearly gained attraction because of how good he was. If he ends up at Leeds who are trying to get straight back to the Premier League, then Diallo would be a good signing for them. It's no surprise he's gaining attraction from clubs because of his good performances for Sunderland last season."

Q. Mbappe has reportedly been offered a 1-year contract worth 700 million Euros to play in Saudi Arabia, if you were him would you take the offer or would you stay in Europe to try and win your first UCL?

DY: "Kylian Mbappe has let PSG know exactly what his plan is. He has one more year on his contract, he wants to play for the club and give it his all. It's Mbappe's right to play out his contract and keep collecting his wages. But PSG wants to get rid of Mbappe so that they can get some money out of him. If I had Saudi Arabia offering me £600m or more to play only one year in that league, then I get the freedom to join Real Madrid, I think it's a no-brainer. I'd get £600m, play my heart out in Saudi and score loads of goals, then end up in Madrid. £600m in my bank account, it's happy days! If Mbappe had to sign a five-year deal to play in Saudi Arabia at his age now, then no I wouldn't take the deal because he's too young and too good to spend his career in Saudi Arabia. Most of the players going to this league are in their thirties, Mbappe needs to spend his career in the best league and play Champions League football."

Q. Do you think the Saudi League deserves the right to play in the Champions League now they have players like Ronaldo, Kante and Benzema?

DY: "The age of the Saudi Pro League is not good enough to be in the Champions League. The players who have joined that league, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, N'Golo Kante and Karim Benzema, they were all in Europe when they were in their prime, they've gone to the Saudi Arabian league now they're in their mid-thirties. Everyone knows when you reach that age, you're on the last legs of your footballing career. Those big names resonate well with European football, but that's only because they were in their prime in Europe, they've gone to the Saudi league because they're older now, so I don't think they have the right to play in the Champions League yet."

Q. Your former teammate David Beckham is loving life at the minute with Lionel Messi at the club and scoring a last-minute winner on his debut, it would be nice to manage him, Busquets and Jordi Alba?

DY: "Phil Neville will be kicking himself because he's just missed out on the best thing ever happen to the MLS with Lionel Messi joining. David Beckham couldn't have written the script any better, he's one of the guys you can't be envious of, he just has that magic touch. You couldn't write a script better with all these American A-list celebrities watching and recording Messi on their phones when he scored the last-minute winner from a free-kick. You'd think these celebrities wouldn't even know what football is in America but they seemed very passionate. It's great for Beckham, it's great for Miami and you can see the excitement with Messi turning up, it's incredible and good to see. Signing Messi has taken the MLS up a level, the crowds are quite good in America but they'll get even better now. 

"I'm a fan of football, so if I'm in that neck of the woods I'll reach out to Beckham and try to go to watch a game when I can."

Q. Michael Olise at Crystal Palace has generated a lot of interest for £35m, have you seen much of him and do you think he’s worth that?

DY: "Michael Olise is a young player and looks like he has decent potential. He's put himself in the shop window and now someone needs to take a chance on him, whether that's Chelsea, Man City or Arsenal, someone needs to give him that opportunity. Part of your job as a manager is to try and predict how good a player will become, and if Olise is being recognised by managers like Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta and Mauricio Pochettino, then you'd think he has a good chance of becoming a very good player. You look at Kevin De Bruyne, he had the potential when he signed for Chelsea and Jose Mourinho saw that, but he was not given a chance and now he's one of the greatest midfielders in Premier League history at Man City. It goes to show that you can't always judge a player right, but Olise is one of those that these big clubs should take a chance on."

Dwight Eversley Yorke CM has an impressive background in the realm of football. He is a professional coach and former player from Trinidad & Tobago, and his most recent stint was as head coach for Australia's A-League side at Macarthur FC. With decades of experience under his belt, it will be intriguing to hear what this accomplished figure can bring to the table in terms of coaching tactics! Here he answers some question we put to him around the Aberdeen Job among other subjects.

Mark Bosnich is a good friend, I promise I haven't paid him to say I can win the Europa Conference League with Aberdeen!

Dwight Yorke

You have been linked with the Aberdeen job lately. Do you want this job?

As a manager, you can't disregard any kind of job. Aberdeen are obviously a big club with a great history, they had arguably the greatest manager in English history, Sir Alex Ferguson. It's a privilege to be linked to such a club like Aberdeen, whether anything will materialise then that's a different story. 

At the time of writing, UK betting sites have Dwight York at odds of 33/1 for the next Aberdeen manager job.

Mark Bosnich recently said you could win Aberdeen the Europa Conference League. What did you make of his comments?

Mark Bosnich is a good friend, I promise I haven't paid him to say I can win the Europa Conference League with Aberdeen! We know that Celtic and Rangers have had a strangle hold over the league for years and no one has been able to break that hold. There is a good opportunity for me to break that hold in the right setting with the right backing. I can understand the high expectation because that is how I am as an individual, things aren't impossible. Before anything happens, I have to get the job first, this is just based on what Bosnich has said.

Latest Europa Conference League Betting Odds

The current betting for the Europa Conference League looks like this - Will Aberdeen indeed take the trophy? Could they? Our Europa Conference betting guide will give your more information on the contenders, betting tips and history of the competition.

Man Utd vs Leeds

Man Utd are playing Leeds just days after sacking Jesse Marsch. What’s your prediction?

Usually, you get a reaction from the players when a manager leaves the club and when a new manager comes in, Sean Dyche was a good example of how quickly things can change with a different voice in the changing room. I don't think that will affect Manchester United because they're in such good form at the moment, but they'll be wary of a wounded team like Leeds.

Manchester United will win 2-0.

Is this the best Man Utd side you’ve seen since Sir Alex Ferguson retired?

In terms of consistency, this is the best Manchester United side since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. On paper, we've probably had a stronger team but not the consistency and balance. Casemiro has helped with that massively, Manchester United have also improved a lot defensively.

To win any competition, you need some sort of consistency like when Jose Mourinho had when they won the Europa League in 2017.

You played with Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. Considering his huge impact, can Casemiro be considered in the same bracket?

When you look at Casemiro's resume as a player, he's done it all. But is he as prolific as Paul Scholes? No. Does he have as good of a passing range as Scholesy? No. But he has taken on the role at Manchester United and has boosted the energy in the team. Casemiro has come with a great pedigree, so is it surprising what he's doing at the moment? Not for me. I'd pick Scholesy every day of the week over Casemiro, as good as he's been for Manchester United recently, he's not in the same league as Scholes. I would not swap anyone in my 99 treble team for Casemiro.

Should Harry Maguire leave in the summer?

It's difficult to tell Harry Maguire what he should do. Manchester United are obviously playing well without him in the team, and at his age, he needs to be playing regularly. Maguire either has to stay and fight for his place or move on and play more football. It will be his choice, no one can make it for him. Manchester United is such a big and wonderful club, but you don't want to be there doing nothing and letting your career fade away. I'm sure another top four or five team would take him.

From your era, who do you think Manchester United would need most? 

Roy Keane is the player Manchester United need in the team now, because of his leadership quality, he would give everyone a kick. He would get everyone moving in the team and raise the standards. 

Editorial credit: Influential Photography / Shutterstock.com

Conversely, who from this current Manchester United squad do you think would make the sides from your era, particularly the 99 squad?

Most players I played with would get into this current Manchester United team, but no player would make it into my 99 team. Even Marcus Rashford would have no chance, he would not get over the likes Ryan Giggs and David Beckham, no chance. We were treble winners, you don't become treble winners if you're not proper players. Rashford would have to sit on the bench behind me and Andy Cole.

Can Marcus Rashford reach the levels to play in the 99 treble team?

Marcus Rashford still has the potential to be that quality of player to play in my treble team, I've said for the last two years that he's the best Manchester United player by a mile. In terms of natural ability, he is top draw.

Are you excited for the return of Jadon Sancho and how well do you expect him to do?

No one wants Jadon Sancho to fail. I'm sure he'll get the morale support and everything he needs, but I think it will take a while for him to get anywhere near the level he should be at. It will have to be a process.

Eric Ten Hag would have to make the call to replace Sancho if he does not reach the level he should be at, he is a £70 million player. He needs to get over the mental side of the game, he will be tested, and if he does then he has no reason to be great for Manchester United.

David Moyes recently said it would take a British record to sign Declan Rice. Do you think it’s worth Man Utd paying that for him?

Fars Media Corporation, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

David Moyes has said Declan Rice would break the transfer record because he's seen how much Chelsea have signed Enzo Fernandez for. Rice is an English product so Moyes has to big him up, you can't let all the foreigners come and take the limelight! Rice is a good player but he does not influence the game enough at a top level for me, I would not say he is as tremendous as everyone makes him out to be. With the market we're in, Rice will have a similar fee to Fernandez, we've seen prices like that on English players like Jack Grealish.

We missed the opportunity to sign Erling Haaland, Manchester United should have broken the transfer record for him.

Dwight Yorke

What signings would you like to see Man Utd make in the summer?

Manchester United need a striker. They've just brought in Wout Weghorst, he gives us a different dimension but he's not explosive enough. Weghorst is a Peter Crouch type of player, Manchester United need a striker who will get them 25 goals a season. We missed the opportunity to sign Erling Haaland, Manchester United should have broken the transfer record for him.

With Chelsea spending £107m on the likes of Enzo Fernandez, how much do you think the likes of yourself, Andy Cole and David Beckham would be worth in today’s market?

I like to think I'd be worth more than Enzo Fernandez in today's market. Andy Cole, David Beckham and I were goal scorers, creators, fast and all the ingredients in a player that you would want. It's easy to say that, but when I watch football nowadays and see how much players are sold for, I can't help but think about what I would be worth. I like to think that I would be up there with the biggest transfers, Becks and Cole would be the same.

Which Premier League Clubs got the Best Value for Money During the Summer Transfer Window?

Which Premier League Clubs got the Best Value for Money During the Summer Transfer Window?

If you had Cristiano Ronaldo as a strike partner, would you have been frustrated with him?

If I played in a strike partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, I would have had a lot more space. I always created a lot of goals and was never the one who focused on the headlines. Having a partner like Cristiano Ronaldo would have been an absolute privilege.

Barcelona vs Man Utd

What are you predicting for the Barcelona vs Manchester United game? 

Barcelona is a very good test for Manchester United. They're playing very well and are top of La Liga, and that's for a reason. I expect a very entertaining game.

Image: JaflaumS05/Wikimedia Commons

Players that Manchester United will have to look out for are Robert Lewandowski, Ousmane Dembele, Pedri and Gavi. They will worry us and they are at Barcelona for a reason. It will be an open game with very good players on either side of the team. Barcelona like to keep the ball and Manchester United are good on the counter-attack so it will be a very exciting game to watch.

You can't rule Arsenal out, but I'd say the winner of Manchester United vs Barcelona will be in the Europa League final. To win it is another thing, but one of those teams will be in the final.

Current Odds for the Champions League Winner.

Here are the current odds for the Champions League outright winner market. For more information on the contenders and history take a look at our Champions League Betting Guide.

Who has the better academy, Man Utd or Barcelona?

The class of 92 was incredible, with the likes of David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. But I think Barcelona edge it in having the better academy. Scholes and Beckham are guaranteed to get into any team, but Barcelona has produced so many players that you can't leave out. I do prefer the style that Barcelona teach. We have to remember that Barcelona produced Lionel Messi too.

No other English team is anywhere close to our treble-winning side.

Dwight Yorke

Do you think the 99 comeback against Barcelona was bigger than Manchester City’s famous Aguero moment?

The Aguero moment is not comparable to winning the treble. Manchester City were doing it to win the Premier League for the first time, whereas Manchester United were doing something historic that no other club has been able to achieve. In terms of status, there is no comparison, only the last minute winners you can compare.

Where does the 99 treble rank among the best achievements from a Premier League side?

To be domestic, European and FA Cup champions is the best achievement. We never played in the Carabao cup, Sir Alex Ferguson did not allow his first-team players to play in that competition, I never played in it while I was at Manchester United, it was the Under-23s. We also won the Club World Cup too and no-one mentions that. No other English team is anywhere close to our treble-winning side.


Chelsea spent a whopping £325m in January. Do you think football has lost its way a bit?

The money the Premier League generates is still number one in the world, I can't see it decreasing anytime soon. We all keep saying the spending will calm down every year but it keeps increasing. Sponsorships and TV money have helped generate all these funds. You see these Billionaires who have deep pockets, they will continue to spend money as Todd Boehly has at Chelsea.

Image: Lachlan Fearnley/Wikimedia Commons

If Pep Guardiola leaves Man City, should they turn to Mikel Arteta? 

If Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester City, I can imagine them trying to replace Guardiola with Mikel Arteta, especially if Arsenal win the league. Until all the evidence and allegations come out, Guardiola will remain at the club and make a decision once the outcome arrives. We'll have to wait and see if anything does happen to Manchester City

Are Arsenal a better prospect than Man City, given current reports?

There are some jobs you can't just turn your nose up to. Mikel Arteta has done a fantastic job with Arsenal, and if City did approach him to become the next Man City manager, I think he would have to think long and hard about the decision. Arteta can create his own legacy at Arsenal rather than going back to Manchester City and try to emulate what Pep Guardiola has done. It won't be a straightforward decision, but I like Arteta at Arsenal, and he's given himself a great platform to create a legacy. Either way, he will be at a very good club.

Latest Premier League Winners Betting Odds

Here is the current state of affairs with betting on the outright winners of the Premier League this season.

Is Jurgen Klopp's 7-year curse just down to poor luck or can he not manage past that amount of time?

The standards Jurgen Klopp has brought to Liverpool and how he won the trophies he's won in his reign there has been amazing. But seven years might be a bit too long for Klopp, whether he's getting bored, his voice is not as authoritative anymore, or maybe there was some players he shouldn't have given away, all these factors can come into play. If Klopp achieves top four, he'll be fine because Liverpool will need Champions League football to attract players. Where Liverpool are at now, maybe they are in a transition period, they've signed new players who still need to adapt to the English league. They're still good enough to reach top four, that would be my concern if I was Klopp.

What advice would you give Darwin Nunez and Cody Gakpo?

Coming to the Premier League is never easy and it's hard to adapt to. Defenders will be up to take on attackers with big names who are worth £80m-£100m because they'll want to show how good they are defensive. In the Premier League, if the defenders play hard, you have to play harder, they beat you up so you have to toughen up physically and mentally, it's a man's game and it's tough.

Where do you rank Harry Kane amongst the all-time Premier League strikers?

I was not a huge fan of Harry Kane but in the last two or three years he has really shown his class. His consistency is really good too. Kane is not the most elegant player, but he gets the job done and he's mastered the art of playing as a striker. To score the number of goals he has, he has to be applauded for it. Is Kane the best striker of all time? No, there are better all-round players but in just goal-scoring terms, he's up there with the best. Kane is not on the same level as Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney, they have more in the locker than Kane. If I had to pick a striker for a team out of these, I would pick Shearer.

Photo: Shutterstock/Cosmin Iftode

Jaime Carragher said that Erling Haaland may have picked the wrong club in Man City, what do you make of that?

What a ludicrous statement from Jaime Carragher to say that Erling Haaland has not picked the right club in Manchester City, it's a ridiculous statement.

Everyone has their opinion I suppose and we've both played the game at a certain level, but I'd take whatever Carragher says with a pinch of salt. If Haaland is running in behind and not being passed to, it means Pep Guardiola has to tell the players on the ball to pass him the ball. It has nothing to do with Haaland choosing the 'wrong team'. Manchester City are the best team and have been for the past four years, what team would Haaland be better suited to if not Manchester City?  

Haaland does not like the ball to his feet, he's a striker whose like to run in behind. It's his first season too, so he's still getting to know the players he plays with and the other players are understanding how Haaland plays. These top strikers don't come to feet, they like to run behind, this is why I don't listen to people like Carragher. 

What a ludicrous statement from Jaime Carragher to say that Erling Haaland has not picked the right club in Manchester City, it's a ridiculous statement.

Dwight Yorke

You look at all the top scorers in English history, they all like to run in behind, only occasionally did they come to collect the ball with their feet. Number nines is a specialist position that runs in behind, they want to face the goal, not away from it. When Haaland was scoring all his goals before, everyone was talking about how good he is at Manchester City, now he has not scored in one game, Haaland has signed for the wrong team. What a load of waffle from Carragher, you also have one of the best passers in the world in Kevin De Bruyne in the team too, they just have to see Haaland's runs more. There is a simple solution, just play the ball in the space.

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